Does ToyotaCare Cover Scratches? (Read This First)

Every new car owner wants to keep the car fresh and neat. You agree with this as much as we do. However, mistakes do happen, avoidable and unavoidable.

One of those common mistakes is scratches on your new Toyota vehicle. 

New Toyota owners have the option of ToyotaCare as part of the care package. But many are unsure of what the ToyotaCare service covers.

So you may ask, does ToyotaCare cover scratches?

No, ToyotaCare does not cover scratches. Like many other anomalies that could happen to a new car, scratches fall under repairs, not maintenance. Unfortunately, ToyotaCare only provides maintenance services. And maintenance does not include any repairs, such as scratches.

What is ToyotaCare?

Toyotacare Cover Scratches

ToyotaCare is an innovative service that Toyota Car Company provides for all its new customers. The idea is to maintain longevity and keep the car functioning for as long as possible.

New buyers and leasers of new cars also enjoy this loving provision. It covers a wide range of offers.

What’s more? Expert technicians are readily available for each batch of maintenance.

They ensure your car gets the best care. So you don’t have to worry about anything.

If you are looking for more details about what does ToyotaCare Include? Please visit our post.

Here is what you need to know about this excellent provision from ToyotaCare. 

#1. Duration

ToyotaCare service covers your car maintenance for two years or 25,000 miles. The care package ends when you have used the car for the stipulated duration or if the vehicle has covered the mileage.

According to Toyota’s standard factory scheduled time, maintenance service is every six months or after every 5000 miles.

So you have four or five batches of top-quality maintenance for free. That’s just great!

#2. Cost

ToyotaCare is a no-cost maintenance plan for new car owners. As long as the offer stands, every service batch comes at no cost.

#3. Service Coverage

The service covers the maintenance of all parts of the new vehicle.

This service includes filtration and change of engine oil, an inspection of other types of fluids, tire rotation, and general servicing.

If a maintenance batch requires buying new parts, Toyota provides these parts at no cost. That is just amazing.

You can rest assured that Toyota will give you original and authentic pieces. This care package is all part of the ToyotaCare services.

Some people say that it covers oil changes. Let’s find the fact

#4. Roadside Assistance

You also enjoy roadside assistance as added service. When you have emergencies on the road, you use this provision.

The best part of roadside assistance is the 24 hours availability. 

The roadside assistance is there to make life on the road stress-free. And guess what? It is free.

#5. How to Apply

You don’t need to apply for ToyotaCare. Activation of this service is automatic once you purchase or lease a new car.

You are free to decide if you want to use the service. However, it is available for time or mileage coverage. 

#6. Can I Extend?

The usual factory scheduled time for ToyotaCare is two years. If, after this period, you wish to extend the program, the provision is also available.

Unfortunately, the extension is not free. You choose a new package based on mileage or years. This extension is not an example of a no-cost maintenance plan.

You have to pay for the services.

This ToyotaCare offers and services, coupled with the duration, make it an excellent provision for new car owners.

The best part is Toyota still offers a warranty package for different car parts.

Is there a difference between ToyotaCare and Warranty?

Yes, there is a difference. ToyotaCare is not the Toyota warranty service.

So what is the Toyota warranty service?

Toyota provides a warranty for both new cars and old cars. New cars enjoy three years warranty. Alternatively, they can choose a mileage offer of 36,000 miles.

The warranty covers standard repairs. You also have exclusive access to accessory parts.

Toyota warranty is also transferable to new owners if you decide to sell your car. You get to enjoy the Toyota warranty even if you buy a used vehicle.

You also have the Toyota extended warranty offer. The extended warranty offer allows you to renew your contract with Toyota. 

Some of the differences include the duration, the services, and the buying of accessory parts.

In addition, while ToyotaCare covers maintenance for the entire vehicle, a warranty is available for various additional features, including the engine, windshield, and others.

This service coverage shows the distinction between ToyotaCare and Toyota warranty. 

Are Scratches Covered by Toyota Warranty?

No, the Toyota warranty does not cover scratches too. Let’s find what’s not covered under the warranty.

But why is that? Scratches are part of accidents due to negligence, collision, vandalism, and many others. That is the category.

Warranty only covers faults or defects that originate from the production unit. Seat belts errors and rust perforations are examples of repairs the warranty covers.

So you will have to find other means to repair the scratches.

What Can You Do?

ToyotaCare won’t repair your scratches. Toyota warranty won’t either. Well, does that mean you are out of options?

No! You still have a few tricks up your sleeves. Let’s see what you can do when there are scratches on your car.

The best step is to seek professional help. However, if your car is still new and you want to keep it that way, I recommend this step.

The upside is that the repair of Toyota vehicles is one of the cheapest in the automobile world.

If that does not work for you, here are DUI options available.

The first step is to identify the type and level of the scratch. After identification, you can go ahead to repair the dent.

Check out the common kinds of scratches below and how to fix them.

#1. Outer Coat Scratches

These scratches only affect the coat on the paint and not the color itself. So you can repair this blemish quickly.

A few materials from the store are all you need to make your car shine bright again.

Repair Procedure:

  • Clean the affected area and its surroundings. 
  • Apply polish or toothpaste to the surface using a microfiber. 
  • Polish the car a few times.
  • The next step is to clean the area using a neat cloth. 
  • Repeat the process if the scratch is not gone totally.

#2. Color Scratch

This scratch goes a level deeper and affects the car’s paint. Run your finger through the scratch to feel it.

The scratch depth will tell you if it is deeper than the wax coat. You will need to get car wax and paint that matches the car’s color.

Repair Procedure:

  • Wash the area of the scratch.
  • Then, remove the wax and the paint layer.
  • Use a neat piece of clothing to clean the site.
  • Optionally, you can apply primer coats to the site. Choose a color very similar to the paint.
  • Add matching paint and wait till it dries.
  • Add the wax. Doing this helps to shine the surface.

I recommend that you seek a technicians’ help if the scratch is worse deep into the layer. In instances where the metal is affected, this option is the best.

You should always give your car the best care possible.


ToyotaCare is a special provision from Toyota, no doubt. However, the package doesn’t cover repairs such as scratches.

The Toyota extended car warranty service also does not cover scratches.

But you always have options to explore to keep your car neat. To scratch is human; to repair neatly is quite divine.

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