Can Toyota Service Lexus? (Explained)

Owning a car is quite convenient, but you have to service it regularly to keep it in good working condition.

Otherwise, you could end up with a broken car in the middle of nowhere. For example, if you own a Lexus, you can quickly get it serviced at a Lexus dealership.

But you must know if you can also have it serviced at a Toyota dealership. That’s what I’m here to tell you.

Toyota can also service Lexus. You can take your Lexus vehicle to a Toyota dealership for service. This is because the components and working of Lexus are similar to those of Toyota cars. Therefore, the technicians will be familiar with the system and will be able to easily service the vehicle.

Are Lexus And Toyota The Same?

Can Toyota Service Lexus

The short answer is No. Although Toyota owns the Lexus brand, Lexus and Toyota vehicles are not the same.

First, the Lexus brand was launched as part of the F1 Project, which aimed at building luxury cars for wealthy people. A significant difference is a craftsmanship.

One look into a Lexus, and you will be able to tell that the quality and level of attention to detail are higher than the Toyota.

However, when it comes to the mechanical differences, you’ll find that there isn’t much difference between Lexus and Toyota engines even though that the both the engines are relaible.

Both are safe and reliable, and in some cases, specific engines are used for both Lexus and Toyota. 

Another significant distinction between Lexus and Toyota is the cost.

One look at a Lexus, and you will know that it is an expensive car.

The cushy interiors, expensive upholstery with wood inlays, and seat heaters. 

Lexus has a reputation for making cars that run smoothly and have extremely quiet interiors.

And while Toyotas are reliable and comfortable, they do not always go all out with styling and features.

Lexus is the luxury arm of the Toyota brand. For that reason, Lexus is usually more expensive than Toyotas, which is not a luxury vehicle.

What’s more? Lexus cars are generally larger and plusher than Toyotas.

Will Toyota Work on my Lexus?

Yes, you can take your Lexus to a local Toyota dealer for service.

Any expert capable of working on Toyota vehicles can also work on Lexus.

This is because Lexus and Toyota share several mechanical and technical components with Lexus cars.

So a technician who is familiar with Toyota cars shouldn’t have any difficulty with Lexus.

If there is no Lexus dealership near you, or the Toyota dealership is closer to you than the Lexus dealership.

You can take your Lexus to a serviced Toyota dealership instead.

So, you can decide to take your Lexus to a Toyota dealer for minor things like an oil change or to get new tires fixed.

Then, take your Lexus to the Lexus dealership for more extensive work.

However, keep in mind that you can also have extensive work done on your Lexus at the Toyota dealership.

But I should also tell you that Lexus dealers charge higher but deliver more benefits, like nicer dealerships, comfortable lounges, food, and facilities.

When it comes to work done, an expert at the Toyota dealership is highly capable of working on a Lexus.

This is because the two brands have the same parent company.

As such, several of their workings, parts, and technicalities are similar. 

Do Lexus and Toyota Share Parts?

Do Lexus And Toyota Share Parts

Short answer? Yes, they can. That’s the beauty of mass production.

When it comes to industrial equipment like electronics and furniture and the like, there’s always a chance that another could use the parts on one model.  

Most of the time, luxury brands like Lexus and their more mainstream alternatives like Toyota have many in common, except that the luxury brand is fitted with more luxurious equipment.

In addition, the exterior is better designed for better branding and aesthetics.

For instance, the Avalon Sedan is similar to the Lexus ES series.

Several other vehicles from Toyota and Lexus share such similarities as well. Ergo, the two brands do share parts.

Additionally, there is very little difference, if any, in the engines used by both Toyota and Lexus cars.

For example, both the Toyota Avalon and Lexus E5 use the same engine.

A 3.5-liter V6 engine. The companies used the same engine in Camry, Highlander, and Lexus RX.

In this case, Lexus and Toyota parts are quite interchangeable, which can come in pretty handy, especially as Lexus parts are more expensive than Toyota parts.

So you could replace your damaged Lexus parts with cheaper components. 

Also, if the vehicle is an older model, it could be difficult to find the same parts, especially if it is no longer manufactured.

You could just get the parts from a similar model of either Toyota or Lexus, whichever the case.

In such a situation, interchangeable parts could be the perfect solution.

Can I Take My Lexus To Toyota For Oil Change?

Yes, you can. Lexus is like Toyota’s prettier and more desirable younger sibling.

Both brands are from the same parent company. As a result, they share similar features.

Especially engines and transmissions, as such a mechanic or technician who has experience operating a Toyota will be able to handle a Lexus as well because they have similar features.

But, that’s not all. While vehicle parts and operations may be similar, warranties are not.

Warranties are brand specific, so if you take your active Lexus warranty into a Toyota dealership for oil filter changes, you may have to pay the full costs as your warranty will not cover it.

However, if there is no Lexus dealership near you or one convenient for you, you can still take your Lexus to a local Toyota dealer to get your synthetic oil changes or oil filter changes.

You can even go to a Toyota dealership to get your Lexus serviced.

Can a Toyota Dealer Program a Lexus Key?

It won’t be easy to program a new Lexus Key at your local Toyota dealership.

Toyota does not give replacements or program Lexus’ keys.

You can either get a duplicate key from a specified locksmith or get one from the Lexus dealership. 

As a car owner, you are very likely to lose or misplace the master key of your Lexus. However, it’s easier to get a Lexus key from a locksmith or your local Lexus dealership.

This is because there is a specially programmed chip in the Lexus Key fob that will only work for your vehicle.

And only a certified locksmith with a programmable key or Lexus dealership can get you a new one.

You can simply contact Lexus and order a new key.

First, you’ll have to provide your personal information, make, model, and year of your car.

Once you do that, a replacement will be shipped to the dealership near you, where you can pick it up.

However, a Toyota dealership is not likely to program a new key for a Lexus.

Lexus vs Toyota Reliability – Can Anyone Beat Toyota?

Final words

Toyota and Lexus possess some similarities in design and style, so it is easy for a technician who is familiar with Toyotas to work on a Lexus as well.

So, if you’re considering taking your Lexus to a Toyota dealership for service, go ahead and you will also get a free car wash after service from the Toyota dealership.


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