3rd Gen Dodge With 4th Gen Bumper (Will It Work?)

One noticeable mount is the conversion of the 3rd gen Dodge bumper to a 4th gen bumper.

This task involves disassembling all the member parts or the necessary components for repair.

You can use the 4th Gen bumper on your 3rd Gen Dodge. With some modifications to the 3rd gen Dodge Ram brackets, you can perform a front bumper conversion with little effort. For repair of a broken bumper or to customize the bodily outlook, such a rugged-gen bumper conversion isn’t a bad option.

4th Gen Rear Bumper On 3rd Gen Dodge

3Rd Gen Dodge With 4Th Gen Bumper

It’s easier to carry out a rear-gen bumper conversion on a 3rd gen Dodge than the front bumper conversion.

But for the 4th gen rear bumper to fit well, you must make some modifications on the bumper and bracket.

For a perfect balance on the 3rd gen Dodge, you must trim off the sides of the 4th gen bumper.

Also, you will have to drill new mount holes and exhaust-cut holes on the 4th gen rear bumper.

However, you can use the original stock bumper bracket and directly drill all through on the new bumper.

So, performing 3rd-4th gen rear bumper conversion is not a bad idea.

The design of the 4th gen rear bumper isn’t difficult, and you’ll not encounter any engineering difficulty from the upgrade.

In most cases, the gen bumper conversion makes the vehicle look rugged.

With such upgrades, you will have a reasonable resale price as the rear bumper will be stunning!

Aside from making a regular broken bumper repair, you may decide to tear down the 3rd gen rear bumper to customize it properly.

The gen bumper conversion isn’t a difficult task, and anyone can perform it without any complications.

You can instantly repair or retrofit a Ram gen bumper with a good guide to suit your taste.

The look of the 4th gen rear bumper on the 3rd gen dodge is nearly the same as the former.

All you need to do is mount the 4th gen rear bumper on the 3rd gen Dodge and make adjustments on the brackets.

Drilling mount holes on the Ram gen rear bumper bracket is no big deal; the exhaust cut is all that matters.

3rd Gen Dodge Ram 1500 With 4th Gen Bumper

Usually, bumpers come in different designs; you have numerous options at your disposal.

The 3rd gen Dodge Ram 1500 rear bumper is similar to most 4th gen bumpers; hence, it’s easy to swap.

However, the 3rd and 4th gen Ram bumpers are the most similar, with which you can successfully perform a gen bumper conversion.

Among several vehicle components, the bumper is one of the most noticeable parts of the vehicle, especially for Jeep models.

The absence of any bumper on any vehicle model isn’t an appealing sight.

Aside from giving the vehicle complete beauty, it doubles its job by protecting the vehicle lights

Jeep bumpers are indispensable for towing Jeeps and on-off-road adventure vehicle models.

Off-road vehicles provide excellent protection against a force of 45-100 pounds of force.

The angle and outlook of vehicle bumpers are excellent indicators to notice possible off-road modeled vehicles.

Bumpers in vehicles shield the exhaust and front lights from any external force that may damage them.

In the modern automobile world, many fantastic Jeep-modeled bumpers are similar in such a way that a swap is possible.

Car maintenance is important for all vehicles to keep them up and running.

But the 3rd-4th gen bumper conversion is majorly its aesthetic features.

It’s necessary to pull apart some components to perform any retrofits, adjustments, or upgrades.

The demand for reliability, durability, better security, and better outlook calls for the gen bumper conversion.

3rd-4th gen bumper conversion will demand some modification here and there with some trimming to be fit for the swap.

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How Do You Mount a 4th Gen Bumper On a 3rd Gen?

The first step to mounting a 4th gen bumper on a 3rd gen ram is getting a well-dimensioned bumper.

With the help of recent adapter brackets, you can mount a 4th gen bumper on a 3rd gen Dodge Ram.

As mentioned earlier, you can assemble the 4th gen bumper to settle well on the 3rd gen bracket. 

With a good guide and the right toolset, you can retrofit any 4th gen bumper into a 3rd gen Dodge ram.

Here is a comprehensive guide to successfully mounting a 4th gen Dodge bumper on the 3rd gen Dodge Ram.

  • First, find a 4th bumper frame that looks the same as the one on the 3rd gen. Usually, all 4th gen Dodge Ram bumpers are similar to 3rd gen bumpers, but you have to choose one that’s more suitable.
  • Disconnect all the wires to fog lamps and other accessories attached to the bumper.
  • Loosen all the mounting bolts that hold the bracket together to the bumper.
  • At this point, try mounting the new bumper on the bracket to make the necessary modification. You may need to trim the sides of the 4th gen bumper for a perfect balance on the 3rd gen Dodge Ram.
  • Now, you can drill through the stock bracket together with the bumper for a better grip. Again, an adapter bracket kit comes with aftermarket 4th gen bumpers that can serve as a mount.
  • Finally, transfer the bumper’s components to the new frame before fitting it back into the vehicle. 

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Things To Consider During 3rd To 4th Gen Bumper Conversion

It’s possible to disassemble the 3rd gen Dodge Ram bumper to customize it to a 4th gen bumper.

However, you must perform this task with utmost care as you may end up causing more harm than good.

The trimming, drilling, and mounting could become a lot of work if you don’t have prior knowledge of the process. 

Although it is possible to swap a 3rd gen Dodge Ram bumper to a 4th Ram bumper, there are still some setbacks.

There are certain things to consider during the 3rd to 4th gen bumper conversion.

One major thing to consider during a gen bumper conversion is the difference in the Jeep bumpers, as some bumpers will demand more work.

#1. Difference Between a 3rd gen bumper and a 4th gen bumper.

3rd Gen Bumper4th Gen Bumper
Made of 7-11 gauge steel.More of a composite aluminum with a plastic frame.
Lesser angle compared to the 4th gen bumper.More profile design and angle.
Only a little ground clearance.More than enough ground clearance.
More efficient in blocking debris.Manufactured more for the aesthetic nature.
The 3rd gen bumper needs a suspension upgrade.It has more suspension.
No towing hitch comes with the 3rd gen Dodge Ram bumper.It usually comes with an extra hitch receiver for towing vehicles.
It only has a transmission cooler relocation mount.It has extra mounting hardware on the 4th gen bumper bracket.
It features a pre-installed bolt design for easy bolting and a winch mount.It features an adapter bracket for easy bumper bracket conversion.

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Several upgrades are possible on a single vehicle model, from engine replacement, drive wheels, and suspensions down to bumpers swap.

For aesthetic appearance and off-road use, you can replace the 3rd gen bumper with a 4th gen bumper. Although it’s not an easy project, you can use any retrofits.

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