Toyota VS Lexus Resale Value? (Read This First Before Buying)

An average person would go for a car that will not lose so much value a couple of years after use.

However, if you are more concerned about luxury and comfort, you would not have to think about the resale value of an automobile.

All brands of cars hold their value as time goes on. But some are better off at that, especially the Toyota and Lexus brands.

Provided that Lexus is a subsidiary of Toyota, both cars are close to each other concerning their resale value. Lexus produces luxury cars for Toyota. On the other hand, Toyota will continue with its regular production. As a result, the resale value of Toyota is 53% after five (5) years. Lexus has a resale value of 49% in that same time frame.

Toyota vs. Lexus Which has a Good Resale Value?

Toyota Vs Lexus Resale Value

A Toyota vehicle has a better resale value compared to Lexus. Toyota is the most reliable automobile for the average car owner.

In addition, it produces cars that are relatively affordable and easy to maintain. The Lexus brand also has a good resale value which is not up to Toyota.

Most luxury cars are for the moment they begin to deteriorate sooner than other cars. And this affects the resale value of luxury cars negatively.

Since there is a tendency they would degrade faster, their monetary value also reduces with time.

Therefore, based upon that fact is the resale value of a Toyota and Lexus. The Toyota brand has been in the spotlight from time immemorial and has bagged many honors to its name.

So in the late 90s, Toyota introduced Lexus as its associate producer. In a nutshell, a Toyota has a better resale value than a Lexus.

Difference Between Lexus and Toyota Engines?

When it comes to the engine used in powering a Lexus and Toyota, they are almost entirely the same.

The only specifics are the Lexus IS, GS, LS, RX, and SC engines are for just the Lexus. Other models of Lexus engines are interchangeable with Toyota.

What makes the listed models of Lexus engines different from Toyota are two things. They include;

  • Compression and
  • Injection method

#1. Compression 

The engines of Lexus IS, GS, LS, RX, and SC have a higher compression. Those brands of Lexus have maxed out five horsepower from the hp rating.

#2. Injection method

The IS, GS, LS, RX, and SC have direct injection engines. They use the specified premium fuel with an octane rating of 87. 

Does Lexus Last as Long as Toyota?       

Yes, Lexus does last as long as Toyota. Although the Lexus brand has quite a good record of durability, the parent company still surpasses for a reason.

Lexus can last for over 17 years up to 20 years when given proper maintenance. That is the same for a Toyota brand but with more maintenance.

A Toyota car would take you up to 300,000 miles with less maintenance and repairs. Lexus would also achieve that same feat, just that it will require more maintenance and perhaps a major repair. 

The only distinction between the two automobiles with regards to durability is the fact that Lexus performs higher.

This high performance makes it susceptible to major issues and a higher maintenance cost for Lexus, but the case is different for Toyota.

It is very flexible and can serve the entire mileage, like a Lexus without any major repair. For the record, a Lexus would last as long as a Toyota can last.

Is it  Better to Buy a Lexus or Toyota?

The reason you, as an individual, want to buy the car should be considered before you decide to either buy a Lexus or Toyota.

Both vehicles are closely related in a general overview, given that one of them came into existence from the other. Notwithstanding, there are still some distinct factors of the two brands.

To be able to judge the better brand to buy, you will have to consider the following;

  • Performance 
  • Design
  • Cost of car, maintenance, and repair 
  • Security
  • Fuel consumption 
  • Compatibility 
  • Durability
  • Reliability 
  • Size
  • Sporty nature and 
  • Warranty 

#1. Performance

From how well a vehicle performs, Lexus is better than Toyota. A Lexus is very sweet to handle and also delivers a smooth ride. Toyota also has a good performance rating, but Lexus is better off.

#2. Design

Toyota has nice vehicle designs, but Lexus was designed specifically for luxury, if you have not forgotten. For this reason, it has classic designs way more than a Toyota.

Therefore Lexus has better designs of both interiors and exteriors than Toyota.

#3. Cost of car, Maintenance, and Repair

A luxury-built car would surely be costlier than other vehicles. The cheapest Lexus car you would get in the market is twice as expensive as the cheapest Toyota.

The same goes for the most expensive models. So without any doubt, a Lexus car is costlier than a Toyota car.

Since the Lexus is costlier to purchase, maintaining and repairing it would also cost more than a Toyota. 

#4. Security

How secured a vehicle is should be highly considered in choosing a vehicle. Both Toyota and Lexus offer high security in their vehicles.

Notwithstanding, after carefully studying the security features of both vehicles, I discovered that Lexus offers more security. Lexus has fewer collision damages and electronic safety features than Toyota.

#5. Fuel consumption 

Lexus is less economical in terms of its fuel consumption. Some models of Lexus use only the premium fuel with an 89 octane rating which costs about $4 per barrel.

On the other hand, Toyota uses normal fuel and has no preference regarding its models. This consumption level makes Toyota a better car to buy in terms of fuel economy.

#6. Compatibility 

The Toyota model has more compact cars than the Lexus. Toyota Corolla is the hallmark of vehicles in this regard. Lexus also has some nicely compact vehicles but cannot be compared to Toyota.

#7. Durability 

These brands are very durable, but the Lexus maintenance cost is relatively higher than the durability.

And you will have to spend more on Lexus repair costs for it to be able to last as long as a Toyota would. So a Toyota has a little edge in durability compared to Lexus.

#8. Reliability

The Toyota model stands unopposed in terms of reliability. It has been tested for decades as a very reliable brand, even before the Lexus was introduced to the automobile scene. 

#9. Size

Depending on the size of vehicle you want to buy, Toyota has the best sizes cut across all ranges. It has the best small, mid-size, and even large vehicles, including SUVs.

The only SUVs a Lexus can boost by having better models are the subcompact and mid-size SUVs. The 4×4 mid-size Toyota SUV is the same as the Toyota 4Runner and Lexus GX.

#10. Sporty Nature

Sports cars are mostly luxury-inclined, and Lexus is the luxury sister to Toyota, which makes it a better sports car.

However, the Revived Toyota Supra A90 is a hell of a sports car, but it still does not outclass a Lexus in this department.

#11. Warranty 

Toyota began a five (5) years factory warranty in 2019. The duration is one year more than the (4) years warranty offered by the Lexus model.

Nonetheless, Lexus also offers an extended warranty just like the Toyota.

In a general overview, an average earner should buy a Toyota rather than a Lexus because of its economic advantages. It is less costly, conserves fuel, and is easy to maintain and repair.

Although a Lexus maintenance cost is more, it sure will be the better choice if you want comfort and security.


The resale value of a Toyota is 4% more than a Lexus brand. The two Lexus and Toyota dealers have much in common because of their relationship.

Still, Toyota is more reliable as it is the parent company to Lexus, which is a luxury brand. Most engines of Toyota are used in Lexus except a few which are of higher performance. 

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