Can Honda Element Tow Trailer? (Read This First)

A trailer is generally known as an unpowered vehicle transporting goods and materials.

As a result, towing them becomes necessary when they are disabled, inappropriately parked, and indisposed.

The Honda Element as a compact Suv may be the last car to cross your mind when you think of towing this trailer. But does that mean it can not tow trailers? 

A Honda Element can tow trailers contrary, unlike other Honda vehicles. It has two engines that provide the Honda Element with a Honda towing capacity of 1500lbs. Since trailers vary in weight and size, the Honda Element tows a trailer within that weight limit. However, a Honda Element is preferable for emergency tow alone.

How Much Can a Honda Element Haul?

Honda Element Tow Trailer

The Honda Element can haul a maximum weight of 1500lbs. It applies to all its models.

Due to the towing capacity of a Honda Element, it is only efficient enough to haul small trailers to ensure safety. Make sure not to ignore the tow limit of your Honda Element.

Surpassing the set tow capacity of your Element can weaken your engine and speed transmission. 

Also, it maximizes brake damage, damages car tires, and causes malfunctioning of your chains which in worse cases results in serious injuries.

The reason for the production of a Honda Element is not for towing, making it unwise to go over the stipulated towing capacity.

And if you don’t know the towing capacity of your Honda, you can find it by weighing it on a scale after loading it with passengers and loads. 

You can determine your car’s towing capacity in two ways.

#1. Gross Vehicle weight rating

All cars have a label that states the gross vehicle weight rating, meaning the maximum weight you can safely tow. But this is not the actual weight of your car carrying a load.

To find your main towing capacity, remove the scale weight measurement from the GVWR.

#2. Cargo Carrying Capacity

Some vehicles have a substitute tag that shows this information. Subtract the scale weight digit from the Cargo carrying capacity to obtain the tangible tow limit.

Can You Put a Hitch on a Honda Element?            

A Honda tow hitch is not a standard feature. So, you can add one.

A custom-fit class 3 tow hitch from an Element’s complete package is suitable for specific mounting and fits selected years of Elements.

It has a weight capacity of 3500lbs GTW and 350lbs.

You mount a trailer tow hitch on a Honda Element for pulling by attaching it to the Element’s structure. Fastening a tow hitch to your Honda helps provide stability.

Getting a Honda Element complete tow package is essential for maintaining your car in good condition and strengthening its towing ability. 

Also, a Honda Element complete tow package minimizes the chances of accidents and mechanical issues. Can You Flat Tow A Honda HR-V?

Putting a tow hitch on your Honda doesn’t necessarily mean you must have a trailer as there are other benefits. 

  1. You can connect a bike rack hitch to your Honda to enable you to transport bikes easily.

    When there are other passengers and loads in the cargo space, the remaining space won’t be enough to fit a bike. But with a hitch, your Honda Element completely tows them safely.
  2. Getting a tow hitch is necessary to replace an old, rusty one. Like other items, a tow hitch wears out and needs a replacement. 
  3. Cargo space may not be enough in your car after adding other loads. A cargo attachment hitch is advantageous as it provides extra storage room.
  4. Not all cars have a standard hitch, just like the Honda Element. Adding one to your vehicle is better for cases of emergency.
  5. A widely known reason for attaching a hitch to your Honda is for towing trailers. It allows you to carry various baggage comfortably anywhere.

How Big of a Trailer Can a Honda Element Tow?            

A Honda Element tows small-sized trailers with a max weight of 1500 pounds. It is essential to understand that towing big trailers with a Honda Element does not make it credible. Also your Honda Accord can pull a trailer.

It is just like asking an aged woman to carry an extremely massive load over a distance. 

While she can do that, it is wrong for someone her age, and it is unwise to ask her to do so. The weight of that kind could cause her to fall, resulting in injuries.

Similarly, the extra weight on a Honda Element causes severe damage and shortened lifespan.

The design of a Honda Element allows only a specific amount of weight equal to small trailers.

Exceeding that limit can cause brake failure and excess weight on an engine, leading to overheating and, in worse cases, severe damage.

One tricky thing about exceeding towing capacity is that the signs of damage never show in the beginning until it’s gotten worse, resulting in a dominant wreck. Can You Flat Tow A Honda Civic?

Essential Tips for Towing

  1. It is crucial to check your trailers’ tires, mainly if you’ve not put them to use for a while, to prevent tire failure. 
  2. Towing adds stress to a tow vehicle. So ensure to do the necessary maintenance on your tow vehicles. 
  3. It is essential to use the proper hitch ball for towing your trailer. The reason is that incorrect hitch ball sizes greatly influence towing accidents.
  4. Always have a minimum of one spare tire and a toolbox if you need to change a flat tire in your trailer or tow vehicle.
  5. It is crucial to use trailer safety chains and ensure enough space between chains to allow sharp turns.
  6. Check the trailer’s wiring system to ensure it is appropriately connected to avoid getting disconnected from the tow vehicle and touching the ground while the car is in motion. 
  7. Pick a suitable hitch as it is a vital factor.

Honda Element Towing Capacity Tongue Weight?

The towing capacity of a Honda Element tongue is 10% of the trailer weight, which, when calculated, is 150lbs.

An accurate trailer tongue weight contrasts a safe towing and a risky trip. A trailer is unstable and sways from side to side during insufficient tongue weight, making it difficult to control.

The tongue weight is the still force a trailer tongue exercises on a hitch ball. It is essential to place the load properly to ensure a suitable tongue weight.

Wrongly placing cargo causes dangerous towing conditions. 

It is vital to check the baggage and balance them evenly. However, when you notice the trailer swaying while driving, you shouldn’t stop the car abruptly.

Instead, reduce your speed first and move straight. Once you see the swaying has stopped, stop the car and reload the cargo evenly. 

Does Towing Capacity Include Tongue Weight?

Yes, the towing capacity of a car includes the tongue weight. It is because tongue weight affects the balancing of a towed vehicle and incredibly influences the tow vehicle’s towing limit.

Towing a car too big or over capacity puts too much pressure on the tongue of a hitch, making the car sway or affecting the rear tires of a tow car leading to loss of control.

Tongue weight is significant in towing because it is a primary cause of towing accidents.

It is crucial to ensure appropriate tongue weight before hauling to prevent accidents. Can You Flat Tow A Honda Ridgeline?


Towing with Honda Element is not impossible. The towing capacity of Honda (1500lbs) allows it to tow small trailers efficiently using a fitting tow hitch.

But, it is essential to stick to the towing limit, use the proper towing equipment such as a trailer tow hitch and follow the necessary safety tips.

Towing a trailer is possible and a smooth process when done appropriately.

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