Can Toyota Highlander Tow A Boat? (Answered)

In cases of complications or engine failure in your boats, you will need to get them to a repair shop, and the only way to do this is by towing them via land.

If you own a Toyota highlander, you may wonder if it can safely haul a boat.

A Toyota Highlander can tow a boat since it has a suitable towing capacity. However, it is vital to confirm the size of a boat beforehand to avoid taking risks. Nonetheless, you should understand that a Toyota Highlander can always tow a typically-sized boat.

Are Toyota Highlanders Good for Towing?

Can Toyota Highlander Tow A Boat?

Yes, a Toyota Highlander is an ideal vehicle to tow other vehicles as it has different models with varying towing capacities suitable for other automobiles.

Toyota highlanders tow other vehicles such as campers, trailers, or more using a hitch for attachment.

The Toyota Highlander comes with additional modifications to the trans cooler of the car to prevent overheating in car engines.

There are essential facts to bear in mind when it comes to towing vehicles, and they are: 

  • Do not go above the indicated speed limit for the trailer or vehicle you are towing.
  • Toyota indicates that the speed limit for autos and trailers should not exceed 65mph as they may cause losing supervision of the car.
  • You should check out the components of the towed vehicle before towing to ensure the tires and other connections are correct. Check this between intervals.
  • It is necessary to practice towing, especially if it is your first time, so you can get familiar with driving that combination. Also, practice how to reverse as it can be difficult.
  • Do not turn sharply, slow down, or have someone lead you to prevent hitting anything.
  • Try not to use the brake abruptly, so it is necessary to drive carefully. Sudden brake applications can cause a loss of supervision.
  • Always slow down before turning and accelerating.
  • Be careful of other Autos when switching lanes. Do this with adequate space.
  • Avoid overusing the brake as it can result in inefficiency.
  • Your car engine is likely to overheat due to additional weight. Hence ensure to stop when the temperature gauge signifies overheating to allow the car to cool a bit.

Confirm you have followed these steps before towing: 

  • Properly inflate all car tires as the producer instructs.
  • Make sure the vehicle to tow is correctly attached.
  • Ensure to set the car you are pulling at a proper height to level it.
  • Do not drive if there are problems with your car. Ensure to fix all issues to avoid risks.

How Big of a Boat Can a Toyota Highlander Pull?

The towing capacity of Toyota ranges from 3500lbs to 5000lbs. A 5000lbs Toyota Highlander with the proper equipment can pull a boat with a capacity below 5000 pounds.

It can efficiently tow an average size boat.

A Toyota Highlander can pull boats because it has a strong engine. A highlander gas two engines:

  1. The first, a 4-cylinder economical engine 
  2. The other, a 6-cylinder large engine

By contrast, the 6-cylinder engine Highlander is stronger to tow a heavy load, while the 4-cylinder can tow an average boat.

The Toyota Highlander can pull a vehicle efficiently with accurate knowledge and practice.

A Toyota highlander provides towing features to make this process easier.

  1. It provides a sway control feature to help you supervise your car when the load shifts causing the towed vehicle to sway.

    This control feature applies brake tension on each wheel to help you recover power.
  2. It provides dynamic torque vectoring, which helps distribute spin to all axles of the wheels using a magnetic coupling.

    This feature helps to connect or disconnect rear wheels as necessary to improve driving stability in Toyota highlander pulling boats or campers.
  3. A highlander provides an AWD integrated management that helps you modify essential vehicle components to suit the chosen drive mode.
  4. Another important feature a Highlander provides is downhill assisting control, helping drivers maintain stability in steep areas or coming down from slopes using a steady low speed.
  5. The final towing feature a Highlander provides is a hill start assist control that initiates to prevent your cars from moving backward.

    The hill start feature lessens the risk of driving in distinct conditions and facilitates driving safety. 

How Much Can a Used Toyota Highlander Tow?

The usage of a Toyota Highlander does not affect the Highlander’s towing capacity.

Toyota Highlander towing capacity depends on engine and model, ranging from a minimum of 1500lbs to a maximum of 3500lbs.

The towing capacity of Toyota cars means the exact weight they can safely pull, and you can find this information in your owner’s guide.

Ignoring the towing capacity of your Highlander is the simplest way to cause damage to its components such as frame, tires, and engines.

There are essential points you need to understand to know the towing capacity of your Toyota Highlander.

  • Gross vehicle weight is the highest load of your vehicle, which the manufacturer determined. This rating prioritizes safety.
  • Gross combined weight is the weight of your Highlander and the trailer attached to it.
  • Gross axle weight indicates the top weight on the vehicle’s axle, and exceeding this rating is damaging. 
  • Gross trailer weight is the full calculated load of a trailer, and tongue weight is the down leverage the back of a tow vehicle experiences.

    It helps to maintain sufficient vehicle control when placed correctly.
  • The measurement of your Highlander’s entire weight without additional load is the curb weight. 
  • The payload capacity is the highest amount of load a car can pull.
  • The dry weight is the weight of a car without fluid such as oil or gas.

Does the Highlander Come With a Hitch?

A Highlander does not have a standard hitch, but you can always install one yourself.

A towing hitch is a crucial connector between your Highlander and trailer by bolting onto your car, which provides a bonding area to hook your boat or camper.

Some uses of a towing hitch include:

  • The most apparent reason for a tow hitch is to haul unpowered autos.
  • You can tag various items and tools by connecting them to your car using a towing hitch.
  • It saves time that you will waste going back and forth to get other items left behind.

Can You Put a Hitch on a Toyota Highlander?

A tow hitch is for a specific mounting on a vehicle, including on your Toyota highlander. You can add a tow hitch to your Highlander to enable you to pull the trailers, campers, etc.

Before connecting a trailer to your Highlander, ensure to install the right tow hitch for safety.

Some ways to figure out the right tow hitch for your vehicles are:

  1. You can obtain vital information about your Highlander and trailer from your owner’s guide. Also, gather information on your trailer.
  2. It is significant to decipher the gross trailer weight of your trailer or whatever vehicle you want to tow by weighing it.
  3. Compare the ratings of your gross trailer and tongue weight with your car’s to confirm its suitability.
  4. You can find the right tow hitch by fitting the trailer’s weight. It is vital to follow these steps to avoid damage.


When it comes to towing a boat or other vehicles, you may think of a large truck for this work, but in reality, you do not need to rent a unique automobile to haul such cars.

The Toyota Highlander can safely tow these vehicles as long as you stick to the towing capacity suitable for both cars and use the right tow hitch.

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