Does Toyota Care include Roadside Assistance? (Let’s See)

Toyota Brand is a famous car brand known for producing very reliable, compact, and powerful vehicles.

These qualities come alongside an affordable maintenance plan and warranty services for up to 5years.

A suitable means of delivering these maintenance services is through ToyotaCare. However, does the ToyotaCare accommodate Roadside Assistance? 

The ToyotaCare, which covers a 2years or 25000 miles (whichever comes first) standard factory scheduled services, also houses a 24hour Roadside Assistance. This Roadside Assistance Cover lasts for a total of 2years with unlimited mileage. In addition, the company sends out necessary services to help you, such as auto-mechanics, tow trucks, etc. You even get extra fueling for an empty tank and repairs for your car and towing services.

Does the ToyotaCare come with Roadside Assistance?

Does Toyota Care Include Roadside Assistance?

As stated earlier, all-new Toyota cars come with ToyotaCare, which is a new form of maintenance plan.

This plan covers scheduled factory services and maintenance for up to 2 years or 25,000 miles.

And as an added bonus, it also offers 24-hour Roadside Assistance for 2 years regardless of mileage traveled.

ToyotaCare’s Roadside Assistance is an ingenious way of giving confidence and security to every certified Toyota user.

Due to its 24/7 availability all year round, the Toyota Roadside Assistance makes sure you’re never stranded on the roadside.

This feature is a plus to their added warranty and maintenance cost.

From the very moment you purchase a new Toyota vehicle, the ToyotaCare Roadside Assistance goes in motion.

You become eligible for cost-free, round-the-clock roadside assistance for a span of 2 whole years.

And did I mention the fact that this coverage isn’t limited by the number of miles you have traveled?

The best part is that even Used Toyota users get to have a piece of this amazing benefit. Toyota Certified Used Vehicle owners all get to receive a 1-year ToyotaCare Roadside Assistance Cover.

This plan is equipped with a network of Roadside Assistance providers providing services literally anywhere across the United States and Canada. 

What Does Toyota Roadside Assistance include?

Roadside Assistance Cover refers to supplementary services to Toyota customers who require roadside assistance.

This coverage helps to aid insured customers who may be stranded on the roadside.

Now, ToyotaCare’s Roadside Assistance spans a variety of options to help you in any way possible.

In addition, it generally covers most forms of mechanical failures you can encounter while driving.

Below is a list of options available for you:

#1. Battery jump-starts:

The Toyota Roadside Assistance helps you when your car battery needs jump-starting.

#2. Tire Services:

Often, we get into sticky situations where we have flat tires in the middle of nowhere. Many people may have little to no experience in changing their tires or without the tools.

With Toyota Roadside Assistance, you do not need to worry as it assists in tire changes.

#3. Towing:

Toyota Roadside Assistance also provides towing services when your car needs repair services. In such cases, you can tow your vehicle to the nearest Toyota dealership within 25 miles.

#4. Winching:

For immediate extraction from ditch, mud, sand, or snow, Toyota Roadside Assistance can help.

Your vehicle must be immediately adjacent to a commonly used road in such situations.

The use of standard servicing equipment should also not be a problem when repairing your vehicle. 

Other services provided by ToyotaCare’s Roadside Assistance include:

  • Lockout protection
  • Emergency fuel delivery
  • Mechanical assistance

The ToyotaCare package, on the other hand, gives access to a no-cost maintenance plan which includes the following:

  • Rotate tires 
  • Multi-point inspection 
  • Engine oil and filter change 
  • Inspect and adjust fluid levels 
  • Toyota Genuine Parts 
  • Toyota-trained technicians 

However, it is also good to note that roadside services are usually limited.

In other words, there is a limit to how many times you can request their assistance per year and price limits per circumstance. 

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How to Use the Toyota Roadside Assistance?

How To Use The Toyota Roadside Assistance?

The ToyotaCare and Roadside Assistance are part of a warranty plan that comes with new and certified Toyota vehicles.

These plans handle your car’s overall maintenance and are open to anyone buying Toyota through the ToyotaCare program.

This maintenance plan gives you peace of mind knowing that Toyota can attend to your car in the case of accidents or flat tires, and the like.

Accessing these services isn’t complicated in the least, and you’re literally just a phone call away from enjoying the benefits.

You just need to contact the Toyota emergency roadside service or get a report online.

You could also call the Toyota Roadside Assistance number at 1-800-444-4195 or access the Roadside Assistance feature on the Toyota Owners App.

This app enables Toyota and Scion drivers to submit requests for roadside assistance.

You don’t even need to log online or call the designated roadside assistance number to do this.

Does The Toyota Roadside Assistance Cover the Car or the Driver?

ToyotaCare’s Roadside Assistance covers your car for two years with unlimited mileage.

And even though you aren’t the one driving the vehicle, you can still get assistance in cases where your child is the driver.

So, ToyotaCare’s Roadside Assistance covers just the vehicle and not the driver.

Is Toyota Roadside Assistance Free?

The ToyotaCare comes along with purchasing any Toyota vehicle, whether a car, truck, SUV, or hybrid.

Therefore, the ToyotaCare Roadside Assistance program is free within its 2year period while delivering maintenance services.

This plan also covers limitless mileage. 

The ToyotaCare program provides free maintenance services to new Toyota users for 2 years or 25000 miles.

I recommend that you schedule appointments every six months or 5000 miles for your vehicle’s optimum performance.

The vehicle model, year, mileage number, and the car’s condition all factor in the kind of maintenance

Toyota technicians help put your car in good shape by carrying out factory-recommended maintenance at no additional cost.

It also notifies you of scheduled maintenance services and documents your history of service visits.

ToyotaCare Roadside Assistance Number

You can request the ToyotaCare Roadside Assistance online through the Toyota Owners App. You can also call their toll free number on:


The Toyota Roadside Assistance program lasts for a period of 2 years with unlimited mileage.

And during that period, there’s a limit to how many times you can access the plan per year.

However, the ToyotaCare Roadside Assistance is free and, with its nationwide network, can get to you very quickly. 


The ToyotaCare is a program that comes with purchasing a new Toyota vehicle and offers a variety of privileges.

Such privileges include a No-Cost Maintenance Plan which consists of Maintenance reminders, oil and filter change, tire replacement, etc.

It also provides a Roadside Assistance Cover that deals with battery jump-starts, Emergency fuel delivery, Tire Service, tow, and winching.

The ToyotaCare Roadside Assistance is a wonderful way to begin your Toyota journey.

Thanks to well-trained Toyota technicians, you can enjoy your reliable and trustworthy Toyota Car to the fullest.

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