What Does ToyotaCare Include? (Read This First)

Your Toyota car qualifies for periodic maintenance and repair of parts that begin to wear out slowly. Some statutory functions constitute this periodic repair.

The services provided vary from car to car and from time to time. First, I would tell you what is included in the ToyotaCare package and what you should expect with a ToyotaCare plus.

The Toyota care includes engine oil and filter change, tire rotation, multi-point inspection, and fluid levels inspection and adjustment. These services are covered in a maintenance plan after you purchase any new Toyota car brand from any dealer. However, the services are periodic and last for two years, and within this period, they also cover leased vehicles.

What is Included in the ToyotaCare Package?

Toyotacare Include

The ToyotaCare package covers a maintenance plan and roadside assistance ToyotaCare.

The ToyotaCare is a program covering standard factory scheduled maintenance for 2 years or a total mileage of 25,000 miles.

The roadside assistance includes a 24 hours care for two years at an unlimited mile.

The maintenance plan consists of services like:

  • Engine oil and filter change
  • Tire rotation
  • Multi-point inspection
  • Fluid levels inspection and adjustment

#1. Engine Oil and Filter Change

Changing the engine oil is among the first and foremost services done in a factory’s scheduled maintenance. However, changing your oil regularly will affect how hot your engine can become.

When your engine overheats, it reduces your engine’s lifespan and, subsequently, your vehicle. Therefore, Toyota recommends that you change your engine oil every 10,000 miles.

#2. Tire Rotation

The technician usually moves the tires from one position to another during every standard factory scheduled maintenance.

This swapping ensures an even distribution of tire wear and helps increase the grip on the ground.

It also makes your tires last longer, and you don’t have to change them often. Toyota recommends that after a 5,000 – 7,000 mileage, you should rotate your tires.

#3. Multi-Point Inspection

This is an overall courtesy check usually done on your vehicle to spot any issues before they break down.

The dealers at Toyota care run through the vehicle’s major systems and decide whether the car is in good condition or not.

The responses recorded after a multi-point inspection is made at Toyota care are usually color-coded as green, yellow, and red.

These codes mean ‘good,’ ‘needs repair soon’ and ‘needs repair now’ respectively.

#4. Fluid Levels Inspection and Adjustment

The fluids inspected and adjusted at every maintenance schedule include:

  • The engine oil
  • Coolant
  • Power steering
  • Brake fluid
  • Windshield washer fluid

These fluids are necessary for your car to run smoothly without hitches. Therefore, you will be required to replace any of them if considered seriously depleted or in need of change.

#5. Roadside Assistance ToyotaCare

Roadside assistance care is a system of care that you enjoy on local roads and highways.

This assistance will help ease the stress encountered when your vehicle develops faults on these roads and highways.

The 24-hour roadside assistance coverage includes:

  • lockout protection
  • flat tire changes
  • jump starts
  • emergency fuel delivery
  • towing and winching services

What Does ToyotaCare Plus Cover?

The ToyotaCare plus is an extended ToyotaCare coverage beyond two years. The ToyotaCare Plus is a factory scheduled maintenance with the following benefits

  • extended maintenance coverage
  • milestone service coverage
  • 24-hour roadside assistance

The ToyotaCare Plus extends its services for up to 4years and a total of 45,000 miles, whichever comes first. It is similar to ToyotaCare in the services provided at each scheduled visit.

However, ToyotaCare Plus is a cost maintenance plan because, unlike ToyotaCare, you will be charged an amount for the scheduled factory maintenance session. The amount charged is usually between 350 dollars and 400 dollars.

Is ToyotaCare a Good Deal?

Yes, Toyota care is a good deal. A lot of benefits arise from subscribing to a Toyota care deal. These benefits include:

  • Cheaper maintenance cost
  • Proper services from well-trained personnel
  • Good company-customer relationship
  • The increased life span of the vehicle

Consider the details of these benefits.

#1. Cheaper Maintenance Cost

It is cheaper to maintain your car at ToyotaCare. The annual cost of maintenance at ToyotaCare pegs at 400 dollars.

This price is far lower than conducting maintenance at an individual dealer, costing you about 650 dollars per year.

#2. Proper services from Well-Trained Personnel

The services you get at ToyotaCare are delivered by professionals trained to give your car the best.

As a result, your vehicle is at a lesser risk of breaking down due to poor handling when serviced at a ToyotaCare center.

I’m sure this is worth every amount you pay because you are assured of quality service for your car.

#3. Good Company-Customer Relationship

ToyotaCare nurtures a good relationship between you and the company. Aside from the scheduled factory maintenance, you get to have some important tips on how to improve to maintain the workability of your car.

You also get to be reminded when next your factory scheduled maintenance would occur.

#4. Increased Life Span of the Vehicle

Of course, your Toyota car is brand new and of premium quality. Nonetheless, you still need to apply prompt and proper maintenance to increase its lifespan.

ToyotaCare gives attention to minor changes that can cause significant damage. By using ToyotaCare, you increase the lifespan of the vehicle.

Can I use ToyotaCare at Any Dealer?

Yes, you can use Toyota care at any participating dealer near you. You do not always have to come to the dealer where you purchased the vehicle.

Toyota has dealer outlets where you can service your vehicle. You can find a dealer near you where you can access ToyotaCare here.

How Does Toyota Care Work?

Toyota Care Work

ToyotaCare is a 2-year or 25,000 mileage routine service plan accompanying the purchase of new Toyota vehicles.

Based on whichever comes first, the program is focused on your specific model’s maintenance guide and includes 2-year and unlimited-mile 24-hour roadside assistance.

Services provided by Toyota care include:

  • Maintenance reminders
  • Engine oil and filter changes
  • Tire rotations
  • Multi-point inspections
  • Fluid adjustments and inspections

The program is structured to follow your car’s maintenance guide to provide good service.

Generally, every Toyota car may receive a multi-point inspection, tire rotation, and fluid check every 5,000 miles.

However, ToyotaCare also considers your specific model, so your ToyotaCare plan specifically specifies some programs for your car.

Under ToyotaCare, all maintenance services will receive attention from factory-trained personnel but do not include replacing damaged parts.

The 24-hour roadside assistance Toyota care offers helpful services at no additional cost.

These services include:

  • Battery jump-starts
  • Lockout services
  • Emergency fuel delivery
  • Tire services using your spare tire
  • Towing to the nearest Toyota dealership
  • Winching from a ditch, mud, sand, or snow

As long as your car is within two years of purchase and has not covered more than 25,000 miles, you are eligible for Toyota care.

Other eligibility considerations include 5,000-mile coverage or a 6- month drive for a scheduled maintenance plan.

A car would receive attention four times within two years in this situation. Let me inform you what does Toyota 5000 Mile Service Includes?


Your brand new Toyota car qualifies for a program called ToyotaCare. This program is structured to last for two years, within which some services are provided.

If you wish to extend this service beyond two years of purchase, you will choose a ToyotaCare Plus plan. The ToyotaCare Plus extends for up to four years after purchase.

Alongside the services provided at ToyotaCare, you also qualify for roadside assistance. These services include emergency fuel delivery, towing, and winching services.

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