Can A Toyota Verso Pull A Caravan? (Explained)

Do you want to travel to another city with some light load? Or go camping with the kids in the woods? Caravans do pack some weight.

This might have you wondering if your Toyota Verso is capable of pulling it.

A Toyota Verso is capable of pulling a caravan. Even so, it is limited by its 1300kg towing capacity. The Toyota Verso will prove to be exasperating when towing a caravan because of the needed minor steering corrections.

What Is The Towing Capacity Of The Toyota Verso?

Toyota Verso Pull A Caravan

The towing capacity of the Toyota Verso is 1300kg. However, the unbraked towing capacity is 450kg if you want to go into it.

The braked towing capacity remains 1300kg. You might ask what braked towing capacity is. This is the highest towing capacity your vehicle can tow if the trailer or caravan has brakes of its own.

Unbraked towing capacity is the least your vehicle can tow without brakes on the trailer or caravan.

Since there are other versions of the Verso, we’ll look at their towing capacities. The Toyota Avensis Verso has an unbraked towing capacity of 500kg, while the braked towing capacity is 1500kg.

There’s also the Toyota Corolla Verso. This model’s unbraked towing capacity falls at 450 kilograms. The braked towing capacity of the Toyota Corolla Verso maxes at 1500kg.

Also, the Toyota Proace Verso has some power; the unbraked towing capacity is 750kg. On the other hand, the Toyota Proace Verso’s braked towing capacity comes at a whopping 1800kg.

In addition, the Toyota Verso diesel and Toyota Verso Estate have the same braked and unbraked towing capacities.

They both have an unbraked towing capacity of 450kg, while the braked towing capacity rises to 1300kg.

The Toyota Yaris Verso’s final model has an unbraked towing capacity of 400kg. The braked towing capacity hangs at 900 kilograms. 

Does The Toyota Verso Have A Tow Package?

Toyota Verso comes with a tow package which includes a tow hitch. A tow hitch is the heart of the tow package.

It comes in the shape of a simple ball or a receiver hitch, which can be fastened right into frame members. The tow package also comes with wiring.

This is for connections to the lighting system for the lights on the trailer or caravan.

Sometimes, tow packages come with suspension and brakes. This consists of springs and tough shocks that assist the tow vehicle in controlling weighty loads.

Let’s take a look at some of the Toyota Verso tow bars.

The Toyota Verso fixed tow bar is an unyielding one. The ball head is fastened permanently to the crossbar and always prepared to be used.

This particular tow bar is for those who regularly use the tow bar for towing or other transport conveniences. 

Another is the Toyota detachable towbars. You can detach this towbar’s ball head. There are two types: one with a hand and lever system and the second is a fully automatic system.

They differ in their simplicity of use, practicality, and cost. The automatic towbars are loudly engaged on the pre-tensioned ball head.

On the other hand, the hand and lever systems are tensioned manually and clasped.

The retractable towbars are the final ones. Here the ball head is perpetually bolted to the crossbar. It doesn’t need to be attached or undone. The ball head is brought to a ready position using a spinning wheel.

What Size Engine Do You Need To Pull a Caravan? 

You need an engine size of 1.8l, and it can execute towing duties flawlessly. You can use engines with smaller dimensions; however, this will limit your towing capacity to 1500kg max.

A car can tow any caravan, provided the caravan’s weight does not surpass 85% of the vehicle’s curb weight. The curb weight of the vehicle decides the highest acceptable towing weight.

Having an 85% limit enforced ensures the driver’s safety on the road.  Therefore, a car might pass the engine test but not the weight test.

A smaller vehicle might go above the limit based on the caravan’s load.

This will rule it out as it is physically impossible towing a caravan or trailer behind it.

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What Engine is in a Toyota Verso?

The 2009 – 2013 Toyota Verso had five engines for either gasoline or diesel dialing up to 177hp.

For the diesel engines they had;

  • Toyota verso 1.6L D-4D 6MT (113 HP)
  • Toyota verso 2.0L D-4D 6MT (126 HP)
  • Toyota verso 2.2L D-4D 6MT (150 HP)
  • Toyota verso 2.2L D-4D 6MT (177 HP)

For the gasoline engines they offered;

  • Toyota verso 1.6L Valvematic 6MT (132 HP) 
  • Toyota verso 1.8L Valvematic 6MT (147 HP)
    Toyota verso 1.8L Valvematic CVT (147 HP)

Also, the 2013 – 2018 Toyota Verso had four engines designed for it. The gasoline engines

  • A 1.6-liter engine with 132 HP
  • A 1.8-liter engine with 147 HP in that order. There were three more options for the diesel buffs from 2.0-liter or 2.2-liter engines.

    The 2.0-liter had 124 HP, meanwhile, the 2.2-liter offered two power choices, 150 HP and 177 HP, correspondingly.

Toyota redesigned the suspension for the 2013 Verso. It was steadier and provided a more rounded driving experience on a winding road.

For the diesel engines:

  • Toyota verso 1.6L D-4D 6MT (112 HP)
  • Toyota verso 2.0L D-4D 6MT (126 HP)

For the gasoline engines:

  • Toyota verso 1.6L Valvematic 6MT (132 HP)
  • Toyota verso 1.8L Valvematic 6MT (147 HP)
  • Toyota verso 1.8L Valvematic CVT (147 HP)

In addition, the Toyota Proace Verso engine options start with the 1.5-liter diesel with 118 BHP. This is quite feeble for a vehicle this size.

The 0-62 MPH acceleration time is a slow 12.0 seconds. However, the 138 BHP 2.0-liter diesel gets you moving without much stress. It also has a higher low-end ability.

The remaining option is a 2.0-liter diesel with 178 BHP, a standard automatic gearbox. It is significantly faster, moving from 0-62 MPH in 8.8 seconds.

The additional power eases motorway driving, and the box is smooth, almost too slow when shifting gear. 

Is the Toyota Verso Reliable?

  • Objectively speaking, the Verso has many good qualities. The Toyota Verso has an ample spacious interior with enough room for five adults.
  • The two seats at the rear are for kids and take up luggage space when standing. The Toyota Verso does everything you ask; the vehicle barely makes noise when in motion. 
  • It has a reasonable price, and its practical nature would entice some people.
  • It has a comfy driving position, with space for seating and adjusting the steering. This, of course, wins some points for the car. 
  • The car does well when traveling long trips. 
  • The engine is laudable; the diesel engine is a good pick for short-distance driving. It delivers 199lb ft. of torque to assist in shifting heavy loads with a fair refinement and economy.

However, when compared to rivals, it is insipid and not very exciting. There are more competent and wanted choices out there. Sales of the Toyota Verso dropped 46% in 2017.

This caused a stop in production in October 2017.

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A Toyota can pull a caravan, although it is not always comfortable doing so. Toyota verso has a tow package that includes wiring, tow hitch, suspension, and brakes.

The unbraked towing capacity of a towing van is 450kg, while the braked capacity is 1300kg. Toyota Verso has a spacy interior and is an essential multi-purpose vehicle.

Though not exceptional, it does well on the road and is suitable for traveling locally.

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