Toyota VS Lexus Oil Change? (Things You Must Know)

Toyota and Lexus are popular vehicles on our roads, and it’s not unheard of that both cars come from the same automaker.

Nonetheless, out of many things these both cars share in common, an oil change is an exercise that speaks for their performance.

Most of the time, their oil change intervals are fixed and slightly vary in some cases.

It’d be good for you to know that not only a Lexus oil change calls for the use of synthetic oil. Several Toyota engines on the road today have also joined the queue for a synthetic oil change at Toyota dealerships. However, the cost of an oil change for a Lexus still surpasses that of a Toyota, as I’ll emphasize later in this article.

Can You Get Lexus Oil Change Anywhere?

Toyota Vs Lexus Oil Change

If you’re a Lexus owner that doesn’t settle for average, then you can’t get your Lexus oil change just in any location.

On the one hand, It is no surprise that most users of this luxury brand happen to be prestigious folks in society.

However, I believe top quality would be the priority, not just standard conditions.

With this in mind, choosing where to get a synthetic oil change for your Lexus would be confusing. But, no worries, that’s why I’m here to put you through and help you make better decisions.

So, when your Lexus car, truck, or SUVs reach their oil change intervals, you’d know where to go.

Adhering to the principle that optimum quality is valuable over expenses, your Lexus should be serviced and maintained at the dealership.

Besides, it is not always true that dealerships would charge high for maintenance, especially for an oil change.

In truth, most dealerships provide incredible competitive pricing to their customers as other specialty shops offer.

For this reason, taking the Lexus to the dealership shouldn’t take anything out of you. Moreover, the dealership had rendered complementary services to your vehicle during the period you newly bought it.

So I don’t think anything has changed, and the Lexus dealership always ensures the best for your automobile.

One other benefit of riding your car into a dealership is that the services you receive are stored on a database.

Also, this information is accessible to any other Lexus dealership anywhere. However, you can alternatively get your Lexus oil change done in Lexus Toyota dealerships.

At the same time, just in case of emergencies, you can also get a synthetic oil change at specialized mechanic shops. I suggest an expert with proven technical training should be the person in charge of your car.

It’s also a DIY task, although you might end up damaging something trying without experience.

Is Lexus and Toyota Oil the Same?

For a fact, Lexus and Toyota Oil are the same. Moreover, since you know the manufacturer of the Lexus and Toyota cars, I guess using the same oil wouldn’t be a surprise to you.

Further, both the Lexus and Toyota engines on the highway need lubricant to keep their efficiency.

However, apart from the thickness or viscosity of an oil, there are various types of oil, among which are synthetic oil and regular or conventional oil. Respectively, one is made in the lab while the other comes out from the ground.

Further, synthetic oil contains fewer impurities, and also this lubricant can last longer millage, but it’s pretty expensive. Meanwhile, conventional oil is the cheapest, it has less mileage, and this lubricant usually runs on simple engines.

In other words, your vehicle using the synthetic has more extended oil change intervals compared to car systems operating on conventional oil.

You may have presumed that other Toyota engines can’t use synthetic oil if not a Lexus. Nonetheless, do you know that several Toyota automobiles also use synthetic oil? A surprise?

It shouldn’t be because synthetic oil by design aims to improve the performance of all modern engines.

With this in mind, using synthetic lubricants in some of your old Toyota vehicles isn’t advised. Notwithstanding, you can always depend on your mechanic to recommend the best oil suitable for your wheels.

However, if you specifically have a Lexus engine, I recommend synthetic oil for your motor’s best condition.

Furthermore, a Lexus can equally use conventional oil. On the one hand, using this lubricant would cut down the mileage the car should cover before a synthetic oil change.

On the other hand, using the regular oil for a Lexus would reduce expenses, but only in the short run.

Does Toyota Do Oil Changes on Lexus?

Yes, Toyota does oil changes on Lexus. Besides, you can even get your Lexus serviced at Toyota dealerships, mainly to change air filters and oils.

But, of course, you already know that these motor companies are siblings, and they share some components in common.

Even though Lexus maintenance costs less at Lexus dealerships, the distance to these service centers still matters.

As a Lexus owner, I don’t think you’d buy the idea of driving several miles just to get to your dealership.

Fortunately, you’re not the only one facing this challenge; other Lexus owners have experienced this too!

Therefore, you might ask, can a nearby local Toyota dealer change my synthetic oil? Generally, an oil change dealer at Toyota can perform an oil change and even an air filter change for your Lexus.

As much as these services are possible at a Toyota dealership, you may still encounter some limitations.

One of them is that your active Lexus warranty may not be covered, knowing that warranties often apply to a particular brand.

Also, this policy may affect services like maintenance and repair, although some dealerships might be an exception.

Above all, certain parts of a Lexus vary from the Toyota brand. Hence, not all Toyota technicians would be familiar with Lexus-only sensors.

Notwithstanding, some technicians have abstract knowledge of many automobiles apart from what they are initially trained to work on.

Having known all these, you can take your Lexus to a Toyota dealership if you’re in urgent need of oil.

Moreover, Toyota oil dealers are an excellent alternative to your usual Lexus dealer.

So if your Lexus dealership is far away, you can decide to go to a reputable Toyota dealership close to you.

Toyota vs. Lexus Oil Change Cost?

It’s relatively cheaper than a Lexus when it comes to the cost of a Toyota oil change. However, this difference is becoming almost the same each day as more Toyota inventions hit our roads.

But, in the meantime, the Lexus still has the higher cost.

Usually, the cost of maintaining a Lexus has repeatedly proven to be more than a Toyota. For example, at the Lexus dealership, synthetic oil change price is about $130 to $200.

In other third-party service shops, oil change may cost about $60 to $120. 

Keep in mind that several factors determine the cost of an oil change for your Lexus. At any rate, changing the lubricant of your luxury engine in a Toyota dealership can save you little cash.

But, sometimes, what makes the oil change for a Lexus expensive is the comfort you get to enjoy at the dealership.

Most Lexus dealership centers may offer you services like a complimentary meal or a free car wash.

Away from that, a conventional Toyota oil change most times costs $25 to $50 but towards $100 for a synthetic oil change.


An oil change for Lexus and Toyota may have their differences, but they are almost close to being the same.

Nevertheless, a Lexus oil change costs more than a Toyota vehicle, even in specialty shops and dealerships.

Now that you know much about the oil change of both wheels, I’m sure other information can’t mislead you.

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