Can Toyota Entune Play Video? (Let’s Find Out)

Toyota is indeed making cars home on wheels. The Toyota Entune application has especially made cars more comfortable with many features.

And as time goes on, it keeps on improving and adding more appealing features. 

Passengers can now travel and at the same time get entertained In the vehicle. But playing videos in cars are not very common in vehicles because some believe it can cause distraction.

So can Toyota Entune play video? Tag along as I answer that and many other underlying questions affecting your safety and satisfaction.

The Toyota Entune® Application Suite can play videos. If there is provision for a CD player on your dashboard, it can also work as a DVD to play video. They function interchangeably as an audio-video input. You can also do the same for a video plate since you can insert an audio plate into the space.

Can You Watch a Video on Toyota Entune?

Can Toyota Entune Play Video?

You can watch videos on the Toyota Entune app-suite, provided the model of your auto is compatible with the video display.

So once you insert your DVD player in the space provided for it, you can watch video on the screen. This feature has been made available for the upgraded Entune® App-Suite. 

Notwithstanding, measures have also been adopted to prevent accidents while driving. Undoubtedly, driving and watching can be very dangerous and may lead to accidents.

The Entune App-Suite has a configuration such that you can not do both things at a time. So it is either you are driving, or you are watching a video.

The Toyota multimedia only responds when the auto is at rest. Once it is in motion, the video stops playing.

This impressive technology is referred to as the Toyota safety sense. Another thing you should take note of is that the stop brake has to be engaged for the Toyota audio-multimedia to know that it is at rest.

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Does Toyota Entune Play DVD?

Yes, the Toyota Entune application plays DVD. Once you get the application and connect it with your auto, you will enjoy some exclusive packages and a DVD player being one such package.

However, this is only possible for the models with a CD player space provided at the dashboard. The provision for the CD can also fit a DVD so you can start a video in the auto.

Please do not imagine that because you have the Entune app-suite, it automatically means you can watch videos.

The application was not strictly made for videos, and the audio-video input system is a secondary component of the application. Because of this, the initial technology did not feature it as part of its services. 

With a USB cord, It is no longer prominent to use a DVD In cars. You can fix your USB cord into the port provided and watch videos on the display in your vehicle.

The audio navigation system has been made so easy to use. Nevertheless, CD and DVD usage is becoming more and more vestigial because of the USB system.

Still, Entune is a Toyota’s audio multimedia, so it performs multiple media functions and, as such, is beneficial not just as audio.

What Can You Do With Toyota Entune?

With the Toyota Entune application, you can do a wide range of things to make your car experience more satisfying. You can connect your smartphone or iPhone to your auto. 

Further, you can also access your apps from your auto and control most functions with your android phone or apple phone.

It is almost everything you do with your phone that you can do with the Toyota Entune Application.

It is more of an extension of your phone device on the display of your car. What you can do with Toyota Entune depends on the version of the application you are using.

There are four (4) versions of Entune app they are;

  • Entune™ Audio
  • Entune™ Audio-plus
  • Entune™ Premium Audio with Navigation and Application Suite 
  • Entune™ 3.0. You may want to know if your Entune 2.0 Be Upgraded To 3.0?

Consider the distinct features each of these versions possess;

#1. Entune™ Audio

It is the first and most basic of the Entune apps. It can perform the following functions;

  • Six (6) to seven (7) inches touch screen size
  • Good AM, FM, and CD options
  • It can connect with Airpods, iPods, USB 2.0, and Aux
  • Access to SIRI Eyes feature and
  • An advanced voice recognition ability

#2. Entune™ Audi-Plus

Audio-plus is an improvement of the basic Entune audio application. The features in audio are available in the audio plus with some new features.

  • Improved eight (8) inches size
  • Sirius XM Radio 
  • HD Radio
  • HD Radio Traffic and Weather
  • Available Scout GPS Link and 
  • All the features found on Entune Audio

#3. Entune™ Premium Audio with Navigation and App-Suite

It is an upgrade of both versions of Entune. The Entune Premium Audio with Navigation and Application Suite is peculiar with the following features;

  • The touch screen is nine (9) inches in size
  • Integrated navigation
  • Entune Application Suite has Yelp!, Pandora, Slacker Radio, Facebook, iHeartRadio, Open Table, and other apps.
  • It is compatible with 15 speakers and partners with JBL audio.
  • It possesses all the features of an Entune Audio-plus

#4. Entune™ 3.0

Entune 3.0 is the latest and best version of entune apps. It has so many features to explore. These features are;

  • Wi-Fi hotspot courtesy of Verizon
  • Connecting with up to five (5) Toyota cars.
  • Dynamic navigation with a real-time mapping system and updates
  • Remote connect phone application for your remote start, controlling the lock and unlock feature, knowing the location, and determining the speed of your car
  • Safety connect feature to help you track down your vehicle wherever it might be. It works with the GPS locator in case of any unfortunate case of a stolen car
  • Monitoring of the status of your vehicle
  • Scout GPS Link Application and
  • All the features on the Entune Premium Audio with Navigation and App-Suite

Is Toyota Entune Free in 2021?

Toyota Entune was free in 2021. You will no longer worry about the eight (8) USD monthly subscription or 80 USD monthly subscription.

The only term and condition that applies to the usage of the Entune App-Suite is registration. So visit to register. Toyota will request your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Is Toyota Entune Discontinued?

Effective from the first day of December 2021, Toyota discontinued the Toyota Entune application. When you go to the google store for Android users or the Apple store for iPhone devices, you will not find the Toyota Entune App-Suite.

Nonetheless, they replaced it with the “Toyota” application on both google store and apple store. 

The Toyota app is an upgraded configuration of the Entune app. You have to search for the Toyota app rather than the Entune app.

Given your vehicle has a remote control feature, you can use the app. It is compatible with the 2010 model of Toyota vehicles and the present models.

Knowing the compatibility of your car within certain features is easy, as it shows on the new Toyota app.

It is a massive relief for owners of more than one Toyota vehicle because you can operate all of them with just that one app.

Also, there is no need to stress yourself when using the new Toyota app, as the logins are the same as the one you were using for your Entune app.

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It is not good to teleplay while driving. Notwithstanding, the Toyota Entune app-suite can play videos.

And the Entune app has a Toyota safety sense that only gives you access to videos when the car is stationary.

The CD space provided on your dashboard can also be used as a DVD to play videos which have made driving comfortable.

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