Are FJ Cruisers Expensive To Fix? (Everything You Should Know)

FJ Cruisers are reliable and versatile mid-size SUVs with an excellent retro design. Its reliability and high capability impress a lot of car lovers.

That is why it has gained many positive reviews and won many awards. Because of this, you may not mind spending your money purchasing it.

However, the problem is whether it is expensive to maintain or fix if it breaks down. This article will help you see whether it is costly and worth spending your money on.

FJ Cruisers are not difficult to fix, especially where you constantly carry out preventive care. Most times, the costs of repairing your FJ sky rise are because, in most places, the labor charges are often much more or higher than the charges for the parts. So, if you get a good dealer or garage, you pay even far cheaper.

Is it Expensive to Repair FJ Cruisers?

Fj Cruisers Expensive To Fix

Judging based on the fact that the FJ is a reliable Toyota cruiser, you cannot put its repair cost as too expensive or a reason not to go for it.

The estimated cost of repairing your Toyota FJ Cruiser falls within the range of $95- $2261, but also an average repair costing $297.

The reliability of FJ Cruisers greatly cuts down the expenses incurred in repairing this top Toyota Cruiser.

This help comes especially in two ways; the first is in its rugged exterior construction and secondly in its dependable waterproof interior.

Let us briefly look at the details of these features.

#1. Tough Exterior Construction

FJ Cruisers have the remarkable ability as an off-road vehicle, allowing it to withstand the toughest of conditions amazingly, and this is all thanks to its rugged exterior construction.

Also, its off-road ability and its Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) 4×4 support it for easy and effective movement.

FJ’s crash test ratings filled with five-star ratings prove its ability to protect the passengers and the internal system of the vehicle.

Its rigid exterior construction allows it to be used for off-road racing, adventure racing, and rock crawling.

#2. Dependable Waterproof Interior

One of FJ’s most robust features that drive its marketing is its dependable waterproof interior. It is made to keep functioning correctly even after going through water.

Most of the materials used in designing the interior are domes with rubber, which gives them their waterproof ability. 

So, if you fail to shut your windows while it is raining, do not be too anxious about it because its waterproof factor reduces repair costs in the vehicle by protecting valuable parts.

Is FJ Cruiser High Maintenance?

The costs involved in the maintenance of your FJ are very much dependent on the dealer you are working with.

But from what I have come to see from reputable dealers, the Toyota FJ Cruiser has an estimate of approximately $764 per year.

Although FJ Cruiser has standard proportions and robust engines, its Preventive Maintenance Services (PMS) is more affordable than Toyota Hilux and Fortuner.

While this may be true, the PMS costs become very expensive after attaining an 80,000 km mileage (three to five years).

Furthermore, I will advise you to give your FJ Cruiser high maintenance because currently, FJ’s production has been halted.

So, finding it to purchase is very difficult because they are scarce, and the cost is high. But if you have a well-maintained FJ, then you can sell at a very great deal.

Today you can get a 2014 FJ for nothing less than $30,000.

The following are the reason why even at a second-hand rate, FJ Cruisers are still expensive to acquire:

#1. The Name’s Origin

The Toyota FJ Cruiser got its name from the reputable FJ series where “F” is for the engine type, and “J” stands for jeep.

Back in the day, some of the FJ was referred to as BJs because they operated with the B-type engines and not the F-type used by FJ Cruisers nowadays.

Meanwhile, the cruiser aspect of the name came from the off-road FJ40 land Cruisers of the 1960s.

Notwithstanding, many things stand out from FJ Cruiser and its vintage counterparts.

The looks are different, and FJ Cruiser is modified with technical excellence, comfort from modern features, easier to drive, durable, and more reliable than its counterparts.

#2. Engine Form and Arrangement

Although other car producers make it a point of duty to manufacture a tur-diesel and gasoline engine with differing sizes and layout, FJ Cruiser hits the head by offering a single option of a 4.0- liter V-6 gas engine.

It delivers 260 hp, but its greatest secret lies in how it delivers 200,000 kW of power and 380 Nm of torque.

FJ’s timing also helps improve the engine’s life. You can also tune and fit the engine of your FJ Cruiser with LPG conversions, although it is discouraged by many experts.

#3. Easily Customizable

Whether or not customization is to be done depends on you, the owner. You can carry out even significant changes.

You can achieve this customization either by custom accessories or aftermarket custom kits.

FJ Cruisers customization accessories include bumpers, exhaust systems, off-road accessories, grille guards and inserts, light mounts and kits, camping gear, and badges and emblems.

#4. Interior Space

FJ Cruiser, which is not as big as other Toyotas off-road vehicles, has a short exterior dimension and a limited boot space cargo storage capacity.

Notwithstanding, the nature of its folding seat makes it possible to squeeze a few more cargo.

The seats are made of waterproof materials, and the sound system consists of eight speakers, a CD player, and a radio.

Other accessories found inside the car include; air conditioning, power windows, Bluetooth, keyless entry, cupholders, and mirrors. It has also had a GPS navigator fitted into it since 2012.

What Parts Are Most Expensive to Fix in FJ Cruiser?

Now because these vehicles are rare, the parts do not come easy, and they do cost quite much where they are found.

Here are some of the most expensive components you fixing in an FJ Cruiser:

  • Oxygen sensors at $1,216.91
  • Fuel injector replacement at $1,160
  • Throttle body at $876.65
  • Strut assembly replacement at $656
  • Engine transmission mount at $476
  • Crankshaft harmonic balance at $374

Whereas other parts that do not cost that much are the 

  • Brake pad 
  • Headlight bulb 
  • Ignition coil
  • Ball joint
  • Car door mirror 
  • Drive belt
  • Brake system flush

How Many Miles Does RJ Cruiser Last?

If you are the type who engages in regular preventive maintenance of your FJ Cruiser, then you shouldn’t be worried about the issue of mileage because FJs have high mileage, running over 250,000 miles without a single mechanical problem.

Furthermore, if you are worried about mileage issues, please do not. When purchasing an FJ, you should be concerned about trying to buy a well-maintained FJ Cruiser from a trustworthy private workshop or, better still, from a Toyota agent.

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In conclusion, I hope you can see that FJ Cruisers are not that expensive to fix if you have regular preventive maintenance and are a good dealer.

And that the average cost of repairing your RJ is $297, while the estimate for annual maintenance is $764.

Finally, I clearly pointed out some of the expensive parts to fix in an FJ and stated that it can run up to 250,000 miles and beyond.

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