Why Are Used Toyota Camrys So Expensive? (Explained)

Used cars are generally inexpensive because they depreciate a great deal before buying them. However, worthy of mention is the fact that used Toyota Camrys remain expensive for resale despite being used. 

The Toyota Camry is one of the most famous saloons that has been on-trend, and some people wonder why used Toyota Camrys are expensive for resales.

Indeed, it’s worth wondering about considering that the newer models of the Toyota Camry are inexpensive.

Used Toyota Camrys are expensive because they are more reliable than the newly manufactured models and are more maintainable. However, unlike Toyota Camry, other car brands are disadvantaged as years go by; hence, they demand much insurance coverage.

What Makes Used Camrys So Expensive?

Used Toyota Camrys So Expensive

Used Toyota Camrys are expensive due to several notable reasons. Apart from the fact that Toyota cars generally command respect in that they are popular and have features worth their price.

Usually, the used Toyota is more expensive & you may find the reasons Why Are Used Toyotas So Expensive?

These features remain appealing and effective even after years of use. Additionally, used Toyota Camrys are expensive because of the following reasons.

#1. Chip Shortage

The global shortage of computer chips that forced car companies to stop the large-scale production of new vehicles contributes to the expensive nature of used cars.

A modern car requires umpteen of these chips, but because they are in short supply, new vehicles can not be produced in bulk, hence, the demand for Used Toyota Camrys and other vehicles.

#2. Fuel Efficiency

Another reason why Toyota Camrys are expensive is the fuel efficiency. The fuel efficiency of a vehicle is defined as a measure of how much a car can convert energy in fuel into kinetic energy to cover miles. 

Unlike other brands and models, the Toyota Camry covers many miles, burning a relatively little amount of fuel.

The aforementioned seems very appealing to many consumers who prioritize fuel efficiency and who don’t?

The desire of many consumers to go for the car enhances the high cost.

The high cost of using Toyota Camrys is not limited to the two mentioned above. However, the listed two are the primary reasons for a high after-market price.

Should You Buy a New or Used Toyota Camry?

There’s no problem buying a used Toyota Camry; this is because the Toyota Camry, whether new or used, is assured of similar reliability and durability.

Nonetheless, a new Toyota Camry comes with more enticing and preferable features. For example, it comes with safety features, a warranty, and the latest technology and may have better financing in most cases. 

Whereas a used one doesn’t always come with a warranty unless it’s certified pre-owned. It has little insurance coverage and must have depreciated to an inarguable extent before you buy it.

Your choice of car is simply a matter of preference. That notwithstanding, by all standards but flashiness, you can’t gainsay the fact that the 2013 – 2015 models of Toyota Camry are the most reliable. 

To this end, although they are sparingly available closing on extinction, they remain recommended provided you maintain them well in the conformation of your local mechanic’s technical taste.

Except you are going for elegance, color choice, and what have you. I, however, strongly advise you to view vehicle details before buying any car, whether new or used.

Which Generation Of Toyota Camry Is The Most Reliable?

The 7th generation of the Toyota Camry is the most reliable, followed by the 6th generation and lastly, the 5th generation.

The Toyota Camry was first used in the early 1980s and had for about 40 years remained most consumers’ (users’) favorite. 

The Toyota Camry, like many other inventions, has experienced evolution ranging from the first generation (1983 – 1986) to the second generation (1987 – 1991), then the third generation (1992 – 1996), the fourth generation (1997 – 2001), the fifth-generation (2002 – 2006), the sixth generation (2007 – 2011), the seventh generation (2012 – 2017) and lastly, the eighth generation (2018 till date)

#1. The 7th Generation ( 2012 – 2017).

If you are selective about choosing the most reliable Toyota Camry, go for this generation.

Nonetheless, even though this generation of Toyota Camry is outstanding, the 2013 – 2015 models are the most reliable, so go for them. You can get yourself an excellent Camry between the fair prices of $9,000 and $15,000

The Toyota Camry has an enviable position in the market share and has remained in the world’s rank of top-selling cars not because it is flashy nor of the prettiest design but because it is reliable and durable.

However, the vehicle is not perfect, so consumers would drop complaints to call the manufacturers’ attention.

To resolve the issues that accompanied the Toyota Camry, it became necessary to build another of its kind in another generation that would serve as an improved form of the previous one.

That is to say, the development of this vehicle from 1st generation to the present day generation springs from the desire to resolve the issues to fit consumers‘ demands.

As a result, Toyota Camry is Toyota’s second-best car after RAV4. 

Are Toyota Camrys Expensive To Fix?

Toyota Camrys are not expensive to fix as compared to other cars. On average, the total annual maintenance cost of the Toyota Camry is $411. Toyota offers customers free maintenance

 for the first two years of purchase, even for your Camry.

One who desires to own a car should look out for car maintenance as a crucial aspect. It is one thing to afford the price of a car and another thing entirely to maintain that car. 

Toyota Camrys have meager maintenance costs because it is one of the most popular sedans in the world. And that, it is built with a unique style that demands no high maintenance cost.

The issue of fixing vehicles by extension their price depends on many factors, including; 

#1. Availability Of Spare Parts

Most cars turn out to be expensive to fix because they suffer from a lack of availability of their spare parts.

However, Toyota Camry is an exception since its popularity greatly influences its spare parts availability. As a result, its spare parts and accessories are readily available at stores or shops worldwide.

#2. Availability Of Service And Repair

Another factor that influences the high maintenance cost of vehicles is the ease of finding people who can offer services or repair the car in case of a breakdown.

However, getting professional mechanics to carry out the job can sometimes become a headache. 

This is no problem with the Toyota Camry as numerous skilled Toyota technicians are easily accessible, thus positively influencing the cost of maintenance and repair.

What To Look For When Buying a used Toyota Camry?

Buying A Used Toyota Camry

Despite the advantages that a used Toyota boasts, buying a used Toyota remains a risk.

That is because should you make a wrong choice, you would discover pretty soon that those advantages are exclusive to a properly maintained used car.

To help you make an informed choice, below are what you should look for when buying a used Toyota Camry.

Firstly, you should look for a good model. That is the most reliable model, and without having to repeat this, you already know the 2013 – 2015 models of the 7th generation are the best.

If you don’t find the above, I advise you to go for other good models after them – the 6th generation.

Secondly, make sure the used Toyota Camry you are going for is not overused; that is to say, they have not depreciated overdue since that would only be problematic after that.

More so, the design you prefer should not be left out even though it’s not necessary for reliability. But, again, this is personal and has a lot to do with your love for what you’re buying.

To know the capacity of what you are buying, you should ensure to view vehicle details like VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), Car mileage, Vehicle engine, and many other details.

Avoid sneak peek view of the details. In fact, do not think of any peek view options. But look carefully so you don’t fall victim to what you could have easily avoided

; other things to look for remain a matter of choice. 

Supposedly, you are determined to buy Black mileage, VIN with specified information, a metallic int. color, standard tires, and many other demands.

But, of course, it’s just an example anyway; metallic int. colors come on specific models of different cars.

These, however, are personal demands and therefore have nothing to do with the reliability of vehicles. Consequently, it is also worth looking for a fuel-efficient Used Toyota Camry.

Best and Worst Used Toyota’s to buy and Toyota Buying Advice


Toyota has, over the years, proved to be reliable; little wonder it is one of the world’s best car manufacturers. The introduction of the Toyota Camry in 1983 to date has even made them one of the world’s favorites.

It’s so surprising how such a commodity is made affordable and maintainable even by an average citizen of many countries despite other challenges. All thanks to Toyota.

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