Are Lexus Parts More Expensive Than Toyota? (Explained)

Lexus and Toyota are well-known car brands around us. Both wheels come with quality engines, roomy cabins, and flashy bodies made from high-end materials.

Also, the parts of these motors are relatively expensive; however one turns out to be more pricey.

Why is this the case? Let’s discuss a few things that will help you decide on a new set of wheels.

Yes, Lexus parts are more expensive than a Toyota. However, this shouldn’t be a surprise since Lexus is a luxury product, typically embedded with top tech features. The Lexus automobiles are usually found around the extravagant and high-income earners; this reason points to why it’s so exorbitant.

Does Lexus Cost More to Repair Than Toyota?

Are Lexus Parts More Expensive Than Toyota

The Lexus vehicle, which is the luxurious division of Toyota, will cost more to repair.

Annually, a Lexus owner spends about $551 on repair, and that’s expensive compared with the maintenance repair cost of a Toyota.

Besides, Lexus cars are well lavished and have parts more expensive than a Toyota.

With the luxurious features, Lexus cars have, ranging from interiors to their delicate stylings, Lexus will cost more to maintain.

Keep in mind that as the vehicle ages, the maintenance cost for the Lexus grows.

Therefore, at this point, you should not get shocked when your local Lexus dealer charges you more than your usual Toyota rates. 

With that said, let’s talk a bit about the oil. You’d notice that the oil Lexus brand consumes it’s pretty expensive.

The brand uses synthetic oil; however, Lexus utilizes mineral oil too. But, the Lexus cars best operate on synthetic oil, and the cost of an oil change for Lexus is pretty much.

A mechanic may advise you to change the cabin air filter during repair, a simple but expensive material. The cabin air filter is the mechanism that prevents contaminants from entering the car.

Not only-but also, Lexus comes with sophisticated engines, which also contributes to the repair cost.

However, always remember to register for a maintenance plan if you get a new Lexus; several plans are available.

Any of these plans will help economize your Lexus maintenance, And extending your warranty would relieve you of high Lexus repair costs.

However, do you know you could lower your out-of-pocket ownership cost? You just need to have an extended warranty.

Above all, the labor cost for the repair of Lexus is something that would get you pissed off. The high repair cost is because the Lexus brand comes with many modified components.

As a result, good repairers with prior knowledge are qualified to fix Lexus vehicles, and as such, they are handsomely priced. 

Are Lexus and Toyota Parts the Same?

Surprisingly, as much as both brands might vary in cost, their parts still end up being the same.

It may interest you to know that you can even use Lexus and Toyota parts interchangeably or as replacements.

However, the parts of Lexus brands are more improved than those of Toyota.

At the same time, Toyota components are good too. One remarkable thing about Toyota parts is that they’re reliable.

On the other hand, when it comes to top-quality and elegance.

Notwithstanding, if you want your Lexus to always hit the road with optimum performance, don’t assume the parts of both brands are the same.

Granted that the Toyota and Lexus parts have the same platform, such as powertrain, chassis, and transmission, you can substitute their parts.

Nevertheless, the two brands come from Toyota corporations. In other words, Lexus and Toyota have the same automakers.

Furthermore, you should also know that both brands share a lot in common, and swapping their components is possible.

Since parts are interchangeable, and Toyota parts appear to be more affordable than a Lexus, it becomes a cost advantage.

Nonetheless, your local Lexus dealer can’t order motor parts from Toyota depot, and the same thing goes for Toyota.

The dealers can only get car parts when both brands share the same part number.

However, this doesn’t mean that all components are compatible; you should consider their minor parts before substituting.

Although, the steering wheel and side mirrors for Lexus aren’t the same as that of a Toyota. Usually, Lexus automobiles come with heated steering wheels and power-folding side mirrors.

Also, some Lexus engines are too performance-oriented, giving them uniqueness in the Toyota industry.

Further, the Lexus brand turns out to be very expensive, and naturally, that should speak for its parts. So having a conception that all Lexus and Toyota parts are the same is wrong.

Is It Expensive To Replace Lexus Parts?

Asking if it’s expensive to replace Lexus components is like asking if a car can move on four wheels. If you want a straight answer, Yes, it’s costly to replace Lexus parts.

Furthermore, you should also be aware that the labor charges for replacing Lexus parts are not priced friendly. 

Remember that warranties don’t cover scheduled maintenance or wear of car parts. Nevertheless, prepaid maintenance plans cover some of the replacements for you.

So get a prepaid maintenance plan for your new Lexus car.

However, if you’re not under the plan, here are replacement costs for some Lexus parts you should expect.

#1. Spark Plug Replacement

If your spark plugs are faulty, get them changed. The plugs initiate the car to start, but I know this fact isn’t new to you!

Without the plug to ignite the fuel and the air mixture in the Lexus, the car won’t move. New spark plugs for a Lexus cost around $200 to $500.

I agree it’s expensive but very essential for your vehicle.

#2. Brake Pad Upgrade

You wouldn’t want to be in a Lexus without brakes, especially with such seamless controls, would you? I guess not.

The brake pads are the parts that help you stop the vehicle; hence, they are essential. An average cost of a Lexus brake pad is about $130 to $300.

#3. Oil Change

When last did you change the oil in your Lexus? If you’ve used your car for more than 5,000 miles between when you last changed the oil, then it’s time.

An Oil change for your Lexus frees the car of old oil buildup and ensures it’s smooth running. Oil change for Lexus costs around $130 to $200.

#4. New Tires

Wheels are part of the car components that give Lexus its luxury looks. Surprisingly, the speed of your car also depends on your tires.

For one new tire, your budget should be about $150 to $300. However, top-quality tires will cost up to $500 each and should last you for six years.


The car parts of the luxurious cabin, the Lexus, are more expensive than the Toyota. Furthermore, the Lexus and Toyota brands are automobiles intensely populated on the roads because of their standards.

However, if you want something affordable, get the Toyota, but if you prefer luxury and comfort, go for Lexus!

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