Can Toyota Install Remote Start? (Let’s Find Out)

The remote start technology has made things easier and safer for car owners.

New cars that are made by Toyota come with this piece of technology.

So it has left many auto owners wondering if they can get it on their cars.

Yes! Toyota dealerships can install a remote feature and it provides great security to auto. It does not matter if the modern-day autos have already been installed. Dealership can assist you in getting it established on your vehicle so you can turn on the car engine just with one press.

Does Toyota Install Remote Start?

Can Toyota Install Remote Start

Unfortunately, not every auto that comes from a factory comes with this option, but the good news is that you can still install it aftermarket.

You should consider some things before opting for an establishment.

The most important of these is the model of your vehicle.

They have made it stress-free by ensuring to have an in-built connection when manufacturing new cars.

Still, if you purchase an older car, you can request to establish new features, and trust me it is going to enhance your experience, as you can unlock your auto remotely.

Moreover, you can connect with your auto with the help of a mobile app and can turn on the engine with a few clicks or press within the range.

Though it comes with an extra charge, it is the best thing to do rather than doing it elsewhere in your town.

So Toyota does fit the setup for autos similar to the newer models. 

How Much is Remote Start Installation?

You have to pay a setup Cost of 200 to 400 USD depending on your car’s setup and the service.

The cost is two folds; the first is for the starter while the other is for the installation fee.

For all the brands of Toyota, the price of the starter is between 50 to 200 USD.

The installation cost is 80 to 150 USD.

So, you would be able to carry out your fitting at 400 USD in hand.

This plan also covers other services like a  security pager, keyless door controls, and alarms or notifications.

However, if you do not want that service, you can turn on your auto engine for just 200 USD.

Although having just your installed remote start is good, I strongly advise you to go for the advanced package.

It is more profitable when compared with the extra charge.

With this package, you can control your defroster, monitor your car operations, and supervise your doors and lights.

Having all these exclusive services on your vehicle is a huge relief as a car owner.

Since the remote system is now available in retail shops, you can get a discount on purchase and installation.

This would be more affordable and easier for you.

Installing it is not a big deal anyway, but it requires a level of expertise to handle.

you have to pay for installation for Camry is 50 USD more than Corrola.

Some people find paying for their remote car starter extravagant, but it is not.

Please do not feel it is easy to go about it because you are provided with a manual and a remote kit.

There is more to it than just that set of instructions and the equipment you were given.

It also includes electrical connections, and when it goes wrong could lead to an outbreak of fire.

To avoid any unfortunate circumstances, it is best given to a professional in that field.

Also, you would not have any wires hanging around to make the place messy.

You will be happier with yourself because your car will look as good as before.

So it is best to purchase both the starter and installation for smooth and reliable output.

Can Remote Connect be Added After Purchase?

Sure, it can be added after purchase, even though your auto is a few years old.

However, your vehicle should not be too old before getting new features and technologies.

The starters used in Toyota remote connect are sold in stores which can be easily accessible after buying your car.

After buying your Toyota auto, the addition of starters is not fully guaranteed.

That is why I recommend getting them from an authorized source.

And you should also ensure it works perfectly with the vehicle.

The model of your auto comes into play here because you should not use it interchangeably.

For example, if you are using a Toyota Camry, ensure your remote connection is fit for that brand of Toyota.

Toyota factory smart key system is the best place to get a remote connection.

Several dealers are doing business with Toyota Vacaville to render these services.

So getting the right agent to help you with the connection is not difficult.

Just contact Toyota Vacaville for the best output since they work with Toyota and they can provide you with amazing services.

Do all New Toyotas have a Remote Start?

Do All New Toyotas Have A Remote Start

Yes, all new Toyota autos produced are equipped with a remote system.

It is a process to refurbish the brand so that the more recent models of Toyota come with the smart system.

This began with the key fob in 2011 of Toyotas.

Since then, it has been evolving and is now better with the present autos.

The connection is now accessible with your mobile device, not just with a key fob.

Below is the list of new Toyota models along with the year that has a remote start;

  • 2010 till date Camry
  • 2010 till date Venza
  • 2011 till date Sienna
  • 2011 till date Yaris
  • 2011 till date Tundra
  • 2011 till date RAV4
  • 2011 till date Sequiol
  • 2011 till date Highlander
  • 2012 till date Corolla
  • 2012 till date Matrix
  • 2012 till date Prius
  • 2016 till date Tacoma

Is Remote Start Bad for Your auto?

No, it is not bad for your car. It ensures maximum protection, easy operation, and monitoring of vehicle status.

In addition, it is a breakthrough technology for vehicles that provides less stress when dealing with your car.

As mentioned above, it is not bad for your vehicle because of its help to auto owners. These include;

  • Maximum protection
  • Easy operation and
  • Monitoring of vehicle status

#1. Maximum protection

With the technological development of the fob start, theft issues will be at a minimum.

It has made it very difficult to jack any vehicle equipped with this technology.

Forcefully and wrongly trying to open a configured car sends out an alarm.

A full-fledged remote setup offers your vehicle protection against theft.

#2. Easy operation

The era of stressing to insert a key using a key fob to either open or close your car doors is gradually coming to an end.

Most importantly, you can stay in the comfort of your room and ignite your car to warm up before coming out. 

This is very helpful in cold regions where the vehicle inside gets too cold before entering.

You can also handle other kinds of stuff within the car with your remote starter technology with ease.

#3. Monitoring of vehicle status

You can also stay connected with your car from your smartphone remotely wherever and whenever you please.

For example, knowing when any part of your door is not locked properly will be accessible with your smartphone via app technology.

You will be notified when you begin to run out of fuel and the direction of your car also.

So the remote start system is not bad for your vehicles. At the same time, you may think about Blind Spot detection too.

Remote Start Installation Toyota Highlander Plug And Play


Toyota has grown over the years with the exceptional advancement in its car technology.

They not only manufacture vehicles with a remote connect feature, but they also fit it for you so that you can stay connected with your auto with the help of a mobile app and turn your auto engine with one press.

This technology has gone past the key fob remote into mobile devices.

So, Toyota does install a remote start if your vehicle is compatible with the remote start system.


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