Challenger Shaker Hood (Things You Must Know)

Air floor is often a crucial factor when choosing a front cowl design in performance-oriented cars, as effective cooling and plenty of air intake are required to power everything.

And under the hood, a massive engine gathers air rushing across the hood and forces it into the intake manifold to the cold air intakes and air filters.

The Challenger shaker hood focuses the flow of cool air straight over the engine, allowing the car’s horsepower to be utilized to its full potential. Other standout features of the dodge challenger shaker include a track-ready performance package with steering, suspension, and even brakes. The shaker emblem is on the seats or the touch screen. 

What Is a Challenger Shaker Hood?

The challenger shaker hood refers to the massive scoop that rests above the engine.

It protrudes from the hood and moves in tandem with the engine torque, providing air to the engine air cleaner housing via dual scoop noses. 

Challenger trims Editions have become so unique that they come equipped with their own 10-millimeter nut driver wrench emblem.

The nut wrench functions with a shaker hood; therefore, it’s more than just another branded tool.

The huge pan takes up a lot of space, including the engine oil filler cap.

 Therefore you must move the two-piece assembly to fill up with the recommended 0W.40 full synthetic oil.

Furthermore, the dipstick in this trim is also very clear, even from the passengers’ side engine.

Does the Challenger Shaker Hood Add Horsepower? 

Not all challenger trims are equipped with a hood shaker.

Nevertheless, those trims that come with shakers have their cold air intake linked to the top of the engine, which essentially serves to pump cool air into the engine, thus, adding significant horsepower to the engine.

You can add the oil needed to the challenger shaker by simply removing the lid.

The cover is secured to the base by four nuts you can remove with the nut driver.

After removal, the material stays firmly connected to the wrench, thus preventing it from bouncing off the floor and into the black hole in your garage floor.

Similarly, it’s always a good idea to fasten them as soon as possible to prevent them from falling off the tool. 

Once you remove the top lid, only the access panel and the oil cap remain to remove and fill the 485-horsepower, 392-cubic-inch Hemi engine with the needed oil.

Equally important is to give your challenger shaker a nice wash while you are at it.

That is because the dodge challenger usually has a lot of dried water and grime stains under its hood. 

However, the airflow to the engine is not direct, so the shaker hood breather tube directs the air to the air filter box housing rather than the engine air intake.

Not only but also, Dodge also suggests regularly cleaning the lower part of the shaker for dirt and drain as well as applying leather, rubber, and vinyl protectors on the shaker seals after cleaning. 

The Mopar Dodge Challenger Shaker Hood Kit includes a coated and paintable metal hood and trim ring kit.

Shaker decals, and wash soft Tubes, cost between $800 and $1,000 depending on the year and location of purchase.

Similarly, the actual air intake kits with parts like scoops, pipes, filters, and hardware cost anywhere from $1,400 to $1,500.

Through Mopar, depending on which other Hemi you want to add a vibrating hood on. Also read: Ram 1500 2/4 Drop On 24s

Does The Challenger Shaker Hood Do Anything? 

The challenger shaker hoods come in all shapes and sizes. The designs range from purely artistic curves to powerful notches and scoops.

In performance-oriented cars, airflow is often a major consideration when choosing a bonnet design because plenty of air intake is needed to power everything, likewise for efficient cooling. 

Shaker hoods are usually common in high-performance cars; one of their functions is to collect air rushing across the bonnet and force it through the air intakes and air filters down to the intake manifold. 

There’s, however, a special type of integral air intake that’s been used on several legendary muscle cars, and it takes the functionality of the average hood up a few notches.

It’s known as the shaker hood (or shaker scoop).

It’s not part of the car’s hood but is attached directly above the air filter (or air cleaner), which is placed, on many American sports cars, on the upper engine block. 

Furthermore, the shaker hood gets its name because the intake air shakes/oscillates when the engine is running, and the vibrations from the reciprocating motion are transmitted upward and force the intake port to tremor. 

In addition, the shaker hood works effectively as a short air intake and has some advantages over standard air intake systems. 

Firstly, the distance that air must travel before entering the engine cylinder is greatly reduced due to the lack of the long hoses required for the entire air box system.

It means that intake air undergoes significantly less air resistance as it enters the intake system. 

This action reduces unnecessary friction and allows air to pass through the intake system smoothly and quickly, thereby improving the intake efficiency.

Secondly, the larger air entering the engine results in enhanced power. Combustion, as a well-known fact, involves three basic elements: oxygen, fuel, and a spark. 

Consequently, the energy per combustion cycle will grow, thereby increasing when the oxygen supply to the cylinder is also increased, resulting in the necessary power gain.

The air inside the compartment engine won’t be able to heat up because it travels a less distance. 

Furthermore, the cool air becomes suddenly condensed as it passes through the intake manifold, increasing the efficiency of the resultant internal combustion.

This action results from the significant temperature differences between the air intake and the ignition spark.

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Which Challengers Have a Shaker Hood

Two major challengers come readily equipped with the shaker hood. They are: 

#1. First, the Dodge Challenger R/T Plus Shaker:

This trim is equipped with The R/T Plus Shaker is equipped with this standout feature.

In a class of its own, the Challenger R/T Plus Shaker trim has options only available to this series alone.

#2. Second, the Dodge Challenger 392 HEMI Scat Pack Shaker:

This refined and powerful trim combines the power and heritage of the Shaker hood.

The 392 challenger trims aren’t only a signature shaker hood and a member of the Hemi Scat Pack families.


The car powerplant works best when it’s fed with the freshest and coolest air.

In turn, it results in different studies to aid in getting the airflow through the hood.

The Dodge Challenger fits all your muscle car needs and can always transport you back to their glory days.

This car model evokes the days of carbureted engines.

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