Are Toyota Celica Parts Expensive? (Read This First)

Many factors contribute to the high cost of getting parts for some vehicles. Time constraint plays a crucial role in this regard.

However, when Toyota makes cars, they make available extra parts to cover repairs. 

This act makes the parts to be easily accessible hence, slashing the cost of getting them. However, Toyota has stopped the production of Celica since 2006, and given the time between then and now, we often question whether the parts are expensive.

Yes, Toyota Celica parts are expensive because of the discontinuation of its production. The cost is from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). They are responsible for making genuine Toyota parts and passing them down to the wholesalers. The high price is due to the low stock of those parts requested by consumers.

How Expensive are Toyota Celica Parts?

Toyota Celica Parts Expensive

Toyota Celica parts are expensive. It can cost you a fortune to get certain parts of these vehicles.

For example, the engine is the most expensive part of a Toyota Celica, and it costs $1800 to get a Toyota Celica engine from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

It is usually more expensive to get these parts from retail stores or an online vendor. Consider the engine, for example.

The same engine sold for $1800 from Toyota can go for $2500 to $3000 in retail stores. It is a manageable price compared to other vehicle parts.

Other parts of the Toyota Celica cost less than the engine. However, you should always ensure to take proper care of your engine and prevent anything that could cause damage to your engine.

There are cases where the cost of getting an engine is close to or surpasses the car’s purchase price. 

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Are Toyota Celica Parts Hard to Find?

No, parts of Toyota Celica are not hard to find. Toyota has made sure there are enough parts for all their products to last for repairs.

Therefore, when you need any part of the Celica, you can contact Toyota directly for it. Aside from contacting Toyota directly, you can also get those parts from any mechanical store within your locality.

These retail stores have genuine Toyota parts. You can also get Toyota Celica parts from people who want to sell parts of their faulty cars. 

With regards to that, this category of people takes to social platforms to make their intentions known. So, getting Toyota Celica parts is not a big deal.

The only challenge is that these parts can go low on stock and become scarce to an extent. That is the reason for the expensive nature of Toyota Celica parts.

Also, the prices of these parts may vary depending on your locality. People who live in rural areas are often victims of this hike in price.

Since Toyota has made the parts easy to find by making them available in-store, store owners have seized the opportunity to make extra cash. 

Additionally, most people conclude that the halt in production of Celica will make the parts scarce. That is how anyone would analyze the issue sincerely.

And it could be true for some other manufacturing brands of automobiles but not Toyota. Also, the reliability of the Toyota Celica has made it to still be on the road till today. 

So, there is no way you would have difficulty getting any Toyota Celica parts. Toyota remains an on-demand brand when it comes to the availability of its parts.

That is why it is one of the most preferred brands of automobiles to own. Who would want to purchase a car and still have difficulties getting parts for repair and replacement? Absolutely no one!

Is a Toyota Celica Expensive to Maintain?

A Toyota Celica is not expensive to maintain compared to its performance. An average user of a Toyota Celica will spend a total of $450 per annum for maintenance.

Climate change and the driving rate prompt maintenance. How you handle your vehicle also determines how much you will spend on maintenance. 

Toyota Celica maintenance covers;

  • Exterior features of the vehicle and tires
  • Battery 
  • Fluids and
  • The suspension and steering system

The basics of a Toyota Celica maintenance are fluid. When you change your oil regularly, you are doing the engine of your Celica a favor. The oil is the life force of your engine. It determines the mileage of your Celica.

It also tells how much you would spend on the maintenance of your Celica. You will spend more if you neglect to change your oil regularly. A fault developed due to neglecting your oil can cost you up to $500 to maintain.

An oil change for a Toyota Celica should have a routine you adhere to religiously. I recommend this because it burns oil easily, making it prone to oil-related problems.

Users of the Toyota Celica GTS would not have to worry much in that regard. Notwithstanding, there should also be a particular routine for it.

The maintenance should be within every 4,000-kilometer interval. Therefore, when you begin to notice some unusual changes in the performance of your Celica, you should perform maintenance earlier.

It will also help your automobile engineer keep your Toyota Celica maintenance records.

Other parts of Celica need maintenance apart from the fluids. The most expensive part of Toyota Celica maintenance is the engine.

And damage to the engine is caused by oil which functions as a lubricant. And this is why I stressed the need to replace your oil regularly.

The repair of a damaged engine can take up to $1500. Why spend that huge amount on repairs when the maintenance is less expensive.

I always recommend people to spend on Toyota Celica maintenance. It does not matter how often you carry out the maintenance culture. Just know that it won’t cost up to $500.

How Often Does Celica Need Repair?

The repair of your Toyota Celica is dependent on the usage. Ordinarily, a Toyota Celica is made primarily as a sports car. So, given the engine’s stress on its performance, it will often require repair.

However, if you make use of the car less, drive on smooth terrain, and stay faithful to your oil change, then you will rarely repair your vehicle.

A Toyota Celica is a high-performance automobile that requires utmost care and attention. However, for the first two to three years of having a Celica, you should be able to do without any major repair.

It is solely dependent on how well you maintain the vehicle. Else you will frequently find yourself in the mechanical workshop for repairs.

And the easiest way to avoid such scenarios is regular maintenance. Therefore, fluid maintenance should be the focal point to avoid frequent repairs.

It is only the oil that needs such attention and interval between replacement. Sometimes, before six (6) months of usage.

Other parts like the battery can stay for three (3) to five (5) years before considering a replacement.

However, the repair of the exterior features, tires, suspension, and steering system depends wholly on handling.

If you are the type that does not handle your car carefully, then you would need to repair your Toyota Celica more often.

Your area’s weather condition and geography can also influence how often your Celica would need repair.

Notwithstanding, you will be able to use your vehicle for at least a year before you begin to experience any wear or tear.

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You would need Toyota Celica parts at one point or the other when you cruise the vehicle. That is not a big deal anyway, and most parts are pretty much available and accessible.

The cost is the primary thing you should consider. Genuine Toyota Celica parts are expensive because of the low stock of some of those parts.

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