Why Are Toyota Tundras So Expensive? (Explained)

There are so many full-size truck models in the market which perform similar tasks and are sometimes bigger than the Toyota Tundra, but why are Toyota tundras so expensive?

If this is the question going through your mind, let’s find out why the Toyota tundras are very expensive compared to other trucks.

Toyotas are known for quality cars, and Toyota tundra is not an exception. The comfortability, reliability, powerful performance, impressive payload, towing capacity, versatile interiors, rugged body are some of the features of the Toyota tundra which make it stand out among others. And because these features cost a lot of money to be installed, tundras are, as a result, expensive.

How Much Is the 2022 Toyota Tundra?

Toyota Tundras So Expensive

The long-awaited 2022 Toyota tundra has finally been unveiled and this time with a perfect touch of toughness perfectly redesigned to soothe the need of adventurous truck drivers and truck lovers.

The 2022 Toyota Tundra, known as the third generation Tundra, has a start price of $37,645 for its base model, the Tundra SR.

Other tundra trims and their respective start prices include: 

  • Tundra SR5 – $ 42,450
  • Tundra Limited – $ 48,545
  • Tundra Platinum – $ 58,685
  • Tundra 1794 Edition – $ 59,385

The third-generation Tundra released in 2022 has power-packed features compared to others.

The primary reason for the difference in price rate is the features. The more the feature, the higher the price. 

The 2022 Tundra has an engineering overhaul, two powertrains paired up with a 10-speed automatic transmission, maximum payload capacity of 1940 pounds, sophisticated infotainment system, new Twin-Turbo V6 engine as opposed to the initial V8 engine.

These features, among others, are the reason for the cost of the Tundra.

Over time, Toyota Tundra has earned a solid reputation for being the powerhouse among pickup trucks, and it seems Toyota tundra will still hold this reputation for a very long time, courtesy of the 2022 model.

Let me inform you in our post Why Are Used Toyota Tundras So Expensive?

Are Tundras Worth the Money?

Toyota Tundra is sure to give an absolute value for your money. Toyota is well known for top quality and highly innovative vehicles, and the Tundra is not sidelined.

People often desire rugged trucks that can travel off-road, tow large loads, provide enough for family members and all. With the Toyota tundra, you are sure to get these and more.

Tundra is sure to do everything you desire of a truck, making it a standard full-size truck.

Why Are Toyota Tundras so reliable?

Most tundras are reliable, and one of the reasons is their capacity to maintain their value for a very long time.

According to Car Edge’s estimation, the Toyota Tundra depreciates only by 36% after five years, 23% after three years, and 15 % after a whole year.

This assessment shows that at the end of 2 years, the Tundra retains its value by 82%.

Also, the Toyota Tundra is tested and trusted to provide you with maximum safety while in use.

Some of the safety features of the Tundra include a Rearview camera, pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency brake, blind-spot monitoring, collision warning, and many more. 

What Makes Tundra so Special?

The fantastic features of the Tundra distinguish it from all other full-size trucks, and this makes it a special truck. It offers so many features that most full-size pickup cannot beat.

Let’s look at a few of them.

#1. Reliability

If you’re looking out for a reliable truck that will perform multiple tasks and handle anything, then the Toyota Tundra is a sure bet for you.

The vehicle has been proven times without number to be a standard model vehicle for its dependability, consistency, and durability.

#2. Adventurous

Toyota Tundra is suitable for adventure lovers as the Tundra can function off-road with the same efficiency it exhibits on the road.

The Tundra TRD off-road trucks have strong tires and shocks and a limited-slip differential, enhancing off-road performance to provide you with the comfort you desire during adventures.

#3. Capacity

Toyota Tundra has a carrying capacity of about 4-6 persons depending on the configuration of the cab.

The regular cab has one bench seat with other seatings for three, and the double cab has twice the seat of the regular cab, while the crewman has a front seat a rear bench with other seats for five.

The Tundra also comes with bed options that are about 50-inches wide.

What Problems Do Toyota Tundras Have?

With all of the outstanding features of the Toyota Tundra, users have observed specific problems with the full-size truck.

Here are some of the issues.

#1. Faulty Air Pump

Here is a commonly reported problem the Toyota Tundra exhibits. The complaints regarding faulty air injection pumps are quite on the high side.

Tundra owners have observed that the free entry of moisture into the emission control system is the primary cause of this failure in the air injection pump. 

An engine power loss, an abnormal loud-sounding engine, a strain in the engine when you attempt speeding, or a deviation from the usual sound of the truck such as a knocking or cracking sound are all indicators of a faulty air injection pump.

When this happens, it hampers the truck’s general performance, and an immediate repair or replacement of the emission control system is required.

The effect of a fault in the air injection pump is a reduced fuel economy often associated with the release of dangerous exhaust fumes due to incomplete combustion of the fuel.

#2. Leakage of the Exhaust Manifold

Most Toyota tundra exhaust manifolds are prone to leak, often resulting from regular expansion and contraction, which causes the manifold metal to fracture.

The leakage of the exhaust manifold is often accompanied by a loud cracking sound that is discomforting. You hear such a sound when the tundra engine is idle or cold.

And just like other problems related to the emission system, leakage or any form of failure in the exhaust manifold results in an increase in fuel consumption.

#3. Wearing Ball Joint

The ball joint connects the wheel of a vehicle to the steering and enables easy navigation of the car. And the ball joint of the Toyota tundra seems to wear faster than expected.

Although this is a production problem for the company, the vehicle’s ball joints are not correctly finished before being released into the market. This problem is so severe that Toyota issues a recall to all cars with this issue.

Toyota cares about the lives of their customers, and that is why they do this. It has been observed that premature wearing Ball joint is fatal and can lead to an accident.

As the joint wears, it breaks the connection between the wheel and the steering, causing a loss of control of the truck and leading the driver to go off track.

However, these problems have been fixed adequately in newer tundras as they were common with other older generation tundras.

Newer tundras, especially the 2022 Toyota tundra, are guaranteed to serve you better with little or no problem.

All the shortcomings from the older model have been corrected. Now with the 2022 Toyota Tundra, your safety is assured.

How Long Will a Toyota Tundra Engine Last?

Toyota Tundra Engine

Yes, it’s true nothing lasts forever, but the Toyota Tundra is sure to give more durability than ever before. The Toyota tundra engine can last as long as 300,000 road miles.

However, to ensure your Tundra lasts longer, there are essential things to do. With all of these put in place, you’re sure to extend the longevity of your truck.

I recommend that you adopt a regular maintenance routine for your Tundra. In the owner’s manual, the manufacturer has carefully listed out what you should inspect and when to do so.

Not adhering to this will diminish the lifespan of your Tundra and cause certain safety risks.

Be sure to use quality parts during the replacement of any part of your Tundra. This instruction applies to fluid too; ensure to use quality radiator fluid and other vital fluids your tundra needs.

Always ensure to check reviews before getting a product, so you know exactly what you’re buying.

Always, always pay attention to warning signs from your vehicles. Listen out for the slightest unusual sound coming from your car, any strange smell from under the hood, and anything you know is not peculiar with your Tundra.

And the moment you discover any unusual sign, be sure to visit a mechanic.

Be mindful of the climatic condition you drive in. Severe climatic change can wear some moving part of your Tundra, So be careful.

Why Are Used Tundras so Expensive?

The Toyota Tundra has built a niche of excellence, reliability, and durability for itself, unlike for a very long time.

Majorly its rock quality build and its off-road capacity make it stand out and have a solid resale value.

With the dazzling reputation the Toyota Tundra has earned over time, its modern look and durable qualities having the capacity to last over 300,000 miles and more are some of what Toyota tundra offers.

Even when used, it doesn’t provide less of these qualities, which is known for durability.

 I’m sure you don’t expect a less expensive price tag for such quality.

For a vehicle to have a high resale value, it needs to have a high demand even in its used form, and the Toyota Tundra doesn’t fail in this area.

Most used Tundra does not function less than a brand new one. It’s sure to deliver the same efficiency and quality as a new one. 


Toyota Tundra full-size pickup trucks are quite expensive due to their durability, dependability, incredible interiors, powerful engines, spacious and comfortable seats, etc.

These and more are reasons why the Toyota tundra is expensive and stands out among other full-size pickup trucks.

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