Who Makes Mopar Spark Plug? (Let’s Find Out)

For your vehicle to function correctly, different components come together. Among them is the spark plug.

This device plays a crucial role in its function. Without it, your auto will not even start. 

Amongst several plugs used for an automobile, one of the best and most used is the Mopar spark plug.

This commonality leaves you wondering about the manufacturer of the Mopar spark plug because knowing this may boost your confidence in the brand.

The Champion brand majorly produces a Mopar spark plug. But the champion brand is not the only name of a spark plug producer. Other top brands manufacture these plugs too.

Who Makes Mopar Spark Plugs?

The Mopar spark plug has three manufacturers. The Champion brand is the chief producer of these spark plugs.

The NGK and the Denso design are also the names of spark plug producers. You find them in some car models. 

Mopar is an acronym for “motor” and “parts.” It is a brand that deals with supplying and producing original equipment manufactured (OEM) parts for autos.

Mopar was formerly a brand by Chrysler corporation, but now it’s owned by Stellaris, a multinational vehicle-producing company.

Mopar Plugs Manufacturers 

#1. Champion 

The champion spark plug is one of the oldest plug brands. They were the sole designer of Mopar plugs before other brands started to design for Mopar.

Yet, this brand produces the champion iridium spark plugs found in the 3.6L engine autos. 

Champion brands produce their plugs from three main materials;

  1. Iridium spark plug
  2. Platinum spark plug 
  3. Copper spark plug

As a result of the Champions brands’ years of experience and achievement, their plugs are very durable, and it is very cheap to buy.

Also, these plugs offer ultimate life, better ignitability, and enhanced operation. 

#2. NGK

This brand is another famous Mopar spark plug brand. With 80 years of experience, they are one of the most consistent and standard spark plug head producers. 

The NGK plugs are also available in Iridium, platinum, and copper-made plugs. These plugs replace the 6.4 HEMI Mopar spark plugs.

In addition, NGK provides Mopar plugs for different car models.

#3. Denso

Denso is another spark plug top producer. They are known for their top-notch plugs with developed technology and experience since 1949.

They are also known for their long-lasting consistency. This durability makes the Mopar spark plug reliable. 

Denso plugs are available in four materials;

  1. Spark plug produced from Iridium
  2. Spark plug produced from copper
  3. Spark plug produced from Platinum
  4. Plug made from Titanium 

This brand of Mopar spark plug enhances your vehicle’s performance and gives you a smoother ride. 

Is The Mopar Spark Plug Good?

Mopar spark plugs are among the best plugs produced so far since their paramount aim is to ensure originality and quality.

They deliver original equipment manufactured appliances for the Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram autos. 

So when you use a Mopar plug, you are sure to experience the following;

  • Better driving experience 
  • Better vehicle performance
  • Low fuel use
  • Low Emission.

How Long Do Mopar Spark Plugs Last?

Mopar spark plugs are tough to last millions of ignitions up to about 100,000 miles.

The Mopar plugs are also called extended life because of their durability. It is not always easy to detect a worn-out spark plug.

Since these plugs installation is inside the engine, it is not always simple to check them, unlike the tires and other visible parts. 

Several factors can cause your plug to fail. Some include:

#1. Oil in the Combustion Chamber

This problem is one of the spark plug-leading problems. Once oil leaks onto the combustion compartment, the spark plug head gets oily and dirty resulting in sudden failure. 

#2. Overheating 

When the spark plug head repeatedly undergoes overheating, it will lead to sudden failure of your car.

Overheating occurs due to several conditions, such as pre-ignition and a malfunctioning cooling system.

Furthermore, overheating can cause your plug electrode to wear out quickly.

#3. Carbon Build-up 

Characteristics of a carbon fouled spark plug include black, polluted dirt on the electrode and insulator top.

The accumulated carbon causes a decrease in the life span, leading to many car problems you experience.

In addition, a dirty air filter causes carbon residue deposits.

Driving at low speed, when your fuel mixture is too rich, dirty fuel injector, and lingering in your auto for a long time are also causes of carbon residue.

#4. Improper Spark Plug Gap 

The gap between the plug center and the side electrode needs to be flawlessly calibrated for your engine to function well.

If the gap setting is not accurate, it will put a lot of stress on the spark plug. 

Further, there are several signs that a faulty plug shows. These include:

#1. Rough Lingering:

Although this can signify many other problems in your car. You must eliminate faulty plugs as a possible source of rough lingering.

#2. Poor Fueling:

Poor fueling can arise due to many other issues in your car. However, a bad plug is a common reason for it.

#3. Failing engine

When speeding, there will not be enough power.

#4. Engine Surge:

This surge happens when too much air is in the fuel combination due to worn-out plugs.

Once your Mopar plug shows this problem, it’s best to take your auto to the mechanic so that he will replace them.

They will also help you inspect other ignition systems, such as the spark plug tube.

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Mopar Spark Plug Cost

The Mopar spark plug cost ranges from 7 dollars to 25 dollars. The prices of Mopar spark plugs vary according to the model of your car.

Also, the plug price varies with the spark plug number, the plug number name, the plug name replacement, and many more. 

You can get Mopar spark plugs at Walmart, Mopar stores, All Mopar parts, and more.

In addition, you can check myMoparParts to know the exact price of the Mopar plug you want to buy online.

To get the correct plug, you need to understand some facts about your vehicle:

  • Your car model, your maker, and the year it was produced. To know this, you need to check the vehicle identification number of your car.
  • The engine type and the number of cylinders in your vehicle
  • You need to know if your car has a manual or automatic transmission.
  • Your engine displacement. That means knowing the exact quantity of space left in each cylinder when the piston enters its lowest point.
  • Know the kind of fuel system your car uses
  • The gap between the spark plug.

To know all these, you can check your vehicle manual. The manual will also provide your car plug number name, the spark plug number, and other information.

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The spark plug is the main component that keeps your engine running smoothly.

Using a Mopar spark plug will increase your vehicle’s mileage and engine operation.

In addition, using the Mopar spark plug will allow you to enjoy the benefit of using a quality plug with lasting stability.

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