Uconnect Map Update Hack? (Read This First)

I believe you would love to keep up with the current map status to enjoy standard map assistance on the road.

That is where the Uconnect map update hack comes into the picture.

The Uconnect system is like the infotainment or the multimedia system in other vehicles. It is called Uconnect in Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). 

Uconnect map update hack is one of the packages by fiat Chrysler automobile users. The map update is made available annually to enable customers to keep up with the current map. It is more important for people who travel far distances. So, it is a choice for those that drive within an environment.

Does Uconnect Update Maps?

Yes, Uconnect update maps so that you can access the most recent map for navigation without stress.

The Uconnect map update is only available for customers registered for the Uconnect package. 

It makes it possible for fiat Chrysler automobile users to keep up with current maps.

It is probably a concern to users whose job type requires full-time navigation. The update is carried out yearly regardless of any limiting factor. 

It means you will have to wait for next year to update the map. You will get a notification once a map update is available for installation.

It is only in a rare vehicle that the update comes automatically over the air. You may take your car to the dealership for the update or carry it out yourself.

How Can I Update My Uconnect Map?

You can update your Uconnect map by opening Garmin Express™, where you will see the option to update your map.

However, you would need to update your Uconnect software before you can further proceed to update your maps.

Notwithstanding, the option to update your software is provided before the map on the software.

The step to follow to update your Uconnect software is explained below:

  • Get a USB Drive and a laptop computer. Make sure the drive is formatted before you make use of it
  • Turn on the vehicle to be able to access the Uconnect system but do not start the engine
  • Insert the USB Drive into the space provided in your Uconnect system, and watch your software version upload into the drive.
  • Remove the USB after the downloaded software and turn off your vehicle.
  • Fix the USB Drive on your computer that has Garmin Express™ software and download the latest version of the Uconnect software
  • Then, remove the USB Drive from the computer and fix it on the Uconnect system to update
  • You should also be in the car before transferring the software update from the drive.
  • Do not interrupt the process by touching anything or opening the car doors. Even though the system restarts, allow it because it is part of the process.

It is the simple process involved in installing the Uconnect system update. Some of you might be wondering why you should update the software.

The theory is that hackers could break into your Uconnect system and maliciously tamper with it.

So an update is essential to protect you against this activity.

Also, you can not update any Uconnect feature of your choice without updating the system itself.

It is important to update your system if you want to keep up with the Uconnect map.

Below are the procedures to follow in updating your Uconnect map.

  • Insert the USB Drive into the Uconnect system and select update map
  • Remove the drive and fix it on your computer and continue 
  • The map update content will be displayed for then click on the download button
  • Install the downloaded map on the USB Drive and fix it back on the Uconnect system
  • Send the downloaded map into the Uconnect system, where you can access the updated map.

How Much Does a Uconnect Map Update Cost?

The Uconnect map update cost $150. This update is only available for fiat Chrysler automobile users who subscribed for the Uconnect service.

And the fiat Chrysler automobile Uconnect subscription does not cover the map update, which is entirely different.

Also, the Uconnect map update is carried out every year.

Most people misunderstand the Uconnect map yearly update as a free package after the first time they pay.

It is not a once-in-a-lifetime pay; it continues yearly, so for every year that passes, you will need 150 USD to update your Uconnect map.

It is quite expensive though it is a fixed cost; however, you can get it for a cheaper amount from a third party who could be a dealer. 

They are available on eBay, where things are relatively cheap. You could get a discount of about 50% on purchasing the Uconnect map on eBay.

So rather than spending $150 on the map, you will only have to pay about $60 to $100. However, this could be a risky purchase as they can scam you.

There are chances you might buy an outdated Uconnect map. And there is nothing you can do about it since you did not purchase it directly from Chrysler.

When you plan to purchase a third-party Uconnect map update, you will need to be extra careful.

But it would be better to get it directly from Chrysler to be on the safe side.

How Do I Update My Uconnect Maps For Free?

The Uconnect map update is not available for free, so you would have to pay for it.

However, there are other alternatives to access maps for free on Uconnect.

You can connect your mobile or apple device via Android auto or apple car play to your Uconnect system.

This way, you will be able to access apps from your phone.

This connection is a mere integration of the Uconnect system with your smartphone and does not require any special process.

The only thing you should look at is the compatibility of your device with the system.

Once your device is compatible with Uconnect, you can access the system’s apps. 

You can use Google Maps to get directions. It comes in handy and happens to be a better alternative because Google map gives up-to-date maps.

However, I do not recommend this for people that travel long distances and off-road adventures.

Google maps and other navigation apps have their shortcomings.

They rely solely on the internet for navigation, so you can not use them without an internet connection or a proper network.

This area is where Uconnect maps have the edge over other maps.

It has a special feature that keeps your navigation on without any challenge, even when there is a low or no network. 

This feature possessed by Uconnect is called “dead reckoning.” It explains why the map update package of Uconnect is quite expensive.

Notwithstanding, this should not be very interesting for people who only drive within a town.

But if you want to enjoy Uconnect maps, be ready to pay for its update monthly because it is not for free.

Uconnect Hack?


Depending on what you use your vehicle for, the Uconnect system comes in helpful.

Notwithstanding, Uconnect is a term used for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA).

The Uconnect map update hack is done yearly to ensure you keep up-to-date navigation systems.

However, it is not for free, and you pay for it each year you carry out the update.

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