Edge Pulsar Ram 1500 Problems (Must Know Things)

New car technological tools are constantly added to the car market to enhance car performance and ease the stress in some car operations.

For example, the Pulsar Edge Ram 1500 is a well-arranged computer connecting to a car’s powertrain control module and removes irrelevant cables in the engine room.

It may be effective because it optimizes the Ram 1500’s signals to enhance performance, throttle operation, etc., but it isn’t exempt from damage.

So what are Edge Pulsar Ram 1500 problems?

The Pulsar Edge isn’t available in the 2017 to 2019 models of Duramax trucks, so any user of such truck won’t have access to it. It doesn’t improve fuel mileage; it adds extra horsepower to cars, increasing the chances of engine knocking or control loss. Additionally, it enhances the multi-displacement engine technology, which significantly reduces your engine performance.

Problems and Solutions of Pulsar Edge Ram 1500

The Pulsar Edge doesn’t boost fuel mileage as many users were made to believe.

In contrast, you’ll notice a decrease in your fuel economy, especially if you idle your car often.

In addition, the additional horsepower the Pulsar gives to a vehicle varies from 15hp to 130hp, and such horsepower can be an issue.

It could lead to many difficulties and loss of control, particularly if you’re not an experienced driver.

In addition, such power can void a car’s warranty because it changes most of its features.

Further, it encourages the operation of multi-displacement in engines which may sound like a good thing but isn’t to some extent.

It reduces engine performance to minimize exhaust emission, which is environmentally healthy but puts more strain on a car engine.

Finally, it limits the power a motor can offer, making it difficult to tow or even accelerate when driving on a highway.

Again, it causes engine wear since it renders some engine cylinders inactive, leaving the remnants to do the heavy work themselves.

These four of the total engine cylinders are more vulnerable to damage than the rest resulting in oil combustion issues and more. 

In this situation, the best way to solve this issue is to deactivate the MDS mode or bypass it. Instead, switch to the Pulsar Edge performance mode.

The solution to the horsepower issue is making the right choice of Edge Pulsar.

Since they add different horse powers, you can opt for a lower horsepower Pulsar.

It may not make a noticeable difference to your car as a slight addition. And to avoid the poor fuel economy, some possible solutions are:

  • Keep your car tires well-pumped with the proper air pressure
  • Go low on cargo weight.
  • Drive at a steady speed
  • Avoid excessive and abrupt braking.
  • Don’t idle your car frequently.

How To Make the Best Use of an Edge Pulsar Ram 1500?

  • The first step is not to surpass the lawful speed limitations on public lanes. Disobeying traffic regulations is risky and could cause harm, car destruction, or both.
  • Ensure not to use the Edge Pulsar while your car is in motion, as it could be a distraction. Distractions, in turn, result in severe damage, death, or car damage. The best alternative is to make necessary adjustments when the car is stopped to avoid interference with your driving focus.
  • Avoid piling products as heaping performance-intensifying machines or following different inappropriate installations results in power train loss while driving. Other devices may possess traits conflicting with your tool. Ensure to strictly follow the installation procedures and guidelines.

A vital point is that some changes may influence other vehicle factors.

For instance, if you withdraw/modify the acceleration control in your automobile, confirm your wheels and other car elements are suitable for the maximum acceleration they will experience. 

How To Install an Edge Pulsar?

With or without prior experience, you can successfully install an Edge Pulsar on your Ram, albeit it requires utmost care.

Follow these steps below religiously to make an accurate installation;

  • Open your Ram 1500’s bonnet and take out the air box if you wish for more space to install the Pulsar.
  • Find your ECU located on the firewall, in the middle of your cab, and the motor. It may be next to or at the back of the car’s air box.
  • Locate both plugs and trace the lines to the ECU’s position. The cables are bound with zip ties, so slit the wires to get a loose end wire you can join together later on.
  • Remove the two plugs from the electronic control unit and turn both red clips over by shoving the black fasteners over the red pegs. Then, gradually turn the red clasp and wriggle the connector until it comes out smoothly.
  • Unfasten the bolts that connect the electronic control unit to its setting, and be careful when removing the bolts to avoid the ECU from falling off.
  • Remove the ECU and put it aside safely before connecting the Edge Pulsar. It links directly to the electronic control unit like the two plugs marked by specific colors. The Pulsar has to have a flush attachment with each physical docking point to leave room between Edge Pulsar and the electronic control unit but none between the plug and straps.
  • After that, use the incorporated fasteners to put the electronic control unit and Pulsar directly into the motor. Again, you don’t have to be extreme in tightening the fasteners; have them comfortably placed to hold the devices safely.
  • Lastly, plug both color-marked plugs straight into Pulsar and straps and safely place them in position by shutting the red fasteners. Remember that these plugs are already set, so they have just one entrance route and fit their precise color zone; hence if their entrance isn’t smooth, be gentle. Shut them safely alongside the red fasteners, and you’re all done.

The Edge Pulsar’s Tuning Module

The Edge Pulsar has four tuners: stock, fuel economy, hauling cars, and smooth performance.

You can configure these four tuning features with your Dodge Ram multi-displacement system to give you eight tuning modules for any operation when activated or deactivated.

Features of the Edge Pulsar

The features of an Edge Pulsar include:

  • Upgrades general performance
  • It has various tuning modules to fit your driving purpose and fuel consumption.
  • It has a piggyback on the PCM to modify signals, helping you obtain the desired tuning impact.
  • You can view the settings on the indicator display.
  • The control buttons are located on the steering wheel for easy access.
  • If you don’t wish to use it, you can deactivate the multi-displacement system switches.
  • You can change levels on fly inline modules, which means you can adjust your speed level even while driving using the cruise control switches on the driving wheel.
  • You can update the Edge Pulsar Ram 1500 by connecting a laptop via a USB cable and running it to the truck’s OBDII port.
  • It has Mounting Hardware to simplify installation procedures.
  • It’s compatible with every Ram 1500 model from 2015 to 2018.

The Edge Pulsar has tuning modules that work effectively to provide reliable changes to your truck’s performance and are out to protect your engine.

Also, it delivers additional features aside from the conventional tuning, which are speed limiter adjustment, built-in throttle sensitivity control, etc.

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As the name suggests, the Edge Pulsar Ram 1500 is the best performance-boosting device for the Ram 1500, with tuners and other beneficial features.

It may be very advantageous, but it also has its drawbacks, though there are available solutions to bypass these problems.

Finally, the Pulsar is updatable and completely free to enable you to enjoy the latest advanced features.

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