Can Toyota Dealerships Transfer Cars? (Explained)

Have you ever been to a car dealer in a bid to purchase a vehicle, and you don’t see the specifics you want?

It could be that they don’t have the particular make or the production year isn’t what you wanted or the color isn’t suitable.

If you’re wondering if Toyota dealerships transfer cars, then this article is for you.

Toyota dealerships can transfer cars. Usually, vehicle dealers network with other nearby dealers of the same brand. As a result, getting a particular vehicle that isn’t part of their pre-owned inventory is easier. They just have to do a focal search for the particular make, color, or the other specifics you want, and within days, you can get your vehicle.

Do Dealerships Trade Cars With Each Other?

Can Toyota Dealerships Transfer Cars

Auto dealers have a limited number of vehicles in their pre-owned inventory. Therefore, you may not always see the exact vehicle you desire.

That is why dealers trade cars with each other when the need arises.

As you may have guessed, dealership trade involves swapping cars between dealers. That is why it’s also called a dealer swap. Read more about whether Toyota Dealer Cut Lexus Key or not.

It enables sellers to maintain their customers instead of losing them to a dealer who has the sought-after vehicle.

Auto dealerships work by applying an advanced search tool that is not accessible to customers to carry out a broad search with the specifics you want.

That means that you may carry out a search on your own and not find what you looked for, but a car dealer using certain methods will find one. 

Therefore, if you need a specific auto with a particular trim level or color, a car dealer can swiftly discover it for you.

Nevertheless, the dealer will mostly request a deposit or an instant cash offer to ascertain your level of seriousness regarding the transaction. 

Dealership transfers are possible because, most times, dealers retain relations with other car merchants of the same brand.

Commonly, swapping involves cars that are similarly equipped. But always remember to confirm that the vehicle is a Toyota-certified vehicle.

On some occasions, the other dealer with the requested vehicle will ask for a different vehicle from the swapped one. That is so it can restore the stock it needs.

Furthermore, the dealer can also bank the courtesy, saving it up for a future occasion when one of its salespeople needs a particular vehicle to make a sale.

On some occasions, when there is a car swap, the cost of transportation is included in the price for the vehicle being swapped.

The transport cost is incorporated into the selling price of the vehicle. But you can bargain on the price, and it’s necessary to do this before the swap takes place. 

I recommend offering the swapped car as if it were a part of the dealer’s pre-owned inventory. Once you agree on the price, I suggest documenting it and ensuring that any instant cash offer is refundable.

Salespeople are trained to make you buy the cars they have rather than what you want to buy.

Sometimes, the salespeople will convince you to buy what they have in their pre-owned inventory

However, it would be best if you did not buy what is available simply because they have.

Hence, it would be best to be wary of this whenever you go to a dealer store.

Can A Dealership Get A Car From Another State?

Getting the ideal vehicle can, at times, take you outside of your state.

It may be a limited edition model that you’ve searched for some time or a deal of a lifetime offered by a car dealer in a nearby state. Whatever the case, if the car is worth it, why not?

Getting a car from another state can be done either by yourself or through your dealer.

To do it yourself, you need to do a lot of work, like carrying out research and traveling to inspect the vehicle. When inspecting, remember you need to view engine details

Additionally, you need to register the vehicle, pay the sale, and use taxes. You also need to figure out how to transport the vehicle across.

Most car dealers can carry out trades outside your state of residence.

The dealer will collect fees and taxes that apply to your state or allow you to carry out the registration of the vehicle yourself.

If the dealer registers the vehicle for you, you may be charged a registration fee.

The dealer can also give you a temporary license that permits you to drive the car to the house. If handling the paperwork, the car dealer will send your registration and plates through the mail.

If you prefer to register the car and pay the various taxes (sales and use tax) yourself, the dealer will give you all the appropriate paperwork.

Whenever you are confused about any step, you can reach out to the Toyota service center to get accurate information about the process.

How Long Does A Dealer Swap Take?

Compared to custom-ordering a car, a dealer swap is most times faster. However, the time varies depending on the distance of the other dealer and the time it takes to do the registration and paperwork.

Nevertheless, it can take as little as 24 to 48 hours if the other dealer is close by, to as long as a week or even some weeks, depending on the circumstances during the trade.

What Do You Do When A Car Dealership Lies To You?            

When you notice that you are being lied to or were lied to by a car dealer, you should first report to an auto dealer fraud attorney that specializes in handling these cases.

They will assess the case to confirm the fraud, see if the case is viable in court, and then represent you during the case. 

It is not uncommon for car dealerships to lie to customers. A report suggested that only about 61 percent of Americans believed that the price by the dealership was legit.

Therefore car dealer fraud is a very common theme in a dealer trade. 

Nevertheless, you should not contact the salespeople when you notice a fraud because if they’ve lied to you before, what makes you think they won’t lie to you again?

Here’s How Toyota Dealerships are Scamming You


Dealership trade or swap is one of the existing mediums for purchasing a car. When you can’t find a specific vehicle among the pre-owned inventory of your local dealer, you can get it from another dealer nearby of the same brand.

However, it would be best to always be on guard because car dealers are not known for honesty.

At any point you smell something foul about the deal, remember to consult an auto dealer fraud attorney.

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