Dodge RAM Door Lock Not Working? (Reasons & Solutions)

Having your door lock fail on you after a stressful day at work is not a thing of joy.

Door locks are notorious for failing individually or as a unit. That means you must know the type of door lock failure you are experiencing.

So what can you do if your dodge RAM door lock does not work properly?

Your dodge RAM door lock will not work if you have a faulty key fob or a blown electric fuse. A bad door lock actuator can also be a problem. If your door actuator is faulty, your vehicle door lock will not work. You can fix your lock by following the guidelines in this article or taking it for repairs.

Dodge RAM Door Lock Problems

Dodge Ram Door Lock Not Working

There are multiple reasons your Dodge RAM door lock does not work.

Power door locks are a compact system compared to traditional mechanical door locks.

Door locks are a very important security system that protects your car from potential burglary and theft.

If your car lock does not work as intended, you can have your car easily stolen or vandalized. 

A simple battery swap can fix your power door locks, while sometimes they require a major overhaul.

You have to ensure you identify the problem before attempting any repairs. Here are some problems your RAM’s door lock can experience.

#1. Single Door Lock not Working

A single door of your dodge ram might suddenly stop refusing to lock or unlock.

It means the affected door actuator is bad, or there’s a break in one of your door’s electrical cables.

Replacing the faulty actuator and repairing all the broken cables will ensure the door lock works again.

#2. Multiple or All Door Locks not Working

Your door lock not working when using your key fob or internal door lock can be annoying.

Imagine carrying armfuls of groceries, but you cannot remotely unlock your car door.

All your door locks failing together could mean a fault in the car’s electrical system caused by a blown electrical fuse or broken electrical cables.

A faulty lock actuator could also be the cause, but the chances of all your car’s locking actuators failing are slim.

#3. The Door is not Locking Fully

Your car power lock might not not be locking or unlocking your doors fully.

Cases like this pose a security risk as you can leave your car door unlocked mistakenly.

If there is lots of dirt and grime on your door actuator, your door will not lock properly. Obstructions and rusty linkages can also cause such problems.

#4. Wireless Lock not Working

If your car lock works properly from the central lock control but doesn’t unlock/lock wirelessly, it means your key fob is the problem.

Your key fob might stop locking or unlocking your car if its battery is dead or the key fob is faulty.

You need to do a simple battery replacement, or you must replace your key fob.

Dodge Ram Drivers Door Lock not Working

You can control all your dodge ram door locks through the panel on the driver-side door.

If the key lock on the driver’s side of your vehicle works, there’s a problem with your electrical system.

Most car door locks and window regulators do not have the same wiring circuits, but they draw power from the master switch.

You can try resetting your door master switch if your windows and driver door locks do not work.

Here are some ways to reset your car’s master switch.

  • Turn off the car and let it cool down for some time. If it’s snowing, park the car in a warm area like a garage.
  • Disconnect the battery terminals, and ensure you remove the negative terminals first.
  • Press the horn and try to turn on the lights; this will ensure there’s no residual current left in the car’s electrical system.
  • Leave the car like this for 30 minutes minimum.
  • Open the inner door plate, clean and oil the door lock actuator and the window regulator.
  • Remove and clean the contacts on the window and lock switches.
  • Reconnect the wires and start the car. 
  • Allow the car to run for some minutes, then try the lock. If there’s no other problem, the window should start working normally.

2010 Dodge RAM Rear Door Lock not Working

Is your 2010 Dodge RAM rear door lock not working? If yes, don’t worry. You are not alone.

There have been multiple cases of the rear door locks of this particular dodge model failing. In most cases, the problem arises due to a faulty locking actuator.

Here are some things that could cause your rear door lock not to work.

Actuator.A faulty actuator will not move the lock whenever the car is unlocked or locked.
Supply cable.Electrical cables can fail over time or due to wear and tear.
Locking mechanism.If the locking mechanism is bad, the door will lock halfway or will not lock at all.

What Causes Power Door Locks to Stop Working?

Different factors can cause your power door lock to stop working. Here is a list of the possible factors that can cause your door lock to stop working.

#1. Faulty Actuator

A lock actuator is a piece of technology that locks your car doors. If a door actuator is faulty, that door will not lock electronically.

#2. Accumulated Dirt and Grime

If you live in dusty regions, there’s a chance that dust and grime will accumulate in your actuator gears and linkages.

Dust and grime can cause minor short circuits and obstruct your car locking system.

#3. Rusty Linkages

Constant exposure to water and high humidity can be disastrous for your car locking system. Rusty linkages will not allow your lock to work properly. 

#4. Blown Fuses

Blown electrical fuses are one of the major reasons car locks stop working. Your vehicle fuse blows if there’s a short circuit or overloading of its electricals.

#5. Faulty Key Fob,

The Key Fob is the wireless remote attached to your car’s keys. It unlocks your car by sending an encrypted radio signal which your car’s security system receives and recognizes.

If your key fob has a dead battery or is not transmitting the unlocking signal, your vehicle will not unlock.

#6. Broken Wires

Some cables supply electricity to the door unlocking system. These cables can wear out or break after years of continuous use.

Broken electrical cables will cause the door lock to stop working.

How Do You Fix a RAM Door Lock Not Working?

You can fix some of the issues with your door locking system. Provided you have all the necessary tools and equipment with you.

Here are some things you can do to fix your dodge ram door lock.

  • Change the Fuse. If all your door locks are not working, you can try checking your fuse and replacing the bad one.
  • Clean and Oil Parts. Some parts of your locking system may have become dried and rusty. Cleaning and applying oil to them will free those parts stuck together.
  • Change Key Fob Battery. A dead battery will not allow the key fob to transfer your car unlocking codes. Buying and replacing the battery will fix your locking problem.
  • Repair Broken Wires. The wires that supply power to the locking system can break at some points. Tracing and fixing the fault will allow the affected door to start working properly.
  • Replace Faulty Actuator. Your car lock system will not work if your actuator is faulty. You can replace your door actuator system for a few hundred dollars at your dealership or DIY at a cheaper cost.

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Having a single or all of your door locks fail on you can be a bit of a nuisance.

You can implement different troubleshooting methods and relatively easy methods of fixing them.

You must ensure that you attend to your car lock issues as soon as possible to prevent possible security breaches.

Take your car to a qualified Dodge repair center if you want to void your warranty.

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