Do Ford Fiesta Seats fold Flat? (Read This First)

The Ford Fiesta is a popular vehicle under the Ford brand. The Fiesta is one of the most cost-effective automobiles on the market.

It is well known for its affordability, alongside the fact that it is also comfortable, well equipped, and easy to drive. 

When it comes to the internal design, the Ford Fiesta’s interior comes with many helpful storage areas, as you’d expect from a car marketed for families.

It also comes with comfortable seats. The question is, can they fold flat?

Ford Fiesta Seats can be folded but cannot exactly be folded flat. In the 3- Door Ford Fiesta, the front seats can fold and slide forward. That is to allow passengers access to the rear seats. In the 5- Door Ford Fiesta, the front seats can also be folded forward but not for the same reasons as the other model.

Do the Back Seats Fold Down in a Ford Fiesta?

Ford Fiesta Seats Fold Flat

Yes, the rear seats of your Ford Fiesta can fold down, but the seats cannot be folded flat. You cannot fold the back seats of the 3-door Ford Fiesta and the 5-door Ford Fiesta.

The Ford Fiesta splits and folds 60:40, and this means that two people can ride in the back while the third seat folds to make room for longer and larger items. 

To fold the seats in your Ford Fiesta 5, you must activate a mechanism, usually the system with a button situated on the upper level of the backrests or headrests in most models.

To fold the seats, simply press this button while simultaneously pushing the backrest towards the front of the vehicle.

The second option, commonly found in the Ford Fiesta 5, is a locking system that works by pulling a strap between the seat and the backrest.

You have to pull on the strap while pushing the backrest towards the front seats.

Having a spacious car is convenient, but not everyone has the financial means to purchase a large minivan.

These reasons make the ability to fold your Ford Fiestas seats a huge benefit, whether you need to move, transport bulky items, or take your trash to the recycling center. 

Also, depending on the style of your Ford Fiesta 5 and the layout, you may be able to place a mattress in the back by folding the rear seats on some models.                                                                                                                 

How Do You Fold the Front Seat in a Ford Fiesta?

When trying to fold down the front seats of your Ford Fiesta, you must take note of the seating adjustments.

There are many ways to fold the front seat of your Ford Fiesta.

Keep in mind that the approach will vary depending on the number of doors on the vehicle. 

There are different methods if you are trying to adjust the seats of a 3-door Ford Fiesta or fold the seats flat on a 5-door Ford Fiesta.

Here they are;

#1. 3- Door Ford Fiesta

A 3-door car is defined as one with a rear hatchback (a wide door that incorporates the rear window and opens up so you can climb into the back seats through the boot) and one standard door on each side.

 It’s crucial to know how to fold the front seat of a Ford Fiesta. This step is relatively straightforward.

Depending on the year of your Ford Fiesta, there would be a lever to adjust the front seats of your Ford Fiesta.

The lever to fold down the front seats may reside in one of three locations:

  • First, at the headrest, near the top of the back of the seat. 
  • Usually in the middle of the backrest on the side of the seat.
  • Finally, in the middle of the seat, on one side of the seat.

By pressing this lever, the front seat of your Ford Fiesta will entirely fold down.

Doing this will free the seat from its location on the rail, allowing you to conserve even more space in the back for a passenger.

#2. 5-Door Ford Fiesta

The procedure is quite different for a Ford Fiesta 5-door because this model is not designed to welcome back passengers through the front doors.

Therefore, you should only fold the front seat of a 5-door Ford Fiesta if you need to transport large items. 

You’ll need to use the reclining control on the side to fold your seats in this case.

Depending on the year of your vehicle, the control could be a knob or a lever to use to select your vehicle’s inclination. 

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Can You Sleep in a Ford Fiesta?

Yes, you can sleep in your Ford Fiesta. However, due to the size of this vehicle, a comfortable night is unlikely unless you have the body flexibility of a contortionist.

Apart from this, it is very much possible for you to sleep in it. 

You have to fold the rear seats down, and you have space from the folded rear seats and the trunk.

You could place a soft material on top to avoid the hard surface, and you are good to go.

If you are going to be on the road for an extended period, you would have needed to sleep in the back of a car.

Sleeping in your car is typically the most realistic and cost-effective option to spend the night. It saves you the trouble of looking for and spending on any hotel.

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When purchasing a new car, one of the important things to consider is the interior space and design of the vehicle.

That will determine how comfortable you will be inside the vehicle.

The Ford Fiesta interior and exterior make this vehicle a good choice as this is specifically marketed for families. It is a small and portable car that will fit anywhere.

It can also easily be turned into a makeshift space for sleeping when embarking on long journeys, saving costs.

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