Are Toyota Yaris Parts Expensive? (Answered)

The Yaris is proudly one of the Toyota models fully built of genuine Toyota parts. However, the premium delight of owning a Toyota Yaris gives rise to this query; are Toyota Yaris parts expensive?

But, not to worry, because, in this article, I will be answering this question and a lot more.

For a fact, the components of the Toyota Yaris are expensive. The reason is that the vehicle comes with genuine Toyota OEM parts and these products happen to be pricey. However, you can equally use aftermarket parts as replacements during repairs, and these brands are affordable.

Is Toyota Yaris Expensive to Repair?

Toyota Yaris Parts Expensive

I must say, the Toyota Yaris isn’t that expensive to repair when compared to other subcompact automobiles in its class. But, generally, this variety of cars is pretty small and less sophisticated.

Besides, the Toyota Yaris is a minicar, and this category of vehicle is the most-affordable-to-keep type of wheels. 

Most-affordable-to-keep? Aren’t the genuine Toyota parts for the Yaris expensive? These must be the questions in your mind.

Well, it’s not compulsory to replace your Toyota Yaris parts with genuine OEM during repairs. You can decide to use aftermarket parts regardless of the OEM being the default components of the Yaris.

On the one hand, the aftermarket car products are less expensive than the genuine Toyota parts. On the other hand, however, as you may already know, the Toyota OEM components are better because they are customized and perfectly fit into the vehicle.

Therefore, any of these motor components you decide to replace during repair determine your expenses.

Overall, the Toyota Yaris remains affordable and reasonably inexpensive to maintain.

As per, this model of Toyota is relatively cheap compared to other subcompact wheels.

Check these out!

  • Subcompact hatchback Toyota Yaris costs $3,289.
  • Sedan/hatchback Toyota Corolla rates $3,247.
  • Midsize sedan Toyota Camry cost about $3,499.
  • Subcompact hatchback Honda Fit is around $3,673.
  • Honda Civic compact sedan/coupe/hatchback costs $3,774.

Except for the Toyota Corolla, the Toyota Yaris appears to be more price-friendly than the subcompact automobiles listed above.

In addition, the prices mentioned for each vehicle are their average maintenance cost within the range of 10 years.

Nevertheless, the Toyota Yaris repair cost looks cheap, but the labor charges are also considerably economical.

Lastly, the level at which your car requires repairs also contributes to fixing cash expenses.

Moreover, based on a few Toyota Yaris reviews, it’s affirmed this vehicle doesn’t frequently get faulty. With this in mind, you should know that Toyota Yaris saves money.

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How Much Does It Cost To Maintain a Toyota Yaris?

Indeed, knowing that Yaris is among the class of affordable wheels must have given you a glimpse of its maintenance.

Nevertheless, the average total annual cost for repairs and maintenance on a Toyota Yaris is $333. Not surprisingly, this estimate happens to be even lower than the price of other subcompact cars.

Further, you need regular maintenance to bolster the durability of your wheels. Ensure you make it a routine to visit your mechanic to keep your car in top-notch condition and avoid breakdowns.

However, these maintenance exercises are entirely different from a repair, where your dealership or maintenance plan is essential.

Usually, maintenance costs more at a Toyota dealership than your local mechanic. Although, at the dealership, their services are based on a specific vehicle brand.

So, this would make the Toyota dealership specialize in fixing a motor type and superb at the job.

However, the maintenance cost of a Toyota is generally affordable, but some maintenance cost of specific components varies.

Meanwhile, I would be outlining a few so you get to know the maintenance cost for individual car parts of your Yaris.

Also, I would be including the price of a tune-up and some due mileage for replacement.

  • Alternator replacement after 80,000 to 150,000 miles or 5-10 years costs $325-$452.
  • Oil changes after every 3,000-5,000 miles for conventional oil and 7,500-10,000 miles for synthetic oil; these costs within $91-$100.
  • Air filter replacement after a year or when dirty. An air filter replacement costs $38-$46.
  • Battery replacement after 4-5 years costs about $250.
  • New brake pads after 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Yaris brake pads may cost around $237-$258.
  • New tires after a range of 4-5 years. This change may cost $150-$350 for each.
  • New spark plugs when its faculty costs $76-$114.
  • Tune-up after 5,000 miles or every six months and should be $204.

Is a Toyota Yaris Worth to Repair?

Of course, the Yaris is worth repairing. Toyota is one of the leading automakers producing the best, most affordable, and most expensive luxury wheels.

The cooperation keeps proving its authenticity by making standard quality automobiles, and Toyota Yaris is one of them.

The Toyota Yaris is an excellent option for a car and the best among its pairs. Based on Toyota Yaris reviews and customer reports, the vehicle is satisfactory and even rated more by some owners.

One significant advantage of this motor is that it’s affordable to insure and repair. Let’s talk about the reasons why a Toyota Yaris is worth the repair.

Also, you may want to know if this wheel is a reliable companion? So, let’s find out!

#1. A Low Budget Car

One of the tremendous benefits of owning a subcompact automobile like the Toyota Yaris is its affordability.

Not only that, but Yaris comes with genuine Toyota parts and, if properly maintained, can last an amazingly long time.

Also, this category of car is considered most economical in gas and can save you quite some money. 

#2. Reliability of The Yaris

Toyota wheels are known for many qualities, and optimum performance is one of these potentials, and the Yaris is no exception.

This automobile is remarkably reliable, and most Toyota Yaris reviews have proven it to be fact. Consumer Reports rank the Yaris high for reliability among other subcompact cars on the market.

#3. Maintenance Costs

The Yaris is not just among the most miniature expensive automobiles that can serve you well. It’s also one that can save you from high maintenance costs in the long run.

In addition, this vehicle is easy to work on, making the labor cost for Toyota Yaris maintenance expenses low.


The Toyota Yaris parts are OEM products, and keeping up the standards of using these components is a bit pricey.

However, replacing some of the car’s units with aftermarket brands is okay to make expenditure less.

But, at any rate, the genuine Toyota parts turn out to fit in the Yaris more appropriately, so it’s your choice!

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