Can You Order A Toyota From The Factory? (Explained)

Buying a first car gives you an incredible feeling. And you can only exceed this by having a car specially made for you.

Toyota makes one of the best vehicles and buyers have a lot of options to choose from, such as Corolla, Tundra, hybrid, truck, etc, To name a few and their price is really affordable for everyone.

Having them create something that fits your personality, style and aesthetic will be genuinely unique.

Ordering a Toyota from the factory is entirely possible, although you’ll have to do this using a dealer. The dealership is the link between you and the manufacturers. They’ll get in touch with you and verify your order before transacting with the factory. Also, you can browse potential incoming stock before presenting your order to Toyota.  

Can I order Toyota Directly From the Factory?

Can You Order A Toyota From The Factory?

Yes! You can order Toyota directly from the factory through a dealership.

The dealership collects your specifications and finds the car that matches the price you are looking for.

If they don’t get what you want, the following route is a custom order.

That idea you have a Toyota, the way you picture it in your mind. You’ll have a chance to bring it to life.

Some of the most available customization orders a dealership can usually allow without subcontracting outside are;

  • Addition of leather interior.
  • Navigation systems. 
  • Addition of a moon roof. 
  • DVD/CD players. 
  • Changing the style of wheels. 

Once you’re aware of the possible customizations, it is necessary to inquire whether the accessory is factory or aftermarket.

Manufacturers produce factory parts. Meanwhile, third-party manufacturers make aftermarket parts.

Although, ordering a vehicle directly from the factory shouldn’t cause worry. All the parts will be factory parts.

With Toyota vehicles, you can use the configurator on Toyota’s website to specify the car you desire.

This configurator feature permits you to play around with different components that can be designed to your taste and price range.

When you’re satisfied with the model of the car, it computes the final price.

How to Order a Car From the Factory?

You must have an image of the car you yearn for. All its features and details are dancing around in your head.

You know just how much modeling it needs, but you can’t wait to get a hold of it.

When ordering a car from a factory, a dealership is the first thing to consider. Dealers are responsible for the paperwork and financing.

Make sure you do good research to find credible dealers that effectively conduct business.

They’ll have to be great at communicating to keep you apprised of the processes. 

Next, you’ll have to discuss finances. First, query the nature of the deposit; is it refundable or non-refundable?

It should be refundable. Negotiate well and finalize with agreeable terms. You should arrange paperwork and documents having all the details and specifications of the car. 

After completing the deal with the dealer, you should be tracking your order.

Tracking your vehicle will tell you how long it’ll take before it arrives. Next, demand a copy of your purchase order form from the dealer.

It contains details of the vehicle and the Vehicle Identification Number. Contacts of the salesman and on-site fleet manager should also be on the document.

Get the contacts, confirm the projected arrival date, and receive updates on your car’s production. Then, maintain communications and track your vehicle till it arrives.

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How Long Does it Take to Order a Toyota From a Factory?

Ordering a Toyota directly from the factory might take some time. This is because the order time depends so much on your dealer’s store allocation.

Additionally, it hinges on the Toyota model chosen and its configuration. The company will assign an estimated time frame based on the order volumes. 

But overall, it takes about four to eight weeks for Toyota to manufacture your factory-ordered car. This time also covers its delivery to your dealership.

Therefore, you’ll have to settle for another car and wait for some time.

It’ll be worth the wait to get almost everything you want in a vehicle when it finally arrives. 

Pros of Ordering a Car From the Factory.

  • You will get a vehicle that’s specifically tailored to your taste. The trim, color, and interior style are some of the features you get to decide on.
  • It’s possible to get better deals. This is because, for the dealer, it’s an excellent and straightforward sale.

    They see it as not having an extra car waiting for a buyer.
  • It will meet your specifications with legitimate parts made by the manufacturer and not aftermarket accessories. 

Cons of Ordering a Car From the Factory.

  1. Not all cars have the privilege of special ordering. Customers won’t even be able to configure the features they want.
  2. It takes a lot of time for the car to be manufactured and brought to you. Customers may have to pay a non-refundable deposit.

    This is to guarantee the dealer that you will purchase the car as soon as it’s available.

    Custom-order cars arrive with unique features that most other buyers would not be willing to buy. To prevent you from backing out, they demand a non-refundable deposit.

How To Factory Order A Car And Get The Best Deal (Step By Step)


You can order a Toyota car from the factory using a dealer; the dealer arranges the purchase with the manufacturer.

You give them the required specifications, and they set the necessary documents. Then, you pay a deposit to the dealers and wait for your car’s arrival from here.

You get the vehicle of your dreams when you order from the factory.

However, it takes time before the car is produced and delivered to you.

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