Perform Service Ram 2500 (Beginners Guide)

SUV Jeep company manufacturers put so many technical details in their products to ensure smooth usage and immediate safety alerts during wear.

If your SUV jeep develops any issues, these safety features will notify you and prevent further damage to the vehicle.

However, one of the safety messages your Ram 2500 odometer displays is the Perform Service message.  This article will find out its cause and how to resolve it. 

When your jeep Ram 2500 odometer display shows a “Perform Service” indicator, it implies that your truck is at its mileage for regular maintenance. This means that you should perform the necessary care to keep the vehicle at its optimum performance. Some of these services include changing the crankcase filter and transferring case fluid.

What Does Perform Service Mean on Ram 2500?            

The “Perform service” message that your Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) displays signifies that your vehicle has reached its mileage for maintenance.

It usually comes on after your truck has reached a mileage of about 65,000 to 68,000 intervals.

The display of the “perform service” indicator often depends on the model, time, and mileage your vehicle has covered.

This indicator might come on during one of your regular commutes or when you are on a long journey.

However, once your odometer displays the “perform service” indicator, you should perform the necessary maintenance on it.

You can either take it to a workshop or do the routine checks yourself if you are very familiar with the procedures. These checks will keep your vehicle running efficiently.

Most times, when your EVIC displays a “perform service” message, it indicates that you need to change the oil.

However, other Jeep manufacturers may have a different indicator for your vehicle oil change.

For most SUV jeeps, it might mean that you have covered your oil change mileage limit.

However easy, it is not usually a good idea to just readjust your maintenance lights because you may ignore the possibility that your oil might need changing or other maintenance.

In addition, this can harm your vehicle in the long run.

How To Get Rid of Perform Service on Ram 2500?

If you will be performing the regular maintenance, here are the following ways you can get rid of the perform service indicator in your Ram 2500:

#1. Reset Perform Service Indicator

You should perform this reset after you have performed all the necessary maintenance on your truck.

To reset your “Perform Service” message: 

  • Switch on your ignition position to its ON position
  • Hold and release your brake pedal twice.
  • Slowly depress the gas pedal twice in ten seconds.
  • Switch your ignition position to the LOCK position. 

This process should reset your maintenance light. You can check it by restarting your vehicle.

However, if the “Perform Service” indicator is still on, repeat the above procedure and restart the truck.

You can also check your owner’s manual for more information on your maintenance light display. 

#2. Change the Crankcase Filter

The crankcase filter is below the cover of the faux valve. It is optimal to change it after every 67,500 miles.

It is also essential to change this part before resetting the “perform service” indicator. The filter can also cause a pressure build if it gets full.

The crankcase vent can clog if there are DTCs which will set the “Perform Service” message to display on your odometer.

Likewise, after at least a 67,000-mile interval, the perform service message will display to notify you to clean your Exhaust gas recirculation(EGR) valve and cooler.

To replace your crankcase filter:

  • Detach the 8mm bolts holding the cover of the batwing in place. Next, pull out the dipstick and the lid.
  • Unfasten the oil drain pipe from the Crankcase vent on the passenger side.
  • Use a bolt extractor to place the eight bolts holding the crankcase vent in place. Do not reassemble and tighten the bolts with an impact tool.
  • Take out the oil fill cover and cover the resulting fill hole with a paper towel to protect it from debris.
  • Using a flat blade screwdriver, carefully pry off the crankcase vent filter and replace it with a new crankcase filter.
  • In reverse order, reassemble the bolts and oil fill cover. After reassembling the parts, reset your “Perform Service” indicator.

To reset the “Perform Service” indicator:

  • Turn the switch ignition position to ON. Do not turn on the engine.
  • Instead, press the brake pedals and let go of them two times.
  • Slowly depress the gas pedal twice in the timeframe of ten seconds.
  • Then switch the ignition position to OFF.

#3. Clean the EGR Valve

Cleaning the EGR valve is not a difficult task. However, you cannot clean valves of 2019 production and above.

From the first instruction in changing the crankcase, which involves removing the dipstick and the four pieces of 8mm bolts holding the batwing in place:

  • Use a bolt extractor to unfasten the 10mm bolts holding the bracket of the dipstick in place.
  • Then remove the connector going into the exhaust gas recirculation valve. Finally, use a pick tool to slide the clip out to release the connector.
  • Take out the four pieces of 10mm bolts holding the EGR valve in place. Loosen the V-band clamp holding the crossover tube to the exhaust gas recirculation valve. Lift the EGR valve from the intake horn.
  • Unscrew the four Phillips head screws holding the motor to the exhaust gas recirculation assembly and lift off the valve motor.

How Long Can You Drive With a Maintenance Light?

You can drive an extra 50 miles if your vehicle displays an oil change on your odometer while on the road.

However, it is not ideal for driving farther if your SUV jeep displays a “Perform Service” message.

You may not know why it displays the maintenance light message as it could be a significant complication in the crankcase. This can be dangerous to you and your vehicle.

If the “Check Engine” light is on display, it is a poor form to keep on driving. Instead, get it checked by a professional.

If the expert has identified the problem and says it is safe to operate, you can defer his advice and put your vehicle on the road.

However, it will be more cost-effective to perform maintenance on the truck. 

You might have forgotten to reset the ” Perform Service ” indicator after performing the necessary maintenance on your vehicle, but the maintenance light is still on display; you might have forgotten to reset the “Perform Service” indicator.

Follow the instructions in the article to reset it.


The “perform service” indicator comes on when you have covered a 65,000 to 68,000 mileage interval.

It indicates that you need to perform regular maintenance on your SUV jeep.

To get rid of the maintenance message, replace the crankcase vent, or clean the Exhaust gas recirculation valve.

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