Why Are Used Toyota Land Cruisers So Expensive? (Explained)

The unwritten rule of the marketing world is that used products sell at a lower price. That is what you and I have come to know and accept.

You will agree with this. The automobile market also agrees with this rule, and many have enjoyed the benefits it provides.

However, few vehicle series do not obey this unwritten rule. One of those is the Toyota Land Cruiser series.

Hence the question: why are used Toyota Land cruisers so expensive?

Used Toyota Land Cruisers are expensive because they are durable and stand the test of time. Put simply, Toyota Land Cruisers have everything you need in vehicles even with years of use. They remain top quality. A used Toyota Land Cruiser is almost as good as new. Yes, they are that amazing and durable!

Is the Land Cruiser Overpriced?

Used Toyota Land Cruisers So Expensive

The Land Cruiser is by no means overpriced. Nevertheless, the answer to this question creates division in the automobile world.

Many others have a different opinion. When you compare its price with that of other luxury cars in the same category, the Toyota Land Cruiser series seems overpriced. 

However, when you consider all that this tank of a vehicle does, you see why it is not regarded as overpriced by many. 

A quick look at the average price of close substitutes helps to clarify matters. For example, Toyota Land Cruiser costs more when compared to the Mercedes-Benz GLS.

However, it is considerably cheaper than other SUVs like Lexus LX. 

It falls within a reasonable range when compared to other SUVs. However, it is essential to note that very few can do what this car does even though they are all SUVs.

Very few vehicles can bring to the table, or should we say, to the road the exact offers as Toyota Land Cruiser. Continue reading to learn more about what Toyota Land Cruisers offer.

So, is the Land Cruiser expensive? Yes!.

But is the car overpriced? No. There’s the difference.

Let’s find the prices of Used Toyota FJ Cruisers So Expensive? Is this expensive too?

Is the Toyota Land Cruiser a Good Investment?

Toyota Land Cruiser is a good investment. There are many facts about the car to support this claim.

It doesn’t matter which version you are buying; old or new.

You will enjoy paying the price down to the last cent. 

As automobile experts, we use the mileage of a used car to determine its value and level of use. Once they reach the 100,000-mile mark, the value drops considerably for most vehicles.

However, you can consider the same mileage for Toyota Land Cruisers as just the beginning. The Land Cruiser maintains its value even after traveling tens of thousands of miles on the road.

This vehicle is suitable off the road. It is ideal for camping, vacations, adventures, and many others.

The car can go where many others won’t. Thereby providing unique solutions to unique problems.

What’s more? After years of comfort and use, you can sell or resell your car at a price very close to the purchasing cost with proper maintenance.

If that is not a good investment, what is?

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Are Toyota Land Cruisers expensive to maintain?

You probably guessed right. Yes, this vehicle is quite expensive to maintain when considering the average cost.

Based on collected data, maintaining a used Toyota Land Cruiser costs $200 more than average. Yet, despite that, you can still go ahead to make your purchase.

Why is that? Well, let us consider the facts.

Maintenance indeed costs more when using Toyota Land Cruisers. However, it is also true that maintenance and repair are less frequent when compared to other vehicles.

So, you get to spend more while repairing, but that only happens once in a long while. 

The provision is only possible because of the amazing qualities of the Toyota Land Cruiser series. Of course, you will need extra cash to repair and maintain, but you won’t need it that often.

Do Toyota Land Cruisers Hold their Value?

Surprisingly, Toyota Land Cruisers hold their value even after years of use. How is this value maintenance possible?

The depreciation values of various cars give answers to this question.

After five years of use, the depreciation rate for an average car is 40%.

For Toyota Land Cruiser, the rate is 35.4%. That is more than 4% lower for your average vehicle. 

Where does it rank when compared to other SUVs? After five years, SUVs’ depreciation rate is more than 44%. Wow!

The 8% difference in valuation clearly indicates all regarding the value and used Toyota Land Cruisers.

Why are Land Cruisers so Reliable?’

Land Cruisers So Reliable

Many automobile experts and car dealers regard Toyota Land Cruiser as one of the most reliable in its category. This reliability is simply down to the car’s design and build.

Toyota Land Cruisers venture off the road and into rough terrain under different conditions. Yet, it continues to function with little maintenance.

How is it possible? What makes it so special? Let’s consider three key features that make Land Cruisers stand tall among peers.

#1. A Thicker Grade of Metal

The outer components of Toyota Land Cruisers are built using a thicker grade of metal. The thicker grade ensures that this vehicle maintains shape and structure through use.

One major reason why it is very durable.

#2. The Superior Engine

Toyota Land Cruisers have 5.7 V8 engines. The 5.7L DOHC capacity of the engine ensures better airflow. As a result, it can perform optimally for hours.

Combustion is efficient in this type of engine. Both the older and the newer generations of this engine are reliable.

#3. Durable Accessory Parts

The various parts of this vehicle are also superior in quality when compared to others. The shock absorber, suspensions, windshield, and brake motors all have a touch of durability in their making.

It is clear from the makeup that the focus is on durability.

If you are familiar with automobile terms, you must have heard of the term “planned obsolescence.” If you have not, here is what it means. 

It is a method of manufacturing cars that makes it less desirable when new models of such series are released. This method is used to help sell the more recent products.

If the old products become less desirable, the temptation is to get newer models. 

However, this concept does not exist within the Toyota Land Cruisers community. Every inch of this car is durable and desirable.

Most road users trust its capability, so it is a reliable tool to have. 

Toyota decides to stop the Land Cruiser series production after the 2021 model. This announcement further increased the demand for this luxury vehicle.

Many are trying to get one before it becomes unavailable. This demand for both new and used vehicle versions shows just how reliable it is for many road users.


Used Toyota Land Cruisers are expensive, no doubt. And this is due to its amazing level of durability.

However, you would agree that the high cost comes with numerous benefits. Benefits that don’t disappear even after years of use.

So, why not buy a used Toyota land cruiser today and enjoy this tank of a vehicle? Besides, it is reliable and remains a good investment.

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