How To Connect Google Maps To Toyota? (Explained)

Google Maps has been a reliable navigation guide for many people over the years. Scout GPS link has served this function in the Toyota navigation system, but Google Maps is still preferred.

It gives audio navigation, estimates the time you will take to arrive at a location, keeps you updated on traffic, e.t.c. 

Notwithstanding, you will need to know how to connect your google maps with Toyota, and that is what I aim to discuss in this article.

You can connect google maps with Toyota by using a Bluetooth connection or a USB cord. A space is provided for a USB cord on the dashboard of your Toyota that you can use for the connection. Since the latest Entune Audio Premium 3.0 has a Bluetooth connection, it can be an alternative.

How to Connect Google Maps to Toyota Navigation?

How To Connect Google Maps To Toyota

Google map is a separate locator from Toyota Navigation. You can not possibly connect google maps with your Toyota navigation.

Nonetheless, there are alternatives to using google maps to get navigation on your Toyota cars. You can do this using the Android auto app or googles maps car play app.

A Toyota Navigation is configured directly with the Global Positioning System (GPS). It works with the Scout GPS link to carry out its functions.

I know you may still love using google maps for navigation because of its accuracy. Do not worry because I will provide you with the details on connecting google maps with Toyota.

As earlier mentioned, you will either need the Android auto app for those with Android devices google maps car play for Apple devices.

The procedures highlighted below will guide you to use google maps for navigation;

  • Download the “Android Auto” or “Apple Car play” from their respective stores
  • Insert a USB cable into the space provided for it in your car
  • The system will display options for you to choose from; select “Always Allow.”

After downloading your app with a Bluetooth connection, you can also carry out the procedure following these steps.

  • Enable “Bluetooth” 
  • Go to the “Apps” section of your Toyota Entune app
  • Wait for your car to show in the list of Bluetooth devices
  • Click on your car icon once it appears so that it will pair with the phone

The Bluetooth connection works in the form of a Google assistant. It transmits audio directions through the speakers on the Google map.

There is an important thing I want you to note about how to connect google maps with Toyota navigation. You may want to know that does Honda Navigation Have Traffic?

This connection does not work with all the models of Toyota vehicles depending on the phone you are using.

Android Auto app in 2021 models and above. It is a new car electronic standard required to build this mobile app. This software was initially available for Apple Operating Systems (OS).

The google maps car play was available before the Android Auto app because Android had to wait for the Linux Auto Grade Implementation.

Is Google Maps compatible with Toyota?

Yes, Google Maps is compatible with Toyota. The compatibility of Google maps with Toyota depends on two things they are;

  • The Operating System of your phone.
  • The model of entune you use.

Let’s take a quick look at how these features affect compatibility.

#1. The Operating System of Your Phone Device

You may probably be asking, “what has the operating system of my phone got to do with the compatibility of Google maps with Toyota?”. It has everything to do with it, and I will tell you why. 

Any model of Toyota below 2021 can not install the Android Auto app. And there is no way google maps can work with your Toyota in the absence of that application.

However, you are safe if you use the apple car play. Because the apple OS is compatible with any model of Toyota that has the entune feature, unlike Android OS.

#2. The Model of Entune You Use

Google map is an external feature of the Toyota navigation system. You can connect google maps with Toyota, which has the Toyota navigation feature.

This feature is only shared with the entune 3.0 model making it the only grade of entune compatible with Toyota navigation.

Will Google Maps work with Toyota Entune?

Yes, Google maps will work with Toyota Entune. But it does not work as a feature in the entune app. You need to download pieces of software to connect Google maps and Toyota Entune.

After getting the required apps, you will still need a medium to associate it with Toyota Entune. 

Android Auto app and google maps car play will enable google maps to work with the Entune app. Fortunately, the entune 3.0 model has WIFI and Bluetooth features.

It will make it easy to connect to the internet to access google maps on your entune app. That is an alternative to the Toyota navigation system that works with a scout GPS link.

Toyota Entunes 3.0, in conjunction with the android auto app or apple car play, displays apps on your device on the touchscreen of your car.

As the apps show on your screen, you will be able to use them with the features on the entune app. Your google maps or apple maps is not an exemption. 

The reason people ask this question is; some of them would not want to subscribe to the entune navigation service.

When the three (3) years of free trial elapses, they want to keep getting a real-time map reading and updated navigation.

It is then that the idea of how to connect google maps with Toyota begins to ring in our heads.

However, since Toyota entune works directly with satellites, we might get confused about working with Google maps.

As I mentioned earlier, Google maps will work with your Toyota Entune. What is required is a link between your mobile device and the car.

This link is made possible with either a USB cable or Bluetooth connection.

It is quite unfortunate that only the 2021 models of Toyota can support the Android Auto app. Users of Apple car play can use it for any model of Toyota that has the entune feature. Can Toyota Install Parking Sensors? (Answered)


If you want to connect Google Maps with Toyota, you need the Android auto app or apple car play. Carry out a Bluetooth connection or use a USB cord.

The two ways will work to connect google maps with the Entune app. You have to ensure you have the latest model of entune and a compatible operating system.

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