4th Gen Seats In 3rd Gen Ram (Read This First)

When your generation’s interiors Dodge Ram begin to look old, dull, and boring.

You may want to consider changing the interiors to a more classy and comfortable one.

And in doing this, the first thing you may consider is the seats in your car because changing the seats is as good as changing the entire interior.

So, if you desire to fix a 4th gen seat in your 3rd gen ram, this article will prove invaluable.

You can fit 4th gen seats in a 3rd gen Ram. That is because the seat base of both the 4th and 3rd gen is the same, so fixing the seats is a direct swap. However, there are a few variations in the wirings of the seats, but you can still use them interchangeably.

Will 4th Gen Seats Fit 3rd Gen Ram?

A 4th gen seat can fit into a 3rd gen Dodge Ram properly. This swap only requires a few modifications that demand skill and expertise for a successful installation.

One of these modifications results from the difference in the dimension of the Dodge Ram seats.

The fourth-generation Dodge Ram seats are wider and longer than those of the third-generation Dodge Ram.

While the 4th gen Dodge Ram has a crew cab length of 228 inches with a width of about 79 inches, the 3rd gen Dodge Ram has a seat with a lesser dimension.

Therefore, fixing a 4th gen seat in a 3rd Dodge Ram gen can be quite challenging. 

For instance, with the fourth-generation Dodge Ram seat in the car, the outer plastic of the 4th generation Dodge Ram seat may hit the door pillar slightly, making it impossible to close the door of the car. 

However, you can easily fix this. You just have to heat the plastic seats at the base with a heat gun, after which you push it in gently for it to sit properly.

The backseat is also not left out because it is wider and has a longer bracket. Again, to correct this, heat the sides of the base and mold it in carefully.

And as for the bracket, cut out some parts until you get the exact length of the seat base.

Afterward, you drill a new hole from which you can easily bolt the seat to the floor.

Additionally, there are various seats to choose from, but not all fourth-generation Ram seats can fit into your third-generation Dodge Ram.

Here are a few things to look out for to get a perfect seat for your generation dodge ram.

#1. Seat size:

Although you can choose the size of seat you want in your car. However, the seat must not cross the size of your car.

#2. Seatbelts:

The new seat must fit such that it doesn’t obstruct the seat belt of your car, especially when the new seat doesn’t come with a seat belt.

#3. Suspension Height:

Consider the amount of legroom you want before choosing a seat. You may consider a higher seat for comfort and increased road visibility if you’re tall.

#4. Spring type:

It’s very vital to look out for a seat with a good spring type. That is because the spring acts as a shock absorber. So, get a seat with a spring type that suits your terrain.

How Do I Install 4th Generation On 3rd Gen Seats?

Installing a 4th generation seat onto your 3rd gen Dodge Ram is quite a task, but it is doable.

Follow these steps to install the Dodge Ramseats if you intend to adopt the DIY method.

  • First, unplug the side airbags before attempting anything. This is to prevent you from accidentally setting them off and ruining the seats of your dodge ram.
  • Next, remove the older seats. Ensure to unbolt the seats properly and carefully unplug all the wirings. Learn the unbolted seat backward to easily remove the Dodge Ram center console and other pieces that you need to take out.
  • Then, bring the new seat and bolt them down properly to the seat base bracket and then to the floor. Ensure to tightly and firmly fit the bolts and the seats.
  • Suppose you opted for the power option; you’ll have to connect some wires. However, this wiring varies from car to car. All you need to do is supply a +12volt to the Dodge Ram seat and in the center console.
  • Switch the ignition also to a +12 volt to signal the seatbelt indicator. The 4th gen seat uses two wires. One will go to the car’s indicator wire while the second will be grounded.
  • Finally, you can mount the new seats into your car and bolt down all that needs bolting. 

Be careful during installation because these materials are very delicate, and some steps are easy to forget. 

Although the benefits of a new seat in your car are numerous, some downsides come with such modifications.

However, going through the pros and cons will help you determine if installing a new seat is worth all the time, stress, and resources.


#1. Classy look:

With new modern seats in your car, your car is sure to have an outstanding classy look than other vehicles.

#2. Comfort:

Newer seats are an added comfort to you because they enhance your driving position, making your ride comfortable.

#3. Increased Resale Value:

Cars with current interiors will be more expensive when it’s time to resell.

So, with the right set of seats in your car, your car will be more appealing and desired by buyers, leading to an increased resale value.


#1. Damage to Car’s Components:

Irreversible changes done to your car can lead to permanent damage to your car and negatively affect the resale value of your car.

#2. Cost:

Installing a new seat can be expensive, especially when it’s a broader seat.

#3. Reduced safety and comfort:

You may lose your desired comfort and safety if the installation is improper.

#4. Annulled Insurance:

Certain changes done to your car can invalidate the insurance coverage on your car.

To avoid this, ensure to check with your insurance provider first before proceeding with any major modification to your car.

How to install 4th gen ram seats in a 3rd gen


You can install a 4th gen seat in a 3rd gen Dodge Ram. However, it’s not entirely a direct bolt-in as there are certain modifications in the 4th gen over the years.

However, it can still fit in well in your 3rd generation Dodge Ram so you can get your desired interior look and comfort.

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