Escalade Heated Steering Wheel Not Working? (Let’s See)

A pair of cold hands holding a cold steering wheel on a cold morning to work.

This scene is not pretty; all the shivering, the poor maneuvering, and loss of control at the tip of fingers.

But, if you have a Cadillac Escalade in the winter, you understand how important to have the heated accessories up and running.

One of the heated accessories is the steering wheel. What happens when it stops working? What could be the reason?

The Electrical system and remote key malfunction are reasons why your car’s heated steering wheel feature might malfunction. These are not the only possible problem. However, they seem to be the significant and most common reason. Understanding the system is a better way to understand the problem.

How Does Escalade Heated Steering Wheel Work?

Cadillac is unique and rated highly for its amazing features and accessories. For example, this series’s trim levels have a heated steering wheel.

This availability shows how important this feature is for many users and drivers. It is one of the things that makes Escalade endearing to us.

Simply put, the heated steering wheel uses heat energy. The car’s electrical system sourcing from the battery converts to heat energy.

This heat energy warms up your heated steering wheel. The warmth makes grips far more comfortable in cold conditions. 

However, the heating of steering wheels is a regulated process. The heating does not continue for as long as you drive.

There is a set temperature limit for your Cadillac steering wheel. Once the heated steering wheel gets to this limit, it turns off the system and stops heating. 

Understandably, the steering wheel takes longer to get to the limit in cold conditions.

Hence, the indicator lights up for a more extended period in this situation.

On the other hand, the heated steering wheel quickly gets to the temperature setting in a warmer climate.

The maximum functioning time in both conditions is 165 minutes. 

Why is Escalade Heated Steering not Working?

There are many components or parts that contribute to the normal functioning of your Cadillac Escalade steering wheel.

Error from any one of the components can prevent your steering wheel from heating up. For various car brands, different situations are often responsible for this error. 

However, for Cadillacs, especially Escalades, some reasons are more common than others.

There are primary and most common problems that can cause your Escalade heated steering wheel to stop working.

The suggestions also contain possible solutions. They are as follows:

#1. Electrical System

One of the most common issues that plague the Cadillac brand is faulty electrical systems.

For the Escalade, electrical system faults are often the primary cause of heated steering not working.

This system connects the heated steering wheel to the battery through systemic wiring.

Any cuts or disconnection in this wiring can lead to errors.

This situation shows that while everything is okay with your wheel and the battery, the power transfer from the battery to the steering wheel heater is not complete. 

Sometimes, the error in the electrical system is a comprehensive type.

For example, the whole system may malfunction, which has nothing to do with the steering wheel.

In this scenario, many of the accessories in the car might malfunction or stop working totally.

More often than not, the heated steering wheel feature also stops working in this situation.

Errors from the electrical system trigger several warning lights in your car. For example, the check engine light and other warning lights come up.

It is an easy way to identify issues regarding the electrical system. 


Problems with the electrical system are major issues. You should treat these problems with utmost urgency.

Many of the accessories in your Cadillac Escalade depend on the electrical system. Hence taking the car to an expert auto mechanic is the safest option.

It would help if you did this as soon as you suspect issues related to the electrical system.

Sometimes, errors with the electrical system are due to software. Reinstallation of the necessary software in your car’s system solves all the problems.

At other times, it takes careful examination of the physical components of the electrical system.

The duration of repair or replacement depends on the extent of the error.

If all it takes is the reinstallation of the system software, then you should have your Escalade back in a few days.

However, another type of error might takes weeks. Sometimes, it is best to call your auto dealer and have a comprehensive car check.

#2. Temperature Regulation Sensor

The temperature sensor in your car is responsible for several functions and processes.

First, it helps detect the temperature of the steering wheel when heating and when the heater is off.

If the sensor records a wrong temperature equal to or higher than the set limit, the steering wheel heater turns off. 

The temperature sensor is also responsible for many other features in your Cadillac.

This feature includes the heated ventilated seats and the car’s air conditioning system.

If any or all of this system should malfunction, you know there is an issue with the temperature sensor.


Sometimes, replacing your temperature sensor is the solution. You can contact your local mechanic about replacing your Escalade temp sensor.

This replacement is not a simple step because the sensor connects with other car components. 

The temperature sensor also connects with the electrical system’s car computing system.

Error with the temperature sensor can come from a faulty electrical system. It is worth taking a look at the system.

#3. The Cadillac CUE System

The Cadillac CUE system connects the driver to the features that serve the most valuable purpose.

It is the infotainment system for your car. For example, the system is one of the ways to turn on the heated steering wheel feature of your Cadillac.

Any software update or system plug-in can lead to an error in your car’s accessories system.

This error can also affect the heated steering wheel. In addition, the system may fail to turn on. 


An update to the CUE software is often all you need to solve this problem. Uploading the CUE is often an automatic process.

Once you connect to the internet, the system starts updating with your permission. 

#4. Faulty Steering Wheel

The steering wheel can incur damage and stop working. Other components are working fine, but the wheel does not heat up.

This scenario is rare but is also a possibility. If a comprehensive check of the car confirms that other systems are working fine, then the wheel is faulty.


You have two options before you if you have a faulty steering wheel. First, you can get the OEM steering wheel with heated and other features.

This option is expensive. However, it is effective and long-lasting. Replacing the wheel also attract high labor cost.

The second option is to buy a heated steering wheel trim and cover. The cover is a fabric with a cord that connects to the car’s charging port.

Once you connect the cable, the heated steering wheel cover heats up.

This option is cheaper and can help change the look of your car’s interior but require regular replacement. 

Escalade Won’t Start? Steering Wheel Reset

Final Thoughts

Various issues can cause your Escalade steering wheel to stop working.

Detecting the exact cause or problem is essential. Only then can use direct your attention toward the proper solution.

With the heated steering wheel feature back and working, you can enjoy that comfort and smooth driving from Cadillac.

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