P1524 Dodge Ram 1500 (Things You Must Know)

Oil is a significant part of every engine. They are crucial to engines as engines are vital to cars.

It is a lubricant for moving metal parts, and catastrophic complications will arise when they’re unavailable in the proper quantity and pressure. 

Due to this, the Dodge Ram has various electrical systems to oversee oil levels and notify you of any issues.

An example of such a system is the engine code. It supplies many ciphers, for example, engine code- P1524, but what does this mean?

P1524 is an engine code that indicates oil level and Psi problems. It connects to oil pressure sensors and gauges and displays results on your instrument panel. When this system notices any oil abnormalities that could affect your engine, it shows it for you to see and fix it immediately, as leaving it could cause worse problems. 

What Is P1524 Code in Dodge Ram 1500?

P1524 code means that the oil pressure in an engine has exceeded its range.

And that the pressure is so low that it doesn’t measure up to the Dodge Ram’s regulated requirements to enable the variable valve timing to initiate.

Several elements activate this code before being shown on the panel for you to view.

These factors causing the code P152 include:

#1. Low Engine Oil

Engine oil could constantly reduce even after constant toppings due to bad engines and surrounding components like pistons or seals.

However, low lubricant means there won’t be enough lubricant to reach all metal parts with friction which is a problem.

Therefore, it is vital to check the engine oil periodically to know its level.

#2. Viscosity

Low or high oil viscosity causes minimal pressure and is apparent in its supply.

Engine oil with minimal viscosity produces reduced resistance and flows freely, while oil with high viscosity produces more resistance and less lubrication.

Due to this, always consult your Dodge Ram’s manual to know its oil viscosity specifications, especially under different temperatures.

#3. Obvious Low Pressure

The Dodge Ram’s diesel engine has a pressure gauge that gives accounts of its computed Psi in lbs or bars.

In addition, some engine oil manufacturers produce lubricants that have low viscosity but still correspond with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) specifications. 

Lower fluid resistance allows free movement, which is better than the restricted fluidity in high-viscosity oil, and if the pressure is normal (25 to 65 Psi), you are good to go.

Engine wear, a faulty oil pressure gauge, pump wear, and plugged filters are other causes of low pressure, code P1524.

In addition, wear to an engine reduce oil flow, particularly in issues of bearings, and a damaged oil pressure meter could show false readings.

Again, a damaged pump cannot detect correct pressure due to leakages, and finally, a filter plugged with dirt won’t operate appropriately, resulting in no lubrication.

How To Fix P1524 Dodge Ram 1500?

Knowing the cause of the P1524 code makes it easier to fix it.

For example, you may only need to change your oil to one following all specifications for a Dodge Ram engine, change the oil filter, clean the oil pan, and inspect the oil pump and motor for issues.

Oil problems could be due to dirty oil or lubricants that aren’t suitable for your engine.

Dirty oil is as useless as no oil as it can’t lubricate any metal parts, leading to pressure reduction.

You may not need to change oil constantly, but it is still reasonable to check to know if there are any problems or even a rapid change in the oil due to contamination. 

Periodically doing this will save you a lot of stress. In addition, the filters could get contaminated by dirt, minimizing oil flow.

The best solution for this is buying a lifetime oil filter which serves better than the regular disposable filter.

Further, cleaning the oil pan is another vital step as it helps you eliminate sludges.

Changing oil without cleaning the oil pan makes no difference as the dirt still contaminates the new oil.

It proves that all engine parts are connected, and a problem left unhandled in one section will affect the other.

Although oil pumps are not a primary cause of such engine codes until they’ve gone past 100,000 miles, it is alright to check them if they’re easily accessible to confirm they have no damage. 

A mechanical engine problem with bearings, seals, and plugs is a fundamental cause of P1524; hence ask for a professional’s assistance on this to know if the issue is severe or not or do an oil analysis test to know the contents in the oil and if it is behind the problem.

2012 Dodge Ram 1500 P1524 Code

The 2012 Dodge Ram P1524 code also means low engine oil pressure.

A simple way to check this code without scanners is by turning your ignition key to the accessory position three times and leaving it at the third turn.

At this point, the code will display.

An oil pressure sensor is a leading component behind the display of oil warnings on your panel, so they can be misleading if faulty.

It triggers the warning sensors on the car’s display system when it notices low oil pressure, but it is advisable to confirm this information before acting on it. 

When the light illuminates, check your oil; if you detect no problems, you might need to replace your sensor.

But, again, if the light continuously blinks, you can say it is damaged.

Hence, you will need a mechanic to work on it immediately to prevent future mistakes resulting from the wrong oil warnings. 

Detection of the P1524 Dodge Ram 1500

Detecting the engine code P1524 is simple as there are symptoms to inform you of such a problem.

An obvious sign of the P1524 in the Dodge Ram 1500 is the oil warning light, noticeable diminishing car performance, overheated engines, etc.  

#1. Oil warning light

The oil warning light looks like a drop of liquid falling from a kettle. It illuminates when there is an extreme decrease in oil as it is a major cause of engine failures.

Hence, always pay attention to the warning systems on your instrument panel. 

In other situations, a worn-out oil pressure detector could give wrong signals, but verify the accuracy of this information before taking any steps.

#2. Declining Engine performance

If you constantly experience engine stalling, poor gas mileage, power failure, unusual engine sounds, etc., your engine might be diminishing.

While there are many causes of this problem, reduced oil pressure is a conventional reason.

Another sign of a P1524 engine oil code is a burning oil scent resulting from leakages dropping on hot car internal components.

Strange engine noises occur due to a lack of lubrication to the metal parts due to friction making it crucial to seek assistance from a professional. 

Lastly, the engine will overheat because the oil doesn’t only lubricate but also cools it.

Therefore, reduced oil flow could result in overheating, boosting the likelihood of instant damage to engine parts.

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Dodge Ram 1500 trucks have various codes with different meanings, with the P1524 code meaning low oil pressure.

Observing the warning lights on your instrument cluster is crucial as ignoring them could cause further complications.

Aside from these warning lights, there will be noticeable signs of something wrong; endeavor to check them out and fix them as soon as possible.

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