Lexus VS Toyota Maintenance Cost? (Read This First)

Over the years, cars have evolved from metallic framed inventions to luxury assets cruising our roads daily. Toyota and Lexus are two widely used cars that have served their customers for years.

Though from the Toyota Motor Corporation, the Lexus brand produces independently.

Further, these brands thrive, with new models being released annually with better functions and designs. However, the maintenance cost of these vehicles remains a topic of heated debate.

This article aims to clarify that issue, leaving you better disposed to make an informed decision. 

It’s relatively cheaper to maintain a Toyota than a Lexus, but the prices aren’t that far apart. Drivers usually spend around $441 annually maintaining their Toyota. Compared to many other brands, this figure is on the low end. In contrast, people who own a Lexus spend about $551 annually on maintaining and improving their vehicles. Nevertheless, on both ends, the cost of maintenance increases as your vehicle ages. 

Which is More Expensive to Maintain?

Lexus Vs Toyota Maintenance Cost

The Lexus brand is considerably more expensive to maintain and repair than the Toyota. However, since the brand also comes from Toyota, the Lexus maintenance cost remains relatively cheaper for a luxury car brand.

Lexus is also ranked 6th place by RepairPal for its low ownership expenses. 

Further, with their customers in mind, Lexus has introduced several ways to manage the cost of maintenance. One such way is the provision of an extended warranty that helps prevent spending too much on the cost of repairs.

You could also opt for a third-party involvement available everywhere, which is usually very affordable.

Additionally, as a new Lexus owner, you’re eligible to enjoy two free maintenance appointments, and for a more extended service period, you have to take good care of your car.

These maintenance schedules are set at 6 months/5,000 miles and 12 months/10,000 miles. The maintenance includes an oil change, but that usually depends on your car.

In other words, vehicles that run on synthetic oil like your Lexus can go 10,000 miles between oil changes.

On the other hand, formal vehicles like your Toyotas can go 5,000 miles between oil changes.

However, to avoid unnecessary increases in the cost of maintenance, I would recommend you stick to a regular maintenance schedule.

Though it can be a pain, regular maintenance is the best solution to getting the best out of your car, increasing its lifespan, and economizing repair costs.

Lastly, new owners of Lexus vehicles have the option to acquire a prepaid Lexus maintenance plan.

This plan ought to last between the spaces of 2 years/20,000 miles and 5years/ 90,000 miles, and it constitutes the following:

  • Tire rotation
  • Inspection
  • Oil changes
  • Recommended scheduled services.

Are Lexus or Toyota Car Parts more Expensive?

Looking at the maintenance cost between both vehicles, you must have correctly guessed whose car parts are more expensive. True, Lexus parts are more expensive than Toyota’s.

Being a luxury brand with various high-tech equipment and features, it’s no wonder its components are more expensive.

However, it remains a fact that Lexus is mainly purchased by affluent members of society with enough cash to spare.

Lexus cars’ luxurious characteristics, from classy interiors to their elegant stylings, are some of its strong suits. The Lexus brand is unique and is quite selective when it comes to parts.

As a result, they rely on particular parts to function correctly, some of which are stated below in comparison to Toyota’s:

#1. Oil/ Oil Change

It is common knowledge that the Lexus brand consumes oil a lot which is quite expensive. Aside from that, it performs better with synthetic oil, even though it can also use mineral oil.

Toyota, on the other hand, performs optimally with mineral oil. 

Therefore, an oil change in a Lexus requiring synthetic oil and in large amounts comes off more expensive than a Toyota that is content with mineral oil.

It would cost between $130-$200 for a Lexus oil change, while Toyota would go for $115-$128. 

#2. Cabin Air Filter

Cabin air filters are essential in your cars to help keep out contaminants such as dirt, dust, and pollen to ensure that the air in your vehicle remains conducive.

Therefore, changing your cabin air filter when clogged is paramount. However, while its replacement in Toyota costs between $30 and $70, Lexus costs between $180 and $225.

Note that this difference is not due to labor cost but the expensive cabin filter Lexus requires. 

#3. Spark Plug Change 

Spark plugs help you start your vehicle seamlessly and, to some extent, determine how fast you can drive. Therefore, it’s always wise to keep a healthy set on your car.

For Toyota, a healthy set would cost around $42 and $61 while that of Lexus costs about $102.

#4. Brake Pad 

Here is one part of your vehicle you would never take for granted, whether for Toyota or Lexus vehicles.

The brake pads are good to consider because they are disposed to constant replacement and, as such, take a toll on your wallet frequently, but for good reasons.

Well, the brake pads for Lexus cost around $130-$300 on average meanwhile, those for Toyota cost about $50-$150, again depending on the model of your Toyota. 

#5. Tires 

The right wheels are paramount in both vehicle brands’ smooth running, speed, and luxurious look. If you had doubts earlier, now you can agree that both brands are of the same origin.

That is because both Toyota and Lexus tires cost the same to replace; little wonder they are used interchangeably. 

You can get a Toyota or Lexus tire between $150 and $350, but if you require a better-performing tire that could last you as long as six years, then you’ll have to raise that price to about $500.

And remember, these prices are for single tires!

Toyota Vs. Lexus, which is more Reliable?

Comparing Toyota and Lexus in terms of reliability is not an easy feat. Further, both brands are excellent in producing very reliable and trustworthy cars. It is a testament that they’re from the same company.

However, though from the same company, there are some differences when it comes to these brands in terms of reliability. And to determine the reliability of both brands, various factors come into consideration.

They include squeaky brakes, transmission issues, four-wheel-drive system problems, and broken interiors. 

A study was carried out in 2021 by Consumer Reports, and Lexus was named the most reliable car brand for 2022. The study featured a total of twenty-eight other cars, with Toyota coming in at Third Place. 

Therefore, it is safe to say that your Lexus has proven to be a very reliable brand. However, going for a Toyota isn’t a wrong choice as it is also known for its reliability.

Therefore, living up to the manufacturers’ vision, Lexus though a luxury car, remains a reliable car brand.

Despite its relatively expensive price tag, its reliability assures you that you will get the best bangs for your bucks and not just at face value.


Lexus, the luxury division of the Toyota brand, is considerably more expensive to maintain than Toyota primarily because it is a luxury brand fitted with high-tech features and attracts overwhelming labor costs. 

On the other hand, in its simplicity, Toyota remains relatively cheaper to maintain, having accessible and affordable parts.

Still, both brands have warranty periods covering maintenance that help a great deal to cost costs. So, feel free to choose the brand that suits you most!

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