Can Toyota Add Heated Seats? (Let’s Find Out)

It is common to find Toyota cars around us as they are a reputed car company.

They offer incredible services to customers such as warmth and comfort, evident in their provision of heated seats.

Warmth is essential during cold climates hence the need to add heated seats.  

Toyota cars with no factory-heated seats can receive such seats later to guarantee satisfaction and comfort delivered to customers, making Toyota an excellent company and their customers returning for more. 

Can a Toyota Dealer add Hot Seats?

Can Toyota Add Heated Seats

Heated seats are an addition to the many other things a Toyota dealer can add to a vehicle.

A heated seat kit is simple, and its process of installation and use is precise, making it easy for a dealer to add heated seats to almost any car suitable for it.

A climate control system works additionally with heated seats as they warm up air from below a seat surface.  

Like a heated seat, this climate control system works individually and blows warm air directly to the person seated, ensuring an ideal comfort level.

Also, Toyota dealers are a safe choice in services about Toyota vehicles because they have knowledgeable and well-trained technicians who specialize in a particular aspect of Toyotas and are pros at it.

They’ll use standard kits to install heated seats as their priority is your comfort and the car’s well-being.

Can You Add It Aftermarket?

Production of aftermarket products may not be by a car’s company, but they still offer and produce great heated seats that you can add to your vehicle. 

Installing heating features can’t be in an already existing car seat, making this process a bit difficult, but it is possible.

Regardless, some aftermarket companies offer seats with heating features and interior designs.

As much as heated seats provide relief and warmth, so does a heated steering wheel. They’re helpful, especially during winter periods when your hands are freezing.

Aftermarket parts for a car are just like replacements, acting as a less costly alternative yet offering excellent quality and can fit any vehicle, even a Toyota.

How Do They Add Warm Seats to a Car?

Almost any vehicle can have heated seats installed following the steps below:

  • Clean the heated seat kit.
  • Disconnect the vehicle’s battery and make sure the area for installation is appropriately grounded.
  • Turn to the vehicle’s manual for instructions to enable you to remove all wires fastened to the seat and underneath.
  • Unbolt the seat as described in the manual carefully to avoid damaging the car’s seat and accessories.
  • Unfasten hog rings and clips carefully.

You need to remove the seats entirely from the car and remove the covers, ensuring all wires are well disconnected.

Different things hold a seat in place depending on the seat’s design. It could be metal or plastic rings, zips, or staples but remove them carefully.

Proceed to place the heating element on the bottom and back of the vehicle’s seat without folding or wrinkling them as it is vital they lay flatly.

Modify the heated seat kit wiring since they come with 2 or 3 position control switches  (off, low, high, or on and off).

The wire connected to the center is a permanent 12volts high circuit wire alongside the top and low circuit wires. 

Hence you should attach the middle wire to the top or bottom wire, and the spare wire should be insulated.

Channel the wiring under the carpet to an excellent power source and ensure to connect it to the earth using bolts behind the dash and secure metal rings. 

Also, remember to securely make all connections on the back of a switch, decide the control switch’s location, and then drill a suitable hole in the knock-out panel sizable to fit the control switch.

Pass the wiring through the hole, then attach the control switch to the heated seat kit.

After these are done, refit the seats without wrinkling the heat elements, then plug them into the wires you pushed through the car’s carpet.

Reconnect the car’s battery and test the pad to know it works. It could take 20 seconds or a few minutes at most for heat to come through.

How Do Warm Seats Work in a Car?

How Do Warm Seats Work In A Car
modern car seat

Warm seats function due to the presence of heating elements placed underneath the seat cover of a car.

This heating coil is known as a resistor that resists the flow of current, and this resistance causes friction released in the form of heat warming the person seated.

A relay switch is a straightforward mechanical trigger allowing a device to receive power.

The switching on of seats enables small amounts of current to flow to the coil from an initial circuit that does not possess tremendous power output. 

Relay switches play a role in generating energy in inductors to form a magnetic field, allowing heated seats to receive power directly from the vehicle’s battery.

Thermostats are present in car heaters to deter car cushions from getting hotter and eventually burning. 

They monitor heat output and stop current flow after the heat reaches a set temperature. As a result, gradually, the seat receives little or no power until it finally cools down.

The thermostat triggers the relay when the heats cool too much, and the car seats are warmed again.

How Much Does It Cost to Add Heated Seats?

It is necessary to install heated seats in cars, and they have an affordable cost ranging from $300 to $500 depending on the car model.

Heated seats are easy additions to nearly any vehicle consisting of kits available in different sizes alongside a heating pad put into a seat’s cover.

The labor costs around $40 to $70 while the cost of the parts is $400. 

The heated steering wheels mentioned earlier could cost around $1000 aside from labor costs.

Aftermarket heated seats and steering wheels go for less.

Are Heated Seats Worth It?

Heated seats sure do worth it as they provide warmth, comfort, and relief to the body. 

Heated seats provide other benefits, and they are: 

  • Heated seats have a therapeutic effect on people suffering from certain diseases like sprains, arthritis, etc. Also, they’re great for back pains as heat is recognized to ease and soothe the muscle, reducing stiffness and helping you feel better.
  • Heated seats provide warmth on cold days that leave you freezing as they warm up quickly.
  • Heated seats conserve energy, transferring heat to you directly and disseminating warm air in the car.
  • Heated seats are regulated individually to suit a particular person in need of warmth rather than turning the whole interior of a car hot, discomforting others.
  • Heating features of a car improve a car’s desirability since more people now want heated seats added to their vehicles. So if you’d like to sell your car with this heating feature, you’re at an advantage.

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How about opting for a heated seat rather than driving on freezing mornings while shivering from the cold.

Adding a heated seat to your vehicle provides more than comfort on cold days but relief too. 

Toyota has included this addition to the many other after services they offer you. It is affordable and increases car desirability so go for it.

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