Why Are Toyota FJ Cruisers So Expensive? (Explained)

When it comes to the list of valuable and most expensive cars globally, you can only mention a few before the Toyota SUV FJ Cruiser.

This particular Toyota brand carries a lot of worth, and its value is high class any and everywhere.

The only significant competitors under the Toyota car brands are the Jeep Wrangler and then the Land Rover Defender.

The general build-up of the Toyota FJ Cruiser is majorly the reason behind its expensive cost. Now the make-up of this vehicle puts it in the league of world-class cars. Due to its costly and well-structured motor parts, the car’s resale value is still very high. Plus, the vehicle is very rare to see and limited in supply. All these and many more make the car quite pricey.

Are FJ Cruisers Worth the Money?

Toyota Fj Cruisers So Expensive

Yes, the average total cost of the Toyota FJ Cruisers is worth the money spent in purchasing them. They may as well stand to be counted as an asset.

The uniqueness, novelty, rareness, comfort, and quality of the car outweigh the total average cost of the vehicle.

Moreover, you are not at a loss whenever you decide to sell the car out since its resale value is as high as the initial total cost value.

The limited availability of the Toyota FJ Cruiser, its rarity, and its popularity make the dealers of this car increase the total cost price. Its comfort, durability, strength, and performance are well assured.

The Toyota FJ Cruiser’s reliability is something to pride on; it can last for a very long period with proper maintenance.

So having a vehicle like this already places the owner in the league of celebrities.

In addition, the external outlook of the vehicle gives a sense of pride to the owner, and the aesthetic nature causes a lot of ‘wow’ on the road, such beauty in one car!

The exterior construction of the vehicle is so rugged that it can withstand the toughest of conditions even when placed off-road. 

As a result, it is a more expensive SUV vehicle model compared to other midsize SUVs among its class. It is also the best choice to make for off-road racing and adventure racing.

Finally, only a few cars in the world have a water-proof interior. And this is one of its major selling points and contributes significantly to its expensive nature.

Even after driving off-road and through water, the vehicle still maintains an intact interior; isn’t that amazing? 

The interior parts are made of synthetic rubber; hence there is no need to worry even when it is raining. Also, the car offers some exceptional features like extra protection on and off-road.

Why Did Toyota Discontinue the FJ Cruiser?

In 2014, Toyota stopped the manufacture of the FJ Cruiser due to declining sales. The sales of the FJ Cruiser became redundant due to its very luxurious nature.

The ultimate decision to stop production was from lack of sales. 

At the same time, another competing substitute like the Toyota 4Runner, which shares the same production material component, was yielding positive gain.

Therefore it was only wise to employ economics of scale and stop the manufacture of the FJ Cruiser to maximize sales.

Aside from its lack of sales, the general public’s interest in the Toyota FJ Cruiser is very low.

Most SUV Midsize vehicles are purchased for commercial or residential purposes, but the FJ Cruiser is similar to a fun car. That was another reason for low sales. 

Further, customers not only saw the car as expensive but didn’t have much interest in it as they would prefer to go for its close substitute. 

You may wonder how the low sales of one car will affect Toyota. Here’s how; the overall manufacturing process of the FJ Cruiser is costly as Toyota used expensive materials.

You wouldn’t want to farm and expect a low yield; no one would. 

So, the very expensive total average cost of production and meager average annual sales were enough reasons to discontinue production.

Are FJ Cruisers Expensive to Fix?

Toyota Fj Cruiser
Toyota FJ Cruiser

Just as they are very luxurious at first sight, the average annual repair cost is a bit expensive compared to an average midsize SUV.

However, the price varies typically depending on the service providers, but it is pretty costly compared to other car models. 

Aside from the regular oil changing routine, the FJ Cruiser may require special attention in other areas when handling. This requirement makes the repair quite delicate and more expensive.

The nature of the FJ Cruiser’s large engine is too complex for just an ordinary repair mechanic.

Every single little problem will require the attention of a professional. Hence the average annual repair cost is huge just for one car.

Do Toyota FJ Cruisers Hold Their Value?

The ability of the Toyota FJ Cruiser to hold on to its value is practically the reason why its resale price is still high.

There are speculations by users that the vehicle can hold up to about 70 percent of its initial value even after prolonged use. 

That is simply amazing; the FJ Cruiser doesn’t just depreciate like other SUVs vehicle models after a period of usage because of its rugged make-up.

You may only be lucky now to find a cheaper FJ Cruiser, but on the whole, they still retain a large share of its value.

Even after a long time, the Toyota FJ cruiser maintains its price value and its mechanical power. Such is the type of car you can repeatedly use for a long time with good maintenance and upkeep. 

However, some FJ Cruiser models may quickly develop some problems, and constant repairs lead to depreciation in its performance.

A good example is the 2007 model that develops shuddering sounds after a long drive, and it also has minor cosmetic issues.

What to Look For When Buying a Used FJ Cruiser?

The first and most important thing to look out for when buying a used FJ Cruiser is mechanical power. Due to several attempts in fixing the FJ Cruiser, the mechanical output of the vehicle is tampered with. 

Also, since the make-up of the vehicle is also suitable for towing, heavy use sometimes causes mechanical depreciation and possible wear and tear. You wouldn’t want to buy a car that expensive only to suffer in the end.

Also, do well to check for rust in the car’s engine, especially when the vehicle spends most of its days in the northern regions.

The head gasket of the engine sometimes suffers from rust issues, mainly when used for adventure rides. 

The rust in the engine can sometimes cause failing of the water pumps. You may as well notice some leaks from the drain holes.

This means that the car’s coolant is faulty and you should replace it.

Additionally, the FJ Cruiser is specially designed for off-road use and towing; therefore, rough use of this vehicle sometimes gives them life-long scars.

Due to some occurrences, you may encounter problems with the ignition coils and spark plug.

So it would be best if you drove the already used cruiser to check for misfires, loss of power, and stuttering acceleration. Be on a look for some of these symptoms on a used FJ Cruiser.

Why Are Used Toyota FJ Cruisers so Expensive?

There are several reasons for the Used Toyota FJ Cruiser being expensive, but a significant reason is its novelty and rareness.

They are quite limited in supply since Toyota discontinued their manufacture, and this caused a hike in its resale price.

The available few are practically sold at high prices by owners to make a profit, especially when the vehicle is still in its good working condition.

Also, used Toyota FJ Cruisers are typically known to retain their performance so long as you keep them in good working condition.

Even after years of usage, the high mechanical output of this vehicle is entirely reliable, and you can bank on that.

Compared to other expensive used cars, the FJ Cruiser is still revered by many, which makes its resale price still high, even higher than some average midsize cars.


There are many cars out there in the world that look fancy and amazing, but the Toyota FJ Cruiser is on a whole different level of luxury.

However, the halt in the manufacture of this vehicle has limited its supply, which has made the car even more expensive and difficult to obtain even in the market.

However, if you can get an already used and good working FJ Cruiser, I want to assure you that it is really worth the money.

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