Can Toyota CHR Tow? (Important Things You Need To Know)

As a car owner, you wonder if your Toyota Chr has that outstanding strength and power required to tow. Well, it is just what I am here for, to open your eyes to the possibility of using your Chr to tow.

Some car brands are preferred over others in strength, performance, spacing, storage, power, payload curb weight, even cargo volume.

Toyota Chr is capable of towing other cars, whether small or large. It is possible because it has a cumulative towing power of 1322 pounds and an impressive payload of 835. Toyota Chr can tow quite efficiently without hitches with its towing capacity of 750 kg. 

Can You Tow With Chr?

Can Toyota Chr Tow

Toyota Chr has an impressive body weight and strength that allows you to use it for towing purposes without straining the cars. These cars include small trailers, cycle carriers, and tent trailers.

There is every chance of a Chr towing any car or bike, particularly if it has a trailer panel with enough weight to carry those vehicles.

These trailer panels share the weight with the Chr, thereby allowing it to tow effortlessly.

Can a Toyota C-HR Tow a Trailer?

Since a Toyota Chr has an outstanding towing capacity, it can also conveniently tow a trailer.

However, there are a few things I will recommend you put in place before attempting to tow a trailer with your Toyota Chr.

These things include;

  • Ensure to select the right hitch ball for towing.

The hitch ball is what enables the trailer at an excellent speed. They are always on the same level throughout the towing experience.

Therefore before towing exercise commences, check to see if the hitch ball is the right size for the kind of weight you want to haul.

  • Always check the trailer tires! You are more likely to check your car’s tires but neglect to check those of the trailer you want to tow. But this should not be the case. 

Always check all the tires for any visible crack or even dry rot, especially if you have abandoned the trailer for some time.

In essence, you should tighten the wheel lug nuts on the trailer and your Toyota Chr to a good point. 

  • Ensure that your Toyota Chr has its maintenance up to date.
  • As you should know already, always have it at the back of your mind that you should not put extra load and stress on the towing vehicle, which is why you should ensure that your Toyota Chr has maintenance updated before you carry out any towing activities.

Ensure to check things like the last time there was an oil and filter change the lifespan of the brake pads and the engine coolant to see if there is a need to fill it up to the expected level. The trailer’s brake has to be examined and readjusted if necessary.

  • When using your car to tow a trailer, ensure that spare tires are available for changing. As much as you can get a suitable job for your trailer tire.
  • Always use trailer chains to hold every part of the trailer together as you begin to tow. These chains help to keep the trailer in place even as you hit the road.
  • Before towing begins, make sure that all the lights on the trailer are correctly wired.
  • Endeavor always chooses the right hitch because while most cars have an already installed tow hitch at the point of purchase, the hitch on the Toyota Chr is either custom or manually installed.

    Choosing the right hitch makes it easier to tow a trailer properly. Also, note that the trailer hitches should always be connected to your car’s frame and not the bumper.
  • Get tow mirrors. Since it is already glaring that the trailer is more expansive than a Toyota Chr before you start towing, endeavor to install tow mirrors so that you can always have a look at what is going on behind.

    You should always consider the size of the trailer over your vehicle. 

These mirrors help you check the trailer’s blind spots when towing. They also help to see rear visibility when you are backing up.

  • Since you will be towing a lot of weight, ensure to get a larger fuel tank that will serve you through the trip.

  • When you finally reach your destination and want to unhook the trailer from the tow vehicle, do not forget to place the wheel panels both in front and behind the trailer’s tires to stop it from rolling away.

Can You Tow a Caravan With a Toyota Chr?

Toyota Chr can tow a caravan. Still, it depends on many factors such as the type of power you often use to run the car, either it is electrically powered or uses petrol. 

Secondly, a Toyota Chr can tow a caravan if the distance you are to tow the caravan to is short and at a low speed.

In addition, a Chr will tow a caravan if the size is not too big. You may tow the caravan with a lot of weight but with so much effort and end up causing stress on your vehicle.

For example, the 2021 Toyota Chr model makes towing easier because it has a towing capacity of 1322 pounds.

It also has extra features such as a backup camera and lane tracing assistance that help you navigate weight and reverse conveniently when towing.

What Is the Toyota Chr Towing Capacity?

Toyota Chr has a towing capacity of 700 kg and at most 750 kg. It tows over 1322 pounds and has a payload of 835.

However, to know the exact towing capacity of your Chr, the authentic source is the owner’s manual. Since they are different models of the Chr, they all have their capabilities.

For instance, the 2018 Toyota Chr has a rating of 2000- lbs for maximum towing weight and 200- lbs for maximum torque weight.

Its hitch alone can handle the weight of two heavy bikes. The hitch can also control the weight of a bike on a small trailer.

The tow capacity and payload of the trailer are dependent on some of its parts, and also the size of your Chr can significantly influence what type of vehicle to tow.

It is important to stress that Toyota does not recommend towing cumbersome vehicles, especially pulling two. If it is necessary to tow more than one car, they should not be two heavy vehicles. 

For example, a caravan and a trailer should not be towed simultaneously using a Chr that can haul a bike and another car with ease, but it ends with just towing two small-sized vehicles at a time.


Toyota Chr can tow other vehicles ranging from bikes and small cars to trucks, trailers, and caravans. Toyota’s towing capacity is about 1322 pounds and a payload of 835.

It also comes with factory-installed features such as a backup camera and lane tracing assist to aid towing.

However, you should not have two heavy-weight vehicles pulled simultaneously to avoid unnecessary stress on your Toyota Chr. 

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