Why Toyota Vellfire Is So Expensive? (Explained)

We sometimes tend to underrate the worth and cost of the Toyota Vellfire car model by far. But in the real sense, the Toyota Vellfire is one of the top luxurious cars ever manufactured worldwide.

Though a midsize Toyota MPV, the make-up and general features far beat the quality of other expensive premium cars that we are aware of.

The all-new Toyota Vellfire is currently sold as a Completely Built Unit which attracts a lot of taxes causing the vehicle to be very expensive. However, the luxury MPV is an amazing car with lots of eye-catching and futuristic features that count as major selling points in the market. The Toyota variant is commonly used by celebrities, another reason for the Toyota Vellfire price.

Is Toyota Vellfire Worth It?

Toyota Vellfire Is So Expensive

The exclusive features of this Toyota variant are by far worth the resource that was spent in purchasing it. The Toyota Vellfire is among the few bulletproof vehicles in the entire world. 

Amazing car features like heated and cooled seats, retractable food tables for the middle row, and electronically adjustable footrest provide much of its comfort to passengers.

This makes the Vellfire very suitable for long road trips.

Aside from the beautiful interior of the Vellfire, it is also a very safe car to drive in. The MPV design of the Vellfire is so subtle that it is very easy to blend into the normal traffic.

It is very difficult to detect the heavy armor protection of the vehicle by just looking at it. You can enjoy your movies on the 13-inch LED touchscreen even while driving in a bad neighborhood.

The Toyota Vellfire MPV is simply just the perfect combination of luxury and safety.

The Vellfire is aimed at satisfying a buyer that is looking for a reliable and opulent experience. Vellfire normally sets the owner apart from the rich people and can make many envious.

It also displays a sense of luxury in itself, the interior beauty, bodily makeup, and high performance are an additional plus to the vehicle.

The Toyota Vellfire is an exclusive and extravagant asset.

How Much is a Toyota Vellfire?

The Price of the Toyota Vellfire in the US is about 108,220 US Dollars, standard charges apply. However, the price varies slightly from country to country.

However, it is the most expensive in India with all the extra taxes paid. Aside from tax alone, the fact that the Vellfire can run on the supply of electricity also makes the car worth even more, just like Tesla cars.

Also, several other factors contribute to the cost of the Toyota Vellfire in other parts of the world.

This goes a long way to prove that the Toyota Vellfire is certainly on the list of expensive premium car brands. The characteristic features of the car also make for its luxurious price.

Do you want to go for an all-around safe, comfortable, reliable, and fancy car? The Toyota Vellfire MPV is the right choice for you.

What is Special About Toyota Vellfire?

The vehicle comes with a 6-speed manual gearbox with a naturally aspirated petrol and diesel engine. That means that the vehicle can run on both petrol and diesel.

The Toyota Vellfire makes use of a hybrid powertrain that is connected to the 2.5-liter petrol engine, this makes for its speed on the road. That’s unique to it.

The comfort derived from the car can be attributed to the nature of its seats and its arrangements. Anybody will enjoy the comfort of the Vellfire, even you. 

Again, the seats have an armrest with cup holders, multiple USB ports for charging your mobile devices, and also a rear AC vent.

The seat arrangement graded in high-level leather offers excellent comfort and a wide range of adjustments.

Even the co-driver’s seats can be adjusted forward to provide for more space at the back. You may want to use that space to unwind yourself after a very long day in the office. 

Why Do People Like Vellfire?

Many people prefer the Toyota Vellfire over other cars because of its style of design, comfort, safety features, and most especially because of its net value.

The interior design of the Vellfire is beautiful to behold, looks simple but it is simply aesthetic. The external outlook of the Toyota Vellfire is simply amazing in isolation.

The general make-up of the car alone will make you develop a keen interest in it. 

Just like other Toyota models, the dashboard of the Toyota Vellfire is very easy to navigate with easy touchscreens and soft-touch materials.

As large as the Toyota Vellfire is, it is surprisingly easy to drive. From the feedback of customers, the Vellfire has a light steering, this makes the vehicle easy to drive and even U-turn doesn’t require any extra force.

With the comfort derived from the Vellfire plus easy navigation system, it is simply just a good choice for long drives even with full capacity.

Another reason I would go for the Toyota Vellfire is that it is a very fuel-efficient vehicle. The fuel consumption rate of the Toyota Vellfire is on average and this makes it suitable for daily and even long drives.

The Vellfire comes with a large 2.5-liter petrol engine that consumes only an average amount of fuel for hundreds of miles.

You wouldn’t worry about stopping at the gas station for a long while when driving the Toyota Vellfire. That is less stress for a very busy personality.

Also, the hybrid powertrain earlier mentioned is capable of driving the car purely on electricity. It is also capable of running on all wheels with the electric motor at the rear of the axle.

In addition, luxurious second-row seats like no other, enough space for even tall people, and the footrest with adjustable footrest extension just increases the love people have for the vehicle.

Is Vellfire Safe?

The safety sense system of the Toyota Vellfire is top-notch embedded with mind-blowing safety features.

These features include dual airbags, an Anti-lock braking system, and rear cameras with sensors, disc brakes, a speed alert system, an emergency stop system, an Automatic transmission system, and several other features.

The stability of the Vellfire on the road is very firm, so you can be well assured of a safe trip whenever you want to engage in a long drive.

The various safety features of the Vellfire help prevent accidents, property damages, and loss of lives. 

The Automatic Braking Technology of the Vellfire has prevented so many accidents that we can count based on feedback gotten from customers.

This is a plus to the Toyota Vellfire as the Safety Sense system will apply an Automatic brake in a case where the driver fails to apply brakes.

The sensory cameras are so advanced that they can work under harsh climatic zones

Also, another wonderful safety feature of the Toyota Vellfire is that it is a bulletproof vehicle.

Nowadays, armored cars have become more desired as people are starting to appreciate their significance as a safe asset.

The large full-length tinted bulletproof windows are another comforting safety feature of the car.


If you want a very firm, comfortable, high-performance, and safe car to cruise, then the Toyota Vellfire is a good choice for you. Though maybe considered a luxury MPV, it is for sure worth the price.

The comfort of the car is something to bank on, also, its body makeup is simply amazing not to mention the mind-blowing safety features. I can assure you that you will enjoy the Toyota Vellfire for your long trips.

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