Can Toyota Use Green Coolant? (Things You Should Know)

Many big-time car companies, such as Toyota, manufacture different vehicles that use coolants in their radiators.

These coolants come in numerous varieties and colors, so car owners utilize them to control the temperature of their engines.

So, many Toytota users often wonder if they can use gree coolant in their vehicles.

Toyota can use green coolant. However, you can use the green coolant if you own any old model of Toyota as it only functions in the radiator of old models. Therefore, for owners of newer models of Toyota, other coolants can suffice.

What Type of Coolant does Toyota Use? 

Toyota Use Green Coolant?

Toyota cars use the Genuine Toyota Long Life coolant.

This coolant is unique, and it is one of its outstanding products of Toyota.

It contains ethylene glycol and has a 50/50 ratio of ethylene glycol and deionized water.

You can use it effortlessly in your radiator as its performance is top-notch, and its lifespan is approximately five years.

Unfortunately, there is a catch; you can only use this awesome coolant in newer models of Toyota cars. 

This is because the radiator of many old models of Toyota cars is not made of aluminum.

Hence, the new coolant is not compatible with the radiator, and it might damage your engine if you use the coolant.

Nevertheless, you can make good use of inorganic acid technology, which contains green ethylene glycol and deionized water.

The green ethylene glycol and the deionized water work hand in hand to regulate your engine’s temperature. 

Admittedly, many car owners often have the misconception that conserving the cooling level of their engine is the only thing that matters.

Due to this fact, they purchase different types of coolants for their radiator. 

However, this is not the right mentality to conceive as you may be doing more harm than good to your radiator.

Mixing different types of coolants in your radiator can lead to disastrous consequences, which will only damage your vehicle’s engine. 

Your water pump will begin to produce a lot of heat; the corrosion inhibitors will cease to function, leading to the formation of corrosion.

Plus, it might damage your cylinder gasket, radiator, and your radiator hoses. 

Fortunately, you can prevent this by consulting your Toyota car dealership to know the right type of coolant for the model of your automobile.

Subsequently, you can always go through your owner’s manual to know exactly the type of coolant to use for your radiator.

This way, you can save a lot of cash and avoid unnecessary dilemmas. Does Honda Need Special Coolant?

What Color of Coolant does Toyota Use?

The color coolant of Toyota is often pink and orange.

It is important to note that the color of the coolant does not necessarily determine the type of coolant that is suitable for your car. 

This is because the color is simply a dye that many coolant manufacturers add to their coolant to detect any rust in the radiator.

However, different coolants come in different colors, and you can easily recognize them. 

Typical examples of these coolants include organic acid technology (OAT), inorganic acid technology (IAT), and hybrid organic acid technology (HOAT).

OAT coolants come in colors such as orange, yellow, red, and purple, while IAT coolants come in green. 

Lastly, HOAT coolants come in orange and yellow.

These coolants usually contain ethylene glycol, deionized water, and corrosion inhibitors that cool down the heat in your engine. 

Furthermore, they can last up to 2-5 years and prevent corrosion in your radiator.

It is safe to use OAT and HOAT coolants in new models of Toyota as the radiator is made of aluminum. 

Although it is safe to use two different colors of the same coolant, it might not always be the case.

However, you can’t use them in any old model of Toyota.

Nevertheless, you can opt for Toyota red coolant, which is 100% compatible and safe for old models of Toyota. 

As you might begin to encounter problems with your radiator, you can do yourself a favor and consult your Toyota car dealership to find out the appropriate coolant color suitable for your vehicle. 

It is advisable always to use one color of coolant for your radiator.

You can always opt for another coolant color if the color you use for your radiator is not available in the market.

Note that the new color must be of the same coolant as the previous color. 

Can You Use any Coolant for Toyota? 

Can Toyota Use Green Coolant? (Things You Should Know)

Toyota automobiles often use a particular type of coolant, and as such, you can not use just any type of coolant for your Toyota.

Using any coolant available is not advisable as you may damage your radiator in the process. 

Toyota cars use coolants that are made from the company itself. In addition, you can use OAT and HOAT coolants in your Toyota.

Furthermore, you can check your owner’s manual to know the right coolant for your Toyota. 

Can You Add Water to Toyota Coolant? 

Water is naturally corrosive, and many coolant manufacturers usually add it to their coolants to maintain the 50/50 ratio of ethylene glycol and water.

Toyota coolants often undergo the dilution process before any Toyota car owner can access the coolant. 

Nevertheless, if you purchase any coolant that contains 100% of ethylene glycol, you can easily add water to the coolant.

While diluting the coolant, you must be extremely careful to avoid a choppy water and ethylene glycol ratio. 

Using hard water or tap water is dangerous as it contains minerals that can clog your radiator.

It is also important to make excellent use of soft water as it doesn’t contain calcium and magnesium.

Well, if you begin to encounter certain problems beyond your control, you can seek the assistance of your Toyota dealer.

Plus, you can easily trade any model of your Toyota through the XChange Dealer trade program. 

This amazing program allows you to trade and sell your car with no extra expenses.

Furthermore, it allows you to pay the same amount or even less than the amount you used to purchase your vehicle. 

Well, your current Toyota automobile must be in a very good and convenient operating condition.

Regardless of this fact, you must always go through the manufacturer’s instructions before adding water to your coolant.


Toyota automobile company amazes us with great services and mind-blowing products, including their coolants.

Although these coolants come in different varieties, it is best to purchase the right coolant and coolant color suitable for your radiator.

This way, your radiator will last longer, and it will save you a lot of cash on frequent and unnecessary repairs.


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