Can Toyota Install Blind Spot Detection? (Explained)

Many of us can agree that the road can be a dangerous place for a driver as well as passengers due to traffic increasing day by day.

Therefore, whatever idea that’ll create a safer environment for driving will be a welcome one.

Despite the worry that blind spot brings. Toyota lovers have many options to pick from to enjoy the system on their vehicles. 

Yes! Toyota dealer can add a blind spot detection system to your car. However, not all Toyota trim levels can support the blind spot technology, but many other models are compatible. Dealer can determine which system goes with your car. The best part is selecting where you want the warning indicators to be mounted.

Does Toyota Have Blind Spot Detection?

Can Toyota Install Blind Spot Detection?

Some vehicles do possess a blind spot detection system.

BSM uses sensors that are mounted on the side mirrors or rear bumper to detect how many vehicles are in the lanes in close proximity.

If sensors find anything wrong, they will make you alert via audio/visual warning.

Despite blind spot observation being recent, the technology has been present on models from 2014 to date.

Hence, the system will be present when you purchase a current model. 

Some of the models that feature a blind spot observing system include:

#1. Corolla

Beginning with Corolla, this model is renowned for its comfortable interior and wide range of gas options.

The trim levels that have blind spots are those of the Corolla Sedan XSE and XSE Apex Edition.

#2. Corolla Hatchback-XSE

The Corolla Hatchback XSE is the one Hatchback trim level that has a blind spot tracking system.

#3. Rav4

Next on the list is Rav4, the most well-known SUV. It is famous for its fuel efficiency as well as its comfort and utility.

This model’s trim level and blind spot system are regular models, as well as the LE and XLE models.

#4. Tacoma

Tacoma is another popular model known for its solid trucks that are highly reliable.

The trim level that has a blind spot spotting system is the Limited model. 

#5. Prius

There’s also the Prius, which was the mass-manufactured Hybrid car. The trim levels that have a BSM system are the LE and the XLE models.

As for Prius Prime, only the Limited trim level encompasses blind spot tracking technology.

#6. Tundra

In addition, the Tundra is another strong model that is identified for its heavy usage.

Finally, the Platinum trim level has a BSM system.

#7. C-HR

The C-HR model is a bravely designed SUV that offers the highest fuel economy at the expense of speed.

XLE is one of the trim levels having a BS-watching system.

The Nightshade trim level also has the blind spot monitoring feature included in the design. 

Can You Add Blind Spot Monitoring to a Toyota?

It is possible to add a blind spot monitoring option to some Toyota models.

However, not all models are privileged to have a detection system.

Sadly even some can’t have it installed as they have no provision. The following models can have a BSM system added to them.

  • The Corolla Hatchback XSE and Corolla Sedan Hybrid LE do not have a blind spot observing system.

    However, they have a provision to include the blind spot sensor as part of a convenience package.
  • The Corolla Hatchback SE nightshade Edition is not a BSM system.

    Unfortunately, it also doesn’t have an option for installation.

    So when you go to purchase a Toyota, you know which one to ignore.
  • For the Rav4. The trim level that can have a blind spot monitoring feature added is the Rav4 XLE Premium Hybrid.

    In addition, the XSE Hybrid can also support a BSM.
  • Tacoma, the SR, and TRD Off-road. The two are the trim levels that can have a blind spot-watching system added to them.
  • The SR5 and Limited trim levels do not have a BSM.

    However, they support the inclusion of this technology in the vehicle.

Can Blind Spot Detection be Added to a Used Car?

Can Blind Spot Detection Be Added To A Used Car

You can add the Blind spot monitor feature to used cars.

One of the reasons is that most aftermarket blind spot detection systems are universal. Also, Ford Explorer has blind-spot monitoring.

That is, you can use them despite your car’s age, make, or model.

The detection system can significantly reduce any tension you feel on the road.

It eases your nerves by providing another set of eyes that senses danger. 

You can select either audio indicators or visual indicators. There are dozens of kits available, so make sure to engage in research to get one you’d like.

If you’re also willing, you can even install the blind spot detection system yourself.

Below is a guide on doing just that after you purchase the monitoring system.

  • You should place the measuring tape parallel with your car’s tires.

    Then, remove the calibration cloth from your system and put it at the back of the vehicle.

    First, you have to make sure it aligns with the measuring tape at a 90-degree angle.
  • Take a level and position it against the vehicle vertically.

    Also, you have to check and ensure it aligns with the calibration cloth.

    Finally, use chalk or marker to trace a straight line on the car’s rear bumper.
  • Next, you have to remove the rear fender and the taillights also.
  • Get a cleaning cloth and rubbing alcohol to wipe the calibrating positions in the interior rear protector.
  • Grab the two magnets in the system and place one on the outside of the car on the marked lines.

    Place the second magnet inside in a way that they’ll be attracted to each other.

    Move around the sensor. Ensure that you place them at a 20-degree angle from your car’s bumper.
  • Using the marker, indicate the spot inside the bumper where you have placed the magnet.
  • You should add the adhesive to the sensors and place them on the inside of the protector afterward.
  • Place the LED signals inside your car’s cabin. You should install them where you can see them without averting your eyes off the road.
  • Finally, regulate the volume. Make sure you’re comfortable with the volume as you wouldn’t want to be alarmed when it activates.

  • Besides the blind spot detection, you can think about installing remote start as well.

How Much Does it Cost to Add Blind Spot Detection?

Firstly, the most reasonable blind spotting feature costs $250 and below.

Although economical, these features can be imperfect in precision and functionality.

Systems here have a rudimentary level of indicator technology. The average quality cost of BSM detection systems is between $250 and $500.

The systems that fall within this price range have increased precision.

However, they still lack the precision of factory-installed blind spot detection systems designed into newer cars.

In addition, the most expensive blind spot detection systems cost $500 and above.

The systems within this price range are highly reliable and precise.

The internal controls have uniquely designed algorithms that lessen the possibility of false triggers. 

Also, a professionally installed BSM detection system will cost $200 and above.

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Some Toyota models come with blind spot detection systems. Others do not have provisions for installation.

However, few trim levels of Toyota do not have detection systems or provisions for installation.

Low-quality blind spot detection systems cost below $250. Average quality systems are priced between $250 and $500, while the best ones are above $500.

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