Are Toyota Corolla Parts Expensive? (Answered)

Toyota is undoubtedly the most used car brand in all parts of the world because of its reliability. The Camry and Corolla models take the top spot in this regard.

As a result, there have been many misconceptions regarding the cost of getting parts of a Toyota Corolla. Most people feel that the parts might be expensive since the vehicle is widely used.

But no, Toyota Corolla parts are not expensive. There is an increase in the production of its parts due to the high demand for Corolla. Therefore, the parts are very accessible and also affordable. There are instances where the prices of certain parts rise in specific parts of the globe. However, this doesn’t make Corolla parts expensive.

Are Parts for Toyota Expensive?

Toyota Corolla Parts Expensive

Generally, parts of the Toyota brand are not expensive. On the contrary, they are cheaper and more affordable when compared to other automobile brands.

Notwithstanding, prices for different types of Toyota vehicles vary depending on the car’s build.

The parts for the heavy and classy Toyota vehicles like the Tundra and Lexus are more expensive than Corolla and Camry.

In a similar case, components like the engine and battery are more expensive than mirrors and lights combined. Nevertheless, Toyota parts are not costly compared to other brands like BMW and Benz.

It is also the most popular of all car brands because of its affordability, availability of parts, and reliability.

Since it is a widely demanded car type, the parts are produced in excess to cover repairs. That makes parts readily available and hence cheaper to obtain. People usually take this to be because Toyota is a budget-friendly brand.

Still, Toyota is a top brand of automobiles. And being an expert in car dealerships, I am impressed with the build and design of each Toyota car.

So instead, you should view the lower cost of a Toyota vehicle as a privilege.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Toyota Corolla?

The cost of repairing a Toyota Corolla fluctuates yearly, just like any other vehicle.

However, it costs an average of $250 to repair a Toyota Corolla annually, thus making Corolla the cheapest brand of automobile to fix.

Moreover, it is one of the things that makes it the most preferred vehicle for an average earner. 

Do not be carried away by the average cost of a Toyota Corolla repair. It is pretty cheap, but don’t be surprised if you spend the entire average Toyota Corolla repair cost on a single repair.

How you handle your vehicle is a major determinant of your repair cost. If you are very careful and drive the car less, you will also spend less on the repair.

If you buy a new Corolla, you will enjoy a warranty for the first two years. Within this period, Toyota will cover certain maintenance.

Otherwise, to repair a Toyota Corolla for the first year costs the cheapest. As time goes on, you will be prone to more damages, increasing the cost of Toyota Corolla repair.

So, within five (5) years of using your Corolla, you must have discovered that you have spent up to $1,500 on repairs.

And this does not even include when a significant part of the vehicle, like the engine, is faulty. But, if you stick to the maintenance policy, you will not have any issues with your Toyota Corolla engine for five (5) years.

You should also ensure to check engine lights and engine air filters regularly. These can also cause damage to your Toyota Corolla engine and not just the oil.

So always be alert to these things and act fast to maintain the situation. The Toyota Corolla is the cheapest automobile to repair with all these strategies observed. 

Toyota Corolla Maintenance Cost

Maintaining a Toyota Corolla is quite expensive compared to the repair. It takes an average cost of $350 to maintain a Toyota Corolla.

As time goes on, you will notice an increment in the Toyota Corolla maintenance cost. The rise in Toyota’s maintenance costs over the year is due to how you must have used your car. 

The maintenance routine is mostly costlier than the repair because it covers the breakdown of some significant parts of your car.

I will use the Toyota Corolla maintenance of oil as a case study for this point. As you might have already known, any mistake in regularly changing your oil can lead to significant damage to your engine. 

Coupled with the damage the failure to change an engine oil filter could cause, the maintenance of the oil itself is a big issue.

And when you develop a fault on your Toyota Corolla engine, it might cause you up to a thousand dollars to repair.

So when you weigh both sides,  I recommend you to spend more on Toyota Corolla maintenance when the need arises.

As time goes on, you will notice that the cost of maintaining your Toyota Corolla will be increasing. It is a normal tendency and has no cause for alarm.

The more you use the vehicle; the more maintenance needs would arise. You can even spend up to $4,000 on Toyota Corolla maintenance for five (5) years.

All about to know Lexus VS Toyota Maintenance Cost.

Toyota Corolla Hybrid Maintenance Cost

The Toyota Corolla hybrid costs the least to maintain. Toyota has been making efforts to ensure its product is more reliable and easy to own and maintain.

This effort has now seen the 2022 Toyota Corolla hybrid break of dawn. As a result, it costs an average of $300 for a hybrid Toyota maintenance cost.

However, the Toyota Corolla hybrid maintenance cost also varies depending on use time. The maintenance for the first two years of purchase is covered by Toyota care, courtesy of the warranty policy.

There are so many edges a hybrid Toyota Corolla has over the regular models that make the maintenance less costly.

These advantages are;

#1. More Time Between Oil Changes

It would be a huge relief to any Toyota Corolla owner if you told him that he doesn’t have to change his oil frequently.

But unfortunately, the issue of regular oil change has always been a pain for drivers of this vehicle. 

Any mistake or delay in this regard could constitute a major issue to the Toyota Corolla engine that would require more to handle.

So, thanks to the hybrid Toyota Corolla, they can now wait for between 5,000 to 10,000 miles before changing their oil.

The electronic engine is the breakthrough technology in achieving such a feat.

#2. Better Brake Pads

Changing brake pads has also been improved in the hybrid Toyota Corolla. These brake pads have regenerative features that can tackle frequent wear and tear of the brake pads. 

Further, the heat and regular friction you experience during a gridlock will constitute less of an issue to the pads.

So you will not have to spend too much on maintenance in this area which proves the economic nature of the hybrid Toyota Corolla.

#3.Limited System Maintenance 

Since the hybrid Corolla is not a regular full-time gasoline ride, the maintenance of the system would be limited.

However, it will need the Toyota Corolla maintenance once in a while as it still has a gasoline system in it. The advantage is the less time you would have to think about system maintenance. 

Those are the advantages of the hybrid Toyota Corolla maintenance cost. Other maintenance cultures associated with the regular Toyota are the same for the hybrid.

Although the hybrid model of Toyota battery is costly to maintain, it has a higher lifespan of about 100 000 miles. That is eight (8) years after using the battery, so it is worth the cost.


Corolla is a highly designed and reliable product of Toyota. More people use this brand of Toyota because of how cheap it is to maintain.

One other thing I admire most about this automobile is the availability of parts. This availability has made it cheap to get the parts and repair your vehicle at a very affordable rate.

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