Dodge Ram Anti Theft Code? (Everything You Must Know)

Dealing with issues relating to automobile security requires more than merely keeping an eye on or having tools handy.

That is why in recent times if you observe, many automobile companies like Dodge incorporate anti-theft codes in their vehicle radios. 

This article highlights critical points for anyone interested in detailed and precise information about the Dodge ram anti-theft code.

Dodge ram anti-theft codes are meant to hint at specific issues related to the theft of a vehicle or its parts. Common issues like disconnecting the battery or having the radio pulled out from its harness. They are sensed by the installed anti-theft system, which has an alarm that goes off to indicate a possible fault or theft.

How Do I Get The Anti Theft Code for my Dodge?

The anti-theft code for most Dodge vehicles is printed on an information card usually placed in the gloves box.

Every Dodge truck has a gloves compartment and a box reserved for other vital items in an emergency.

For example, items like truck insurance, a first aid kit, and other items that are considered essential can be kept in the gloves box.

There are cases where the information card is not provided or probably misplaced by the vehicle owner or omitted by the manufacturers, which are rare.

You may need your Vehicle Identification Number to get the anti-theft code in such cases.

Otherwise, the vehicle model number, which is required on some websites provided by the company, and your anti-theft code will be sent to your Anti Theft device.

The anti-theft code can also be located in the anti-theft radio, which has its radio unlock code.

The radio-unlock code can be found on the vehicle manual and needs to be input into the car radio to unlock it.

In situations where none of those mentioned above is effective, the best way out is to contact a Dodge mechanic online

By sending the information required by the company, like the vehicle identification number, model number, phone number, and email, you’d get the radio-unlock code.¬†

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How Do You Reset the Anti Theft System on a Dodge Ram?

You can either use the truck remotely to reset the anti-theft system on a Dodge or without the remote for instances where it is not close.

Asides from the remote, in cases where the remote is not in sight, resetting the anti-theft system can be done by two methods using the key.

The simple steps listed below give a guide on how to reset the anti-theft system;

#1. Method 1

This method involves using the remote car remote to reset the anti-theft system.

  • Inspect both the car and remote batteries, checking that they’re in place and not faulty or empty.
  • In cases where there was an attempted theft on the vehicle, check for damages, especially on the door area. Checking for damages here will determine if to go ahead with the remote method of resetting the anti-theft system or using the driving key.
  • Some vehicles have different keys for different purposes. One for explicitly opening the door and another for starting the vehicle. Ensure that you aren’t using the wrong key for the wrong operation.

#2. Method 2

This method involves using the key instead of the remote to reset the anti-theft system.

  • Check that the truck’s battery is not running low. Both the car batteries and the remote should be fully charged when trying to reset the anti-theft code. Since it senses a low battery, it may activate if the batteries are empty or low.
  •  Even when the remote is in sight, instead of unlocking the door with the remote. Close all the truck’s doors, and from the driver’s side, turn the key to the “lock” and turn it back to “unlock.”
  • ¬†Ensure that the doors are locked once you get into the truck. Otherwise, trying to reset it while all doors are open may be interpreted by the anti-theft system as attempted theft. In addition, this may lead to the alarm attached going off, if any, or disabling the truck’s engine.
  •  Place the key in the ignition without cranking the engine. 
  • Next, allow the key to be in the ignition for a few minutes, preferably five, to allow more time. This is a way of giving the car enough time to recognize the key inserted.
  • Start the truck once you’re sure that the key has stayed long enough in the ignition.
  • If this method does not work, inspect if the truck engine is disabled in case you might have missed a step. Then, step out of the vehicle, lock it with the key, and allow the truck some time before trying again.

#3. Method 3

  • Using the key, lock and unlock the door of the vehicle normally.
  • Insert the key in the truck ignition and hold steady for a few seconds.
  • Take note of the anti-theft system lights, usually blue or red, displayed on the dashboard.
  • Turn the ignition and observe the dashboard. If the engine doesn’t come on, it is likely it has been disabled.  
  • Observe if the anti-theft light is blinking or not. If it’s not blinking, turn off the ignition by turning the key to the off position to allow the anti-theft system reset itself. 
  • Restart the engine after allowing the system to reset on its own for a few minutes. If it doesn’t come on, inspect the car battery for a partial contact or check if it’s low.
  • Otherwise, repeat the process from step 1 to the last step until it works. And if by the time you’ve done this twice, and it still doesn’t work, it is better to seek technical assistance from the company mechanics.

Anti-theft systems serve as security against theft of the entire vehicle or its parts.

Its working principle is based on electrical circuits such that if the circuit disconnects, the power will cease to flow.

This disables the engine and eventually brings the truck to a halt.

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As a car owner, taking extra measures to secure your vehicle is one thing not to ignore.

This is where the anti-theft system protects your Dodge ram against theft or system breakdown.

The anti-theft code for Dodge ram has quick responses to triggers that may be closely related to theft.

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