Alfa OBD Ram 1500 (Things You Must Know)

Thanks to the OBD system, car owners can easily identify the cause of their vehicle’s malfunction with a simple scan.

The OBD (Onboard diagnostics) system is software that gives you access to the status of your vehicle’s various sub-systems.

And Because of its helpfulness, all automobile companies have incorporated it into vehicle production.

There are many types of this software, but in this article, you will learn about the AlfaOBD for Ram 1500s.

The AlfaOBD Ram 1500 is an OBD system made by the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) group. It supports the Electronic Control Units (ECU) of all FCA [ Fiat Chrysler Automobiles ] group vehicles and works for MAC IOS and Windows. 

What is an AlfaOBD Ram 1500? 

The AlfaOBD Ram 1500 is the FCAs diagnostic software natively supported for the Ram 1500 trucks.

Although it is for car owners, it still has some features of a professional scanner.

It comprises a principal structure of sensor points and indicators that give you a well-organized surveillance system with accurate access and readability for your Ram 1500. 

Below is a brief explanation of how they work:

#1. ECU

The ECU is the central part of the AlfaOBD system that collects data from the sensors all over the truck.

The unit then uses this data to check for issues or control the truck’s parts.

#2. Sensors

The sensors cover every area of the vehicle. The chassis, engine, and even the ECU have sensors.

Every one of them sends signals to the ECU indicating the origin and parameters of the signal. The ECU then reads and decodes these signals. 

#3. DTC 

When a sensor sends a signal to the ECU that is not within the normal parameters, the ECU registers the code as a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC).

Then, it sends it to the appropriate MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lights) to state that a malfunction has been found.

They are normally standardized but could also be manufacturer-specific. 

#4. MIL

The MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lights) inform you of a malfunction in your vehicle.

If the light comes on and stays on, it means the malfunction is a minor one. If, however, it blinks, it is an urgent one. 

DLC Data registered in the ECU can be retrieved via the DLC (Diagnostic Link Connector). It is the retrieval point for vehicles with OBD systems. 

AlfaOBD Ram1500 list

Since the AlfaOBD has amazing compatibility with the RAM 1500, it is supported on a wide range of  Ram 1500 models. 

Here is the list of vehicles that are supported by the Alfaobd ram 1500 :

  • 2021 Ram 1500Laramie
  •  2021 Ram 1500Tradesman HFE 
  • Ram 12021 R500Tradesman 
  • 2021 Ram 1500Big Horn
  •  2021 Ram 1500Rebel 
  • 2021 Ram 1500Limited Longhorn 
  • 2021 Ram 1500Limited 2021
  •  Ram 1500TRX

AlfaOBD Ram 1500 options

 The AlfaOBD can help you access and program a wide range of  Ram 1500 factory options.

These are some of the codes for factory options you can activate on your ram 1500 with your AlfaOBD. 

#1. Accent Lighting Setting

To put the accent lights off – CBC Extern Light Calibr: Signature Light Present- No

#2. Adding Factory LED Bed Lighting

  • CBC Config I/O Bed Light Switch Input Present – Pin 16 – Yes
  • CBC Config I/O Connector F Pin 6: Baggage Compartment Lamps Output Present -Yes
  • 2014 CBC Config I/O & Feat.: Bed Lighting Present – Pin A5 – Yes
  • CBC Config I/O F Pin 26 Connector F Pin 26: Trunk/Liftgate Ajar Signal Input Present- Yes

#3. LIN and Misc: Vehicle Theft Alarm (VTA) System State – VTA:

  • CBC Config I/O: Connector A Pin 11: Hood Ajar Switch Input Present – Yes
  • CBC Config I/O: Connector G Pin 2: Vehicle Theft Alarm (VTA) Warning LED Output Present -Yes
  • CBC Features Vehicle Theft Alarm (VTA) Hood Ajar Monitoring – Yes
  • ECUConfig3 VTA System Present: Yes

#4. Interior

  • Turn on EVIC Gear Indicator Post – ECUConfig 4-Actual Gear Display: Yes.​
  • Then turn on in EVIC screen setup.​
  • Disable the Automatic up/down feature with the driver/passenger front windows post – VehConfig 3: Window Express Feature Configuration
  • Disable ANC: P/T Chassis Net: ANC Active Noise Cancellation- Disabled​

#5. Exterior

  • Enable Fog Lights with Highbeams – CBC Features-Front Fog Lamp Dropout Enabled-No​
  • Disable Signature LED lighting: To turn the accent lights off- CBC Extern Light Calibr: Signature Light Present- No 
  • Disable TPMS
  • Enable Forward-facing camera grid lines and selection ala PowerWagon (requires 360* cameras and only confirmed to work on most 2500 trucks, no known working 3500 )​
  • Enable LED Bed Lights – larger install thread here: led-cargo-bed-lights-wiring​
  • Enable tow mirror auxiliary reverse lights (for trucks shipped to restricted states) – 2014 CBC Config I/O & Feat.- Baggage (Cargo) Lamp Output Disabled with vehicle moving = NO

#6. Miscellaneous Settings

  • Changing between TPIS/TPMS/None
  • If you have a 3500 and want to change over to TPMS:
  • VehConfig 3: premium TPM system present- YES
  • VehConfig 5: non-regulated tire pressure information system- NO 
  • If you have a 1500 or 2500 and want to change over to TPIS:
  • VehConfig 3: premium TPM system present- NO
  • VehConfig 5: non-regulated tire pressure information system- YES

If you have a set of tires with no sensors and want to get rid of the tire pressure screen together from the EVIC, set both of those to “no.”

You might take some drive cycles for the changes to pick up because the RF Hub has to learn them.

Note that it is advisable to get your vehicle’s original factory set up and store it on your google drive. If you make a code mistake, you can easily reset it to its original form. 

Ram 1500 AlfaOBD Modes

A mode setting is a software operation that activates a display of a software’s data. In this case, the Alfaobd modes display requested data stored on the DLC.

These are the available mode settings on Alfaobd ram 1500.

  •  Mode $01 – Request Live Data 
  • Mode $02 – Request Freeze Frames 
  • Mode $03 – Request Stored Trouble Codes
  •  Mode $04 – Clear/Reset Stored Emissions Related Data 
  • Mode $05 – Request Oxygen Sensors Test Results 
  • Mode $06 – Request On-Board System Tests Results 
  • Mode $07 – Request Pending Trouble Codes
  •  Mode $08 – Request Control of On-Board Systems 
  • Mode $09 – Request Vehicle Information 
  • Mode $0A – Request Permanent Trouble Codes 

These modes have two standards, ISO and SAE. Their contents are closely related as the ISO was adapted after the SAE.

ALFA OBD For Ram, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge!!

AlfaOBD Ram 1500 LED Lights 

Led lights are the most efficient type of headlight because they give you a wider light spectrum, low energy use, and have a 20-year lifespan.

However, most RAM 1500 owners use LED lights because of their advantages. 

Unfortunately, the RAM 1500 does not come with LED lights but halogen headlights.

The good news is that you can easily upgrade the lights with your AlfaOBD. 

  • Replace all halogen bulbs on your RAM 1500 with LED bulbs. You might need to modify the lamp caps.
  •  Ensure the AlfaOBD software is installed on your device[it runs well for both IOS and windows] and an old link. 
  • Connect your AlfaOBD with your OBD link using either wi-fi or Bluetooth. Next, select your car model on the screen, the body computer setting, and control unit value, and click connect. 
  • Go to its LED settings and change each bulb setting one at a time. 


The AlfaOBD is the most compatible type of OBD for the Ram 1500.

It supports a wide range of Ram 1500 models and can be used to configure even the vehicle’s most remote factory option.

In addition, the AlfaOBD can be used to access different modes that inform you of your vehicle’s state.

For example, in situations where you want to change your ram 1500 headlights from halogen to LED lights, the AlfaOBD can help you change each bulb’s setting.

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