Can Toyota Entune 2.0 Be Upgraded To 3.0? (Read this first!)

The Toyota Entune App is a collection of mobile applications from Toyota to provide infotainment in its vehicles.

The Toyota Entune 2.0 is the first installment.

However, following several complaints came the need for an upgrade from Toyota Entune 2.0. So, can you upgrade Toyota Entune 2.0 to 3.0?

You can upgrade Toyota Entune 2.0  to Toyota Entune 3.0, released in 2017 for the Toyota Camry 2018 model. It is attainable in all 2019 Toyota cars and features some data services and mobile applications. You can connect your Apple iPhone(via Apple CarPlay) or Android phone(via Android Auto) using Bluetooth and then operate features with voice commands, touch screen technology, or manually with buttons.

Can I Add Entune 3.0 To My Toyota?

Can Toyota Entune 2.0 Be Upgraded To 3.0

Toyota Entune system was among the first smartphone-based infotainment systems offered by carmakers.

It features touch-screen controls and physical controls, making it easier to operate. You also have a cloud-based function, letting you get access to and regulate your car.

Connecting through your phone is free and straightforward.

All the trim levels of the Toyota Camry Hybrid 2018 have the standard Entune 3.0 system. Eventually, all the Toyota models will come to have it.

The Entune App Suite consists of a touch screen feature measuring  8-inches having four buttons on both sides: the Menu, Home, Info, and Audio on the Left Hand Side; and then Seek, Phone, Track, and Apps on the Right Hand Side. 

Also situated on the distant left-hand side is a power/larger knob and a volume and scroll/tune knob.

The Home button helps to present a three-panel or four-panel home section that is configurable in terms of the content and number of each panel.

The main menu also has icons that are rearrangeable based on your preferences.

The buttons on the right side help seek radio stations, skip songs, and access phone functions and various apps. The Info button gives the fuel and energy usage information.

In contrast, the Audio button allows you to control or change the current audio source.

However, some features present in the Entune 3.0 are redundant.

For instance, the Apps Catalog menu section and the App buttons are similar in function but different in layout.

You also have a smartphone-based connection for streaming music online and searching local apps, for example, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Slacker, NPR One, and Yelp.

Navigation is also provided by the Scout GPS Link system previously provided as an extra-cost feature in some Toyota cars.

The new Scout GPS Link features moving maps, including local searches available through Yelp. However, Yelp directions are executed by Scout GPS Link, which requires a subscription after three years.

Scout receives map updates over the air through an embedded modem, providing in-cabin Wi-fi. During the prior six months of ownership, you have access to 2GB of free data.

Furthermore, you have access to cloud-based functions through onboard connections. Service Connect keeps you updated on auto maintenance, enabling you to plan service.

Additionally, an iOS or Android App enables you to lock and unlock your auto doors remotely, stop or start your engine, locate your car, assess the fuel level in your car, and do much more. 

Entune 3.0 also alerts you whenever the auto is driven at a particular time, past a certain speed limit, or beyond a particular area. 

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Is There A Fee For Toyota Entune?

The Toyota Entune 3.0 system includes a wi-fi hotspot, Navigation guides, and Connected Services. These services are free during the trial period.

After trials elapse, you’ll have to pay monthly or yearly for whichever service you wish to continue using.

The fee for each service is different depending on the one you choose. Some of the services include:

#1. Safety Connect:

Assist with navigation and emergencies. There’s a 3-year free trial period after which you may pay $8 monthly or $80 yearly.

#2. Remote Connect:

Enables you to start your car and lock and unlock the car doors. Free trial lasts for six months, after which subscription will cost $8 monthly or $80 yearly.

#3. Service Connect:

Helps with oil change and alerts you to check your engine. Free trial lasts for 3-years, after which subscription costs $8 monthly or $80 yearly.

#4. Verizon:

Verizon provides wi-fi services. Plan pricing includes 2GB at $35 per month, 4GB at $50 per month, 8GB at $70 per month, and the Unlimited plan at $80 per month.

#5. Destination Assist:

For navigation. Free 60-month trial, after which subscription costs the same as the others above.

Dynamic navigation is also for navigation. There is a free 3-year trial period.

 Is Entune 3.0 Still Available?

Engine 3.0 has been discontinued on recent Toyota cars. That began on 1st December 2020. Therefore the Entune app suite of the Toyota cars won’t work anymore. 

The newer Toyota app is meant for, the newer models and most of the 2010 models.

Toyota Entune was replaced with the Toyota App, and you can seamlessly move to the new version by uninstalling the old Entune 3.0 app.

Then you’ll download the Toyota app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

What Replaces Toyota Entune?

Toyota Entune App Suite, which comprises the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, was replaced by the Toyota App on 1st December 2020 in the new Toyota car models.

Toyota terminated the Entune App Suite because Toyota designed its app, which you can obtain from Apple Store or Android Play Store.

What Does The Toyota App Do?

The Toyota Mobile app helps you retain a connection with your Toyota truck, car, and crossover through your Android and Apple devices wherever you are.

You can also check and get updates on the health of your car and unlock and lock doors.

You can even start your vehicle’s ignition remotely through a compatible smartwatch or smartphone if you are technologically savvy.

You’ll also get notifications when the oil goes bad and schedule an appointment with the Toyota mechanic.

Drivers who are not conversant with the Toyota brand may learn how to install and use the app.

More so, you can regularly review the maintenance records from when the app was installed and activated. If you desire to install and sync your car, here is a step-by-step guide to help you.

  1. Go to your Android Google Play Store or iPhone App Store and install the Toyota App.
  2. Open a Toyota Account
  3. Sign up by registering your Personal Information Toyota Account
  4. Verify Your Account by Entering the Verification Code Sent to Your Email
  5. Scan or Enter Your Toyota VIN 
  6. Input a Vehicle and open a Vehicle Name
  7. Click on Accept Terms and Conditions
  8. Wrap up by Entering the My Toyota Garage Dashboard

Furthermore, the Toyota App is only compatible with some Toyota models like certain 2010 models and newer cars.

Additionally, the features available in the app differ based on your type of subscription and vehicle model, and model year.

Some Toyota cars that are app compliant include the 2021 Toyota Prius, 2021 Toyota Corolla, and the 2021 Toyota Camry (except the TRD model)

In addition, you can also get access to service deals maintenance information and receive recall alerts.

Also, it can help you find your Toyota car in a congested or crowded space by triggering the horn and lights.

Toyota Financial Services can also be done with your Toyota app for financing or leasing your car. Additionally, you can make payments securely and conveniently.

However, suppose you want to use this feature on the app. In that case, you’ll have to have a Toyota Financial Services account that’s actively online and connected to your Toyota app.


Desiring to make the driving experience more memorable, Toyota introduced the Entune App Suite with a collection of mobile apps to operate with your phone.

Firstly, that featured the Entune 2.0, later replaced by the Entune 3.0. Currently, the Toyota App provides infotainment services in new Toyota cars, which has upgraded functions not present in the Toyota Entune System.

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