Why Are Used Toyota Tundras So Expensive? (Explained)

You may be wondering why a vehicle costs so much even after being used for some time.

For example, used Toyota Tundras are usually expensive compared to newer cars of lesser quality, which may raise the question above.

Well, let’s find out why you have to pay so much for a used Tundra.

Used Tundras are so expensive because they have a high demand. The increased demand placed on the results from Tundras’ have; reliability. Over the years, Toyota Tundras have built a solid reputation for running well and doing so dependably in the long term. As a result, those who own them tend to keep them for an extended period and not let them go quickly, thus creating an artificial scarcity of the used vehicle, making them expensive.

Why Are Old Tundras so Expensive?

Used Toyota Tundras So Expensive

Old Toyota Tundras are expensive because they are known for their outstanding reliability.

Aside from the reliability of the Toyota Tundra, the truck is known to have a longevity that spans greater than most trucks of other brands and models.

In addition, Toyota Tundras are full-size trucks making them very useful to many professionals. 

Those who own a Toyota tundra tend to use them for more extended periods; this reduces the number of tundra cars you will find in the used market.

In market principles, the higher demand for any good, whether used or new, the higher the prices.

Trucks and many other SUVs are popular cars in great demand; the Toyota Tundra stands out among others, making it an expensive vehicle during resale.

Further, there is a general decline in Toyota’s number of new trucks due to the current shortage in microchip production. Microchips are an essential component of the production process of a car.

This shortage also negatively affects the Toyota Tundra with no brand new Toyota Tundras. Therefore, those who wish to own a Toyota Tundra would have to look to the used car market to acquire one. 

Additionally, this increases the demand for these vehicles, and those with the Toyota Tundra tend to keep them anticipating a price hike so they can cash in.

However, this could happen because of the assurance from the reliability of the Toyota Tundra.

Furthermore, though used, they possess almost the same quality as a new one making more people more comfortable purchasing old ones.

Are Tundras Reliable?

Toyota Tundras are indeed a reliable vehicle by all standards, regardless of where you look. Several reviews emphasize the reliability of the Toyota Tundra and consider it as one of the best trucks in the market.

On average, you may need to service your Toyota Tundra only about 0.3 times per year. However, the value rises to about 0.4 times per year compared to other trucks.

It is a fact that the average annual maintenance cost of this full-size truck averages a total of 606 dollars. This figure suggests that the Toyota Tundra is more affordable to maintain among trucks of similar class.

That is because the Toyota tundra may only be due for a major service after a 10,000 mileage which reduces the cost of maintenance. 

Judging by consumer reports, the Toyota Tundras ranks among the most reliable full-size trucks in the market. This report comes from the contact view inventory of those who own a Toyota Tundra.

The report exhibits a low number of complaints listed by a highway traffic safety regulatory body. This analysis scores the Toyota tundra very high with an overall rating of 4 stars.

You may want to know why new Tundras are so Expensive too?

Do Tundras Hold their Value?

The Toyota Tundra truck is an excellent deal for anyone who wants to get a used vehicle. This full-size truck only depreciates 39% of the original value after five years, making it good at holding its value over a period.

For example, a used Toyota of about two years would have only lost 21% of its original monetary value with plenty of useful life remaining. This fact implies that selling a used Toyota truck after some time is profitable for the seller and the buyer.

After two years of use, the Toyota tundra only depreciates by 11,000 dollars and still looks like a relatively new model. Just a few thousand dollars goes out from the seller after two years of use.

Meanwhile, the buyer purchases the truck at a lower price with a near-new experience in efficiency and reliability. Indeed, the Toyota tundra is a good store of value for any full-sized truck.  

Are Tundras Worth the Money?

Yes, the Toyota Tundra truck is worth every penny spent on it, either for purchase or maintenance. According to reviews from customers ‘ hybrid view inventory, this truck has a high performance and reliability index. 

Some reasons why the Toyota tundra is worth the money include:

#1. Excellent performance from a v8 engine

The v-8 standard engine has an excellent acceleration for a full-size truck. In addition, this engine supports a good drive on the road and a remarkable towing capacity making it a good buy.

#2. Good Towing Capacity

The Toyota Tundra truck comes with a high-performance V8 engine which sponsors an excellent towing capacity. The truck has the capacity of pulling goods up to 6,800 pounds. Do you know Why are Toyota Engines so Good?

#3. Comfortable Luxurious Interior

The Toyota Tundra truck is worth its money with a spacious and comfortable cabin, plenty of legs, and headroom at the rear seat. Though built for the rugged outdoors, the interior still provides comfort and luxury that allows you to enjoy every ride.

#4. High-Tech Safety Features

A couple of high-tech features come with the Toyota Tundra. They include a standard Toyota safety sense p system, dynamic radar cruise control, and a lane departure alert.

These technologies allow for smart driving, making this vehicle a great bargain.

What Problems do Toyota Tundras Have?

Toyota Tundras

Like every other vehicle, Toyota Tundras users have frequently complained about certain problems their Toyota tundra exhibits.

Some of these problems include: 

  • secondary air injection system failure
  • integrated brake controller failure
  • ineffective floor mat design
  • sticking accelerator pedal

#1. Secondary Air Injection System Failure

Here is a recurrent issue with many Toyota tundra owners. They complain about a secondary air injection failure after a few years of usage.

Failure of this component leads to water getting into the injection pumps and sometimes valves. 

#2. Integrated Brake Controller Failure

The factory-made integrated brake controllers sometimes fail shortly after purchase. Therefore, it leads to a reduction in the truck’s braking power.

Most customers fix this problem by installing aftermarket brake controllers.

#3. Ineffective Floor Mat Design

An ineffective floor mat design allows the pedal to stick to the floor mat when depressed. When faced with this problem, Toyota would recall your truck to have it fixed.

#4. Sticking Accelerator Pedal

Drivers sometimes experience unintended acceleration after stepping on the pedal for some time. It happens because the pedals usually return too slowly or remain in one place due to friction.

By installing a reinforcement bar, you can avoid this problem.


Used Toyota tundra still possesses many qualities; these qualities make them quite expensive for resale.

The Toyota Tundra truck maintains a high level of reliability, making the used vehicles remain in high demand despite being used.

This vehicle holds its worth even after five years of usage. A good performance capacity, an excellent towing ability, and a comfortable interior make the Toyota tundra a good buy.

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