Can A Toyota Venza Be Flat Towed? (Explained)

Taking your family or friends on vacation/road trip with your RV or motorhome car is ideal when you plan on having a mini house on the move.

But taking this big motorhome for sightseeing in remote locations can be inconvenient, or looking for suitable parking spots. Hence the need to tow your Venza behind your RV vehicle. 

A Venza can only be flat towed in limp mode during emergencies with safety precautions. Precautions like driving at a max of 30-35mph and stopping for at least every 30 minutes to start the engine to keep moving parts lubricated. However, this is not advisable because Venza and most Toyota cars are not suitable for flat-towing. 

Can You Tow a Toyota Venza Behind a Motorhome?

Toyota Venza Be Flat Towed

Towing a Toyota Venza is possible, but this is not advisable when considering safety and convenience; it can’t be flat towed because of its build and frame.

You can either use a trailer or a dolly, provided the weight of the Venza does not exceed the towing capacity of the motorhome.

And in towing a vehicle, you want an easy connection and disconnection, which you can find in flat towing car methods.

Most cars and Venza are AWD (all-wheel-drive) and have an automatic transmission, making them suitable.

However, some cars are indeed okay to be flat towed, Toyota has its reasons for not making it so. Apart from cars designed to be flat towed, most cars are two-wheeled driven, making it easier to pull.

Towing a Venza can cause its driveshaft and some parts to damage when used for long.

The cars towed are mostly front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive, and some vehicles with manual transmission.

The driving parts are not lubricated while the car moves behind the motorhome.

Flat towing has to do with transmission lubrication if the vehicle can lubricate its working parts automatically.

A pump inside the transmission requires a continuous operation to lubricate the moving parts. This is what makes most cars like Venza not suitable for flat towing.

However, some four-wheel-drive vehicles are ideal for flat towing, making it necessary to check the owner’s manual for specifications.

Towing a car behind a motorhome has to do with the vehicle rolling on its wheels without any harmful effect.

You should check the owner manual to know more about your Venza and how safe it is to tow.

Cars like the Venza that are not ideal for towing have a way to buy and install devices like the driveshaft decoupler to make it suitable.

You should check the owner manual to know more about your Venza and how safe it is to tow.

Can You Tow a Toyota Venza with a Tow Dolly? 

Yeah, you can; a dolly is one of the recommended ways to tow a Venza. With a car dolly, all four wheels won’t require all wheels to move when pulling.

Before you operate the dolly, you should properly understand the dolly and how to use and care for it.

Firstly you have to check the owner’s manual for reference to load and unload your car on the dolly, as it is essential. Make sure you have a dolly that is suitable for your Venza.

Your Venza wheels should have a little space between the tires and dolly wheels. And a little distance between the car’s base and the dolly.

Before putting your vehicle on the dolly, you have first to attach the dolly to the towing vehicle. You have to lock the steering wheel, and the front wheels should hunch on the dolly.

The car should not exceed the weight limit required for the dolly.

If the dolly has a safety cable or chain, attach it to both hitches to provide additional support. Also, use the tow dolly emergency brake and other electronic wires to the towing vehicle.

After all the connections, check if the brake lights, taillights, and turn signals are synced and working.

Before placing your vehicle on the dolly, ensure to set the wheel straps on the dolly fenders.

And then tilt the dolly down to gently drive the car on the dolly, and ensure the wheels are resting on the wheel chicks.

You can now fix the wheel straps over the tires when you’ve correctly placed the vehicle and ensure it doesn’t interfere with anything.

Also, remember to place fixed safety chains on the car. The drive shaft has to be disconnected to avoid damage to the transmission.

It’s a safe practice to check that all the connections are intact before moving, and when driving, you should stop after some miles to check your car.

If the purpose of your towing the Venza is to move it to another location, then this dolly method is ok.

However, removing and fixing the car to the dolly back often will be stressful, making towing with the dolly not suitable for motorhome attachment.

What Is the Correct Way to Flat Tow Toyota Venza?

The correct way to flat-tow your Toyota Venza is by using some device to enable the Venza to be suitable for flat towing.

There are devices like the driveshaft decouplers and transmission lubrication pumps. According to experts, the vehicle must self-lubricate when the engine is off before flat-towing them.

However, this method is not safe, as it can cause issues for your car. You should have safety cables or chains used, and you must use a brake switch for emergency braking.

The vehicle should be on; if it should shut down at any point, some damage will occur. This method is quite risky to try.

This method is quite simple. Firstly, you start your Venza, release the parking brake, and put it in neutral. The car needs to be in limp mode.

Also, when driving, the maximum speed should not exceed 34mph; you should also stop at some minute time intervals to check the engine.

If you are not sure how to do this, it’s best to take it to repair centers or motorhome dealers to help you do the fixing.

Can You Put a Trailer Hitch on a 2021 Toyota Venza? 

Yes, you can fix a trailer hitch to a 2021 Toyota Venza. It depends on the hitch type you place on the Venza and the hitch receiver involved.

You don’t have to construct anything; it will fit nicely into your Venza.

All Toyota Venza can have a hitch and receive a trailer hitch. Consequently, a well-coated and strong hitch will protect it from rust and damage.

Installing a trailer hitch is very easy; that’s when you follow the user guide; the guides are simple to follow.

How to Tell if Venza Has Tow Package?

Most flat towed cars are four-wheel-drive vehicles; such cars are said to be suitable for flat-towing. Some Toyota vehicles are also four-wheel drive.

Also, Venza is an automatic Toyota car, l and most automatic cars are ideal for flat towing.

Which Toyota Vehicles Can Be Flat Towed?

Old model Toyota cars are towable; the new models should not be flat towed. But flat towing your Venza depends on how you do it, that is if you follow the safety precautions correctly to flat tow your vehicle.

There are some specific Toyota’s models that can be flat towed;

The Toyota Venza possesses incredible features to connect to many external connections, and a base plate can fit nicely on the Venza.


Flat towing with all wheels down is the best method for towing behind a motorhome. This is because of its ease of connecting and disconnecting.

Buying trailers or dollies and other equipment are pretty expensive for towing too.

The owner manual will tell you more about your vehicle’s towing capacity; you can also call the manufacturers to get more details.

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