Why Are Used Toyota FJ Cruisers So Expensive? (Answered)

Toyota has some of the most durable and well-engineered vehicles on the planet. Their cars can go on and on and still retain their value.

So it’s no surprise that an outdoor adventure car like the FJ Cruiser would remain prized even after being used.

Used Toyota FJ Cruisers are expensive because of their limited obtainability and sturdy exterior. However, the car is a resilient off-roader with a waterproof interior. In addition, the FJ Cruiser’s design endures harsh circumstances, which helps it retain its repurchase value.

Do Toyota FJ Cruisers Hold Their Value?

Used Toyota Fj Cruisers So Expensive

Toyota FJ Cruisers are one of the toughest automobiles out there. However, Toyota did such a stellar job on this SUV that its value is scarcely affected by age and usage.

Here are some reasons why the Toyota FJ Cruiser holds its value.

#1. Limited Availability

It’s very difficult to get an FJ Cruiser since Toyota stopped producing this model in 2014. Most owners wouldn’t want to trade it because of its scarcity and reputation.

They know if they sell it, they won’t get another of its kind. This sole reason is why these Cruisers have so much value as there is a limited number available.

#2. Sturdy Exterior Design

The Toyota FJ Cruiser is a remarkable off-the-road car that tolerates tough situations. This feature makes it pricier than other cars of similar make.

However, they are off-road beasts with Original Equipment Manufacturer 4×4 parts. They’re capable of racing off-road, rock climbing, and adventurous competitions.

#4. Waterproof Interior

The waterproof interior of the Toyota FJ Cruiser is another great selling point. Even after riding through the water for some time, these cars come out the other side with an unharmed interior.

The Toyota FJ Cruiser is one of the pioneers of the waterproof interior with rubber materials that facilitate water resistance.

#5. Reliability

Reliability is an outspoken attribute of Toyota; their vehicles have always been known for this. With appropriate maintenance practices, the Toyota FJ Cruiser will be dependable for a long time.

Their performances will speak for themselves; owners attest to the Toyota FJ Cruiser’s reliability. All it needs is steady maintenance and quality repair parts, and you’ll enjoy its durability.

#6. Towing Capability 

The Toyota FJ Cruiser can tow up to 5000 pounds, which is remarkable for a smaller SUV driven in off-road terrains.

In addition, the FJ Cruiser will pull plenty of other vehicles, caravans, and other cars together with light to medium weight buses.

How Long Do FJ Cruisers Last?

Users can drive FJ Cruisers for more than 250,000 miles without major mechanical issues. However, the Cruiser still needs scheduled maintenance to perform this long.

Many owners of the FJ Cruisers have driven it over 300,000 miles; they achieved this with meticulous servicing and maintenance. 

Are Used FJ Cruisers Reliable? 

Toyota is well known for its reliable cars. The Toyota FJ Cruiser is not an exemption from this norm. The Toyota Cruiser’s reliability can’t be understated.

Purchasing a well-maintained FJ Cruiser is a safe bet that will reward you with its performance. The following highlight why a used FJ Cruiser is still a worthy car.

#1. Quality Engine 

Beneath the bonnet of an FJ Cruiser lays a firm 4.0-liter V6. Between 2007 and 2009, this engine arrives with solitary variable valve timing.

It produces 239 horsepower (178 kW) and 278 lb-ft (377 Nm) torque.

The models from 2009 are gifted with twin VVT-I technology. It regulates exhaust and intake camshafts that produce 259 horsepower (193 kW) and 270 lb-ft (366 Nm) of torque.

#2. Transmission 

The FJ Cruiser comes in both rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The latter version has a permanent and partly four-wheel drive.

The FJ uses a manual gearbox that has five-speed levels. Although, this depends on the drivetrain as some use an automatic having five to six-speed levels.

The transmissions and engines have developed a reputation for dependability despite years of hardship on off-roads. However, few SUVs provide this level of reliability.

#3. Amazing Off-road Ability 

Do you fancy off-road escapades? Or do you traverse tedious roads and terrain regularly? If so, it’ll please you to know that the FJ Cruiser is reputed for its off-road abilities.

The four-wheel-drive versions have manual transmission of five-speed levels that employ a principal Torsen differential. In addition, this Torsen differential has a mesh on both sides.

It permits the smooth switch of torque quickly to the tire that has better traction. 

On the other hand, the part-time four-wheel-drive possesses high and low ratios. Higher ratios provide more torque, while lower ratios permit maximum speed with superior fuel economy.

Furthermore, the shorter general proportions and wheelbase signify that the take-off, ramp-over positions, and approaches are brilliant. These attributes help the FJ Cruiser to boldly ride over any land.

Other models after 2013 have crawl features. This feature regulates the brake and throttle through five low-speed levels, leaving the driver to concentrate on steering.

All these features above are important for off-road driving.

#4. The FJ Cruiser Offers Safety 

All the models manufactured from 2009 forward come fortified with six standard airbags. There are two airbags in the front, two at the side-front, and two more side-curtain bags behind.

The side-curtain bags guard the passengers at the rear seat. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety acknowledged the 2007 and 2014 models. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration awarded the FJ Cruiser with five stars. These stars were for the protection of the front, flank, and side rear occupants.

The front occupant protection got four stars, while the rollover protection got three stars.

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Are FJ Cruisers Expensive To Fix?

The total average yearly cost for repairs and servicing on the FJ Cruiser falls around $506.

In comparison, the average cost of other midsize SUVs is $573, while for all car models, it is $652. Therefore, it is considerably cheaper to repair FJ Cruisers than similar vehicles. Some say FJ Cruisers is a bit expensive to fix & many people vote for cheap.

To lessen repair costs, it’s important to perform some maintenance on the Toyota FJ Cruiser. This is a preventive measure against unscheduled maintenance that might incur more costs.

Land cruiser is always an expensive one even the used Toyota Land Cruisers are So Expensive.

These basic maintenance practices include.

#1. Oil Replacement 

It is important to replace the vehicle’s engine oil after three months or every 5000 to 7,500 miles.

#2. Tire Rotation 

Since the Cruiser’s front two tires hold most of the car’s weight, rotating the tire is essential. This action helps share the stress across all tires.

At every oil change, there should be a tire rotation. 

#3. Multipoint Examination 

It is suggested to have the following examined at every oil change.

  • Fluid levels
  • Battery
  • Belts
  • Depth of tread in tires
  • Air filters
  • Inflation pressure
  • Hoses

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What To Look For When Buying A Used FJ Cruiser ?

Used Fj Cruiser

One important thing to be aware of when buying a used Toyota FJ Cruiser is mechanical ability.

As a result of various efforts to fix the FJ Cruiser, there is some meddling with the mechanical output.

Because the car is appropriate for towing, the mechanical output lessens after heavy usage. It is essential to look out for this.

In addition, it is important to check if the car’s engine has rusted. Rust is prevalent in cars that spend most of their years in the northern areas.

Rust usually develops on the engine’s head gasket, especially when it’s gone on numerous adventurous drives. This rust can give rise to the weakening of water pumps and cause leakages.

Leakages signify that the vehicle’s coolant is damaged and needs replacement.

Furthermore, you have to watch out for ignition coils. Some of the 2007 Toyota FJ Cruisers that have automatic transmissions tremble between 35 – 45 mph. It is a gearbox issue.

Therefore, if you want a 2007 model, ensure you consult the service history and monitor closely during test driving.

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Used Toyota FJ Cruisers are expensive because they are no longer in production and are proven machines on various terrains. The FJ Cruiser has a tough exterior construction.

Their waterproof interior, limited obtainability, and off-road capability are some of the reasons why it is highly valued.

With proper maintenance, Toyota FJ cruisers can go over 250,000 miles. FJ Cruisers are easier to repair than other SUVs.

It is important to look out for the engine and gearbox when buying an FJ cruiser.

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