Can A Toyota Land Cruiser Tow An Airstream? (Let’s Find Out)

It is quite common to witness pickup trucks towing trailers such as Airstream.

Most of the time, homeowners rent these pickup trucks to haul their trailers instead of using their cars.

if you own a Land Cruiser, then you don’t have to fret about renting a pickup truck. 

A Toyota Land Cruiser has a towing capacity of up to 3000KG. If your airstream, motorhome, caravan, or any other trailer falls under these figures, Land Cruiser can handle it smoothly, giving you the best outdoor adventure anywhere and anytime.

Despite this question coming up more frequently recently, it is an utter possibility and a regular occurrence.

Can I Pull an Airstream with a Land Cruiser? 

Can A Toyota Land Cruiser Tow An Airstream?Stream

Airstream travel trailers are lighter than many others of their size, making them easy to tow with a Land Cruiser.

But, admittedly, many people often find it difficult to hauls.

This is due to fear that their automobiles may not handle the trailer’s weight.

As a result, they tend to rent pickup trucks for towing whenever they want to go for outdoor activities. This is one of the reasons to be the trucks so expensive.

Well, if you own an Airstream, you can consult your local dealer to estimate the weight of your trailer. 

Subsequently, you can also consult your local Toyota dealer to estimate the weight of your auto.

You have to carry out this process to know if your vehicle can handle the weight of your trailer. Airstreams are pretty spacious and can carry a lot of weight. 

Hence, many people tend to take advantage of this fact and overload their trailers to the extent that it exceeds their maximum capacity.

However, exceeding the maximum volume of your trailer is extremely risky as it wears out the tires and axles. 

Furthermore, your Airstream will be out of balance on the road.

Plus, you might lose control of the brakes due to the excess weight, and this will lead to a ghastly accident.

And this might claim lives and properties in the process. 

Fortunately, you can prevent this by estimating the maximum weight capacity of your Airstream, also known as Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. 

Nevertheless, it is best to load your Airstream with less load to prevent unfortunate and unplanned circumstances. 

In addition, it will make driving less strenuous and save lives and properties. 

What can a Toyota Land Cruiser Tow? 

Land Cruiser can tow any trailer with a Gross Vehicle Weight standing of 2500Lbs, 3500 pounds, 5000 pounds, and 5500 pounds.

The weight of your vehicle is very important, and you must consider it before you tow your trailer. 

You must make sure that the pulling capacity of your auto surpasses the gross vehicle mass of your Airstream.

For example, approximately the towing ability of your Toyota Land Cruiser is 8100Lbs capable of pulling an Airstream below this capacity. 

Your vehicle has to be strong enough to tow it safely.

Along with the people and supplies, you intend to bring on board.

In some cases, the weight of your Airstream may begin to overpower your automobile. 

It is advisable to pull over immediately as you may lose control and land yourself and the people aboard in an accident.

This usually happens when you decide to tow your Airstream without checking the towing ability. 

Nonetheless, you can carry out the necessary processes before embarking on an expedition with your auto and Airstream.

Alternatively, you can opt for a Ford super-duty truck to enable you to tow your Airstream travel trailer. 

The ford super duty is one of the perfect examples of heavy-duty trucks that can tow an Airstream with a gross vehicle’s mass of over 12000 pounds.

It can handle any weight as its pulling ability is simply outstanding. 

Regardless of this fact, you need to make sure that your auto can handle the weight of your Airstream.

One of the best and lightest models of Airstream travel trailers is the Basecamp which is suitable for your auto. 

Do I Need anything to Pull an Airstream with a Land Cruiser? 

Pulling an Airstream with your Land Cruiser is quite easy. However, you need a few pieces of equipment to achieve your goal.

So, without further ado, I’ll briefly highlight the tools you need for hauling and how to use them. 

Trailer hitch receiver:

You need to fasten the hitch adapters to the underside of your Toyota Land Cruiser.

Make sure that your receiver opening is 1-¼”×1-¼” or 2″×2″.

Plus, remember to align the trailer’s hitch connection points with the existing slots in your car’s frame. 

Ball mount:

This is one of the essential tools in towing.

It is the tool that slides right into the entrance of the trailer hitch.

Furthermore, it procures a substantial pathway for positioning the ball.

Interestingly, a ball mount is also referred to as a drawbar, and it comes in different sizes, heights, and designs.

you need to get a ball mount that suits the entrance and allows the trailer to stay solid and stable during towing. 

Pin and clip:

For this device to work, you have to use it to clasp the ball mount inside the entrance of the hitch receiver. This provides additional support.

Trailer hitch ball:

you need to put the ball on the ball mount to provide an attachment point for your Airstream.

The ball comes in different sizes, such as 1-⅞”, 2″, and 2-5/16″.

It is important to note that the diameter of the hitch ball must be of the same size as the trailer’s coupler. 

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Wiring harness:

It is solely responsible for the supply of signals and electricity to the trailer’s lights.

To complete the process, your automobile must have a wiring harness to supply power to the lights of your trailer.

It is mandatory to have a wiring harness; otherwise, the police would seize your trailer, and they might put you behind bars. 

Are Airstreams Easier to Tow?

Airstreams are relatively easier to tow, and you can purchase them for camping in the outskirts of town or anywhere that suits you.

In addition, there are different models of Airstreams available at considerable Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, and you can tow them without any hiccups. 

Excellent examples of these models include Basecamp-3500Lbs, Bambi-5000Lbs, and Classic-10,000 pounds.

The models have an exceptional storage room and hold everything you need to go camping.

Plus, the tires are super fast and can keep up with the speed of your vehicle. 

Well, the Classic Airstream travel trailer’s GVWR may overpower the pulling capacity, which will make your auto unstable.

When this happens, it is best to use a weight distributing hitch that will help you control your Airstream and your vehicle. 

The weight distributing hitch is an indispensable piece of equipment that assists you in towing, caravan, motorhome, vehicle, and truck.

Notwithstanding, you can easily pull with the right car that has enough towing ability to overpower its maximum operating weight. 

Pros of Towing Airstreams

Airstream travel trailers are portable, light in weight, durable and convenient for many outdoor activities.

Hence, there are a few pros of towing your Airstreams. Below are some of them;

  • They are very easy to move and can suit any available landscape.
  • They are extremely stable and can handle any weight if it doesn’t exceed the GVWR. 
  • It generate less friction, and it saves you a lot of cash by minimizing the use of fuel. 

Cons of Towing Airstreams

Towing Airstreams that have high GVWR can pose a threat to your life and property.

Below are some of the cons of towing Airstreams;

  • They slow down the speed of the vehicle.
  • Excessive weight can cause the driver to lose control, leading to an accident. 

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Land Cruiser is one of Toyota’s finest creations as it has incredible capabilities, including towing your Airstream travel trailer.

Although it is easy to tow, you have to make sure that your vehicle’s towing ability transcends the maximum container capacity.

This way, you can enjoy your adventures without any problems. 


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