Can Toyota Entune Use Google Maps? (Answered)

It can be really frustrating when it is challenging to locate your destination.

Imagine being in a hurry, and you can’t figure out the exact direction to follow. There’s a need to have a guide to help you reach your destination.

This guide could be a Google map. But having Entune on your Toyota, can you use Google Maps in it? In this article, I’ll show you how. 

Toyota Entune uses Google maps. You can use Google Maps when you connect to Entune via Bluetooth. However, it can only be heard and not seen. The reason is that it’s in an audio format.

Can You Use Google Maps on Toyota Entune? 

Toyota Entune Use Google Maps

Google Maps apps are now like a necessity in a vehicle. Having it in your Toyota Entune is very important, and yes, you can use it on Toyota Entune.

Since the Toyota Entune is a system with a touch screen monitor in your car that allows complete apps with various features, then a Google Map is no exception.

You should locate your Toyota’s menu and setup using Bluetooth. You should also connect your phone and pair them.

Just as you do this, you can listen to the directions using the Google Maps app on your phone. You need to know that you can only listen with your speakers and not see to use Google Maps.

Again, if you choose not to connect your phone to your vehicle, then you can use your phone and connect via android auto or apple car play.

Here, you only require a USB cord to connect your phone to your Toyota. Once the xonne is successful, you will need to click “allow” on the screen. 

How Do I Connect Google Maps To Toyota Navigation?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to connect Google maps to Toyota Navigation. You can only get step-by-step directions with your Android to get voice-guided navigation. 

The Toyota navigation system comes with a smooth voice recognition feature. The Toyota Entune allows you to use voice-activated software or your touch screen for directions. Therefore, the Toyota navigation is more of audio navigation. 

Since Google maps are more of visual navigation with GPS and voice navigation, it would not be compatible with the Toyota Entune; hence, not possible to connect it with Toyota navigation. 

Sometimes, you want to see directions on Google Maps rather than listen to directions.

You should also know that Google maps work on Toyota Entune, but it doesn’t work on Toyota navigation. These are two different things.

Now, what’s their difference? As mentioned earlier, since Google Maps have voice navigation, it works on the Toyota Entune via Bluetooth.

However, navigation is different because it involves a visual direction which is not the case with Toyota Entune. So in this aspect, it won’t be possible to use Google maps. 

I believe this has become quite clear as many people often get confused on why you can use Google maps on Toyota Entune but not connect Google maps to Toyota navigation. 

You may look into the difference between Toyota Dynamic Navigation vs. Google Maps?

What Navigation Apps Work With Toyota Entune?

Two navigation apps work with Toyota Entune. These are the Scout GPS and Scout GPS Link. They seem similar but are different in terms of use. For easy understanding, I’ll explain both. 

Scout GPS is a navigation app with no business with your vehicle’s multimedia system. You can only use it on your android phone for turn-by-turn guidance. Hence, it is not an Android auto-access navigation app. 

The use of this navigation app seems to be outdated as many car users prefer what they could connect to their vehicle, that is, an Android auto Toyota.

I also would prefer to listen to directions from my Toyota Entune than with just my Android phone.

Scout GPS Link is now in use by most people. Why is that? With the help of this navigation app, there is a map streamed guidance to your vehicle’s Entune system using Bluetooth and a USB cord.

This navigation app has really nice features that would help reduce stress. It has voice recognition, turn-by-turn directions, the fastest route to your destination, and no subscription until 2024.

Many people still do not know how to use the Scout GPS link.

It’s quite simple. All you have to do is follow these steps;

  • Make sure you connect your android phone to the Toyota via Bluetooth.
  • Go to Google play store and download the Scout GPS link to your android phone. 
  • Once you install the app, create an account on the Scout app.
  • After creating the account and doing all formalities, the Toyota Entune will display an instruction on the screen. Tap on “Now” to begin.
  • The whole process is complete once you conclude the previous step. Now your scout GPS link is ready. 

The above are step-by-step instructions to follow when using the Scout GPS link on your Toyota Entune, especially as a new user.

Scout GPS doesn’t require these much because it’s just on your smartphone.


Many people have always loved Toyota vehicles for their consistency. Their Toyota Entune uses Google maps making life easier.

Now, with their Google maps Toyota, people can locate places faster. Also, they have made it possible to use really cool navigation apps with Toyota Entune. With all these features, what is there not to like?

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