Is ToyotaCare Good At Any Dealer? (Read This First)

The Toyota care package is part of the exclusive packages enjoyed by Toyota customers.

Imagine not worrying about maintaining your vehicle for two (2) years after purchase.

That sounds nice but does this plan cut across all dealers, or are there specifics? Not to worry, I have you covered on this.

The ToyotaCare coverage is good at any dealer. It must not be directly from the place you purchased the vehicle. Although you get the ToyotaCare package from the purchase center, you can enjoy it at any dealer. However, the dealership must be a Toyota-certified individual. The dealers are trained personnel that knows everything about the ToyotaCare package.

Can You go to Any Toyota Dealer for ToyotaCare?

Toyotacare Good At Any Dealer

Yes, you can go to any Toyota dealer for your Toyota care. However, there are specifications for dealerships when it comes to the brand Toyota.

An example is the dealership of a Toyota RAV/4 must be a Toyota RAV/4 dealer. Apart from this, you can go to any Toyota dealer for your Toyota car. 

When the normal factory maintenance expires, you can go to any Toyota dealer for an extended warranty.

Going back to the Toyota dealer you purchased your car from for the Toyota care cost maintenance package is not mandatory. You can do it at the local Toyota dealership in your locality.

However, you must always ensure that the dealer you are going to is certified. And you should have the Toyota dealer details.

To make things easier for you, visit Input the zip code of your area in the space provided then a certified Toyota dealer will be suggested for you.

What Does ToyotaCare Include?

Toyota care includes the normal factory scheduled packages. These packages are effective within two (2) years of purchasing the vehicle or 25,000 miles of vehicle usage.

The packages included in Toyota care are;

  • Toyota care cost maintenance plan and
  • Roadside assistance Toyota care plan

#1. ToyotaCare Cost Maintenance Plan

It is a free package offered by Toyota for two (2) years or 25,000 miles. It is carried out at intervals of six (6) months.

You can use your car freely during that period without caring about maintaining your vehicle.

The cost maintenance plan are;

  • Oil changes and filter change
  • Fluid inspection and adjustments 
  • Tire rotations
  • Multi-point fluid adjustment
  • Supply of genuine parts of Toyota 
  • Provision of trained Toyota personnel
  • Maintenance reminder

#2. Roadside Assistance ToyotaCare Plan

You are also entitled to a 24 hours roadside assistance from Toyota. The plans under roadside assistance are;

  • Lockout protection 
  • Battery jump starts
  • Spare tire installation and tire service
  • Towing
  • Winching 
  • Emergency fuel delivery

There are limits to the services Toyota care provides. As the package suggests, Toyota’s care cost maintenance plan.

It only covers the maintenance of the vehicle and nothing more. Therefore, Toyota will not carry out anything beyond maintenance like repairs. You will be the one to foot that bill.

Also, the maintenance is the normal factory scheduled plan. I want you to mark the word ‘scheduled.’

The maintenance is carried out at a six (6) month interval or every 5,000 miles.

Asides from the time of maintenance, whenever any issue comes up, you will also be the one to handle it.

The only consideration for the six (6) month interval is when you have driven the car up to 5,000 miles.

The roadside assistance Toyota care plan is only valid in the U.S and Alaska. An unlimited mileage Toyota plan lasts for two (2) years.

Most people often misinterpret emergency fuel delivery as free fuel. It is not free fuel delivery but emergency fuel delivery.

And it is covered when you are stranded in a place without fuel.

The Toyota care cost maintenance and the roadside Toyota care cost are the plans that cover normal factory maintenance.

Toyota is also faithful to its maintenance plan.

Is ToyotaCare Worth It?

Yes, Toyota care is worth an offer. At least you will not have to spend on maintaining your vehicle for some period.

It will save you a lot after spending a lot of money to buy the car. It is the best financial support Toyota provides for its customers.

Let me give you a breakdown of why Toyota care is worth it;

  • It is free
  • It is transferable 
  • It is standard
  • It reminds you of your maintenance and 
  • It offers roadside assistance 

Nothing is more appealing for a car owner than when he need not worry about the maintenance of his vehicle.

Luckily, Toyota has made this a reality for them with the Toyota care plan.

Toyota care maintenance is a free privilege all Toyota customers are to enjoy. You can also transfer it to a second owner.

As long as your vehicle is still within two (2) years of usage, ToyotaCare cost maintenance is transferable.

It is a plus for all Toyota users as it provides a good resale value.

It also accounts for the high cost of second-hand Toyota vehicles. There are also no hitches with regards to the Toyota care service.

It comes standard with every model of Toyota vehicle. One of the most amazing things about the cost maintenance plan is that you will receive maintenance reminders from Toyota.

Is that not amazing? Sure, it is. Get reminders for a service you are the one to enjoy by the service provider. The normal factory scheduled maintenance is for six (6) months or 5,000 miles. 

The maintenance scheme is structured so that you will enjoy the service fully. Toyota knows that you might be busy due to one thing or another.

So they decided to remind you every time you are due for maintenance. The roadside assistance Toyota care is a lifesaver.

As a Toyota owner, you will always get help whenever you are stranded on the road. 

Even when you run out of fuel, you can always put a call through to Toyota for an emergency fuel delivery.

With all these things Toyota provides for its customers, it is evident that the Toyota care plan is worth it. 


Toyota care package is good at any Toyota dealer. Only the roadside assistance Toyota care package is exclusive to the continental United States and Alaska.

However, you can enjoy the Toyota care cost maintenance anywhere regardless of your location. Toyota care also covers regular factory maintenance of your vehicle.

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