Does Toyota Care Cover Air Filters? (Explained)

Toyota care gives new Toyota owners free access to its services. It covers your vehicle’s normal factory scheduled maintenance but doesn’t cover components that need repairs.

So with that established, does Toyota care cover air filters? 

Toyota care does not cover air filters. Air filters are vital components of Toyota cars that need repairs and replacement annually. However, Toyota care solely deals with maintenance and not repairs. 

Are Air Filters Part of Toyota Care?

Toyota Care Cover Air Filters

Air filters are not part of Toyota’s care plan. The Toyota care plan predominantly specializes in the maintenance of Toyota cars.

The reason for this is that Toyota care comes with every new model of Toyota. Hence, there are certain limits to your benefits from this plan. 

Notwithstanding, you can add Toyota care to any old model of Toyota as long as it’s up to two years.

Also, there are different plans you can choose from apart from the Toyota care plan. These include Toyota care plus and Toyota care service

These plans are natural extensions of the Toyota care plan. Plus, they share a lot of services and are available to all Toyota car owners.

Nonetheless, Toyota care covers the maintenance of the following parts:

  • Rotate tires
  • Engine oil 
  • Fluid levels
  • Toyota Genuine parts

The Toyota care plan covers your vehicle’s maintenance faster and longer than any car warranty. The best part is that the maintenance is free, and you can access it in any active Toyota dealership. 

Furthermore, Toyota sends messages frequently to car owners to remind them of regular maintenance. If you own any old Toyota model and want to opt for this plan, you must register your vehicle. 

You can register in any Toyota service center that you trust. In addition, you have to check the eligibility of your vehicle.

Then, you can visit the Toyota website to check your vehicle’s eligibility and opt for the plan you prefer. 

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Does Toyota Care Cover Cabin Air filters? 

Toyota care doesn’t cover cabin air filters as the coverage is limited. On the other hand, the Toyota plus covers cabin air filters.

The Toyota plus is also a plan covering normal factory scheduled maintenance of Toyota automobiles. 

Its coverage begins the moment you purchase a new Toyota from a dealership. Well, you can opt for this plan if you want to extend your vehicle’s coverage, but there’s a catch!

This plan doesn’t come for free; it comes with additional costs that you must cover before accessing its services. 

Notwithstanding, it comes with multiple benefits that give you peace of mind. Toyota care plus plan covers your vehicle for a maximum of 4 years/45,000 miles.

Also, it offers many services to car owners. Below are some of the services: 

  • Replacement of engine oil and filters 
  • Four years/unlimited miles of Toyota roadside assistance 
  • Emergency fuel delivery 
  • Tire rotations

Furthermore, it gives six duration options that you can choose to extend the coverage of your car.

Here’s a quick synopsis of the options. 

  • 3 years/35,000 miles
  • 3 years/45,000 miles
  • 4 years/45,000 miles
  • 4 years/ 60,000 miles
  • 5 years/55,000 miles
  • 5 years/75,000 miles

Your Toyota vehicle must have 31,000 miles or less to qualify for the Toyota care plus plan. Plus, it must be within 37 months of its first use date.

Only Toyota vehicles that are eligible can opt for this plan. 

Nevertheless, you can visit the Toyota website and input your vehicle’s pin to check its eligibility.

Alternatively, you can send your details to the Toyota dealership to assist you in checking your eligibility. 

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How Long do Toyota Air Filters Last? 

Toyota Air Filters

Toyota air filters last for as long as 15,000-30,000 miles. Toyota vehicles contain two air filters: engine air filter and cabin air filter.

Just like how your lungs control breathing, the air filters also act as the lungs of your Toyota. 

The engine air filter regulates the quantity and quality of air that comes into the engine. Hence, if the air in the engine contains impurities and toxic contaminants, it affects its functionality.

As a result, you might begin to experience problems such as improper fuel combustion, excessive fuel consumption, and engine failure. 

You need to check the engine air filter regularly and clean any dust particles in this situation. Furthermore, you must repair or replace it to avoid these problems.

On the other hand, the cabin filter regulates the air you breathe in your vehicle. 

If you spend most of your time driving, you need to be conscious of the kind of air you breathe. Without a functional cabin air filter, you are susceptible to inhaling toxic pollutants and microorganisms such as bacteria. 

Plus, driving on dusty roads clog fresh and clean air production. Thus, you need to change your cabin filter regularly.

In addition, you can consult your dealership to assist you in replacing the air filter. 


Although Toyota care doesn’t cover air filters, you can opt for other options such as the Toyota care plus. Air filters form a vital part of your Toyota vehicle as it controls air filtration.

Therefore, you need to replace them as often as possible, especially if you spend most of your time behind the wheel.

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